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This week only, we would like to make available to you Dr. Brown’s Grace Resource Bundle, which consists of Dr. Brown’s books, Hyper-Grace and The Grace Controversy, as well as two of Dr. Brown’s messages (CD format), God’s True Graceand What Is Grace? These resources will not only expose the pitfalls of grace with mixture, but will biblically lay before you (in beauty and power) God’s true grace. Order Online Here!

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  1. Things are bad with the so called church but it didn’t start with Joel Osteen. Henry Ward Beecher a Congregational Minister who was born in Litchfield CT 1813 pastor of Plymouth Congregational church Brooklyn New York Preached a gospel of love absolute love and a god with out wrath man was born with out Sin and there is no Hell and fallowed Charles Darwin. This man was brought up on charges for adultery and teaching FREE LOVE . wile preaching at Plymouth Congregational it was standing room only this church seated 3000 in 1853. free love is open marriage. Now you can see why that church is dead. Jonathan Edwards a congregational minister was warning that church in 1741 at Northampton MASS and all there churches of living a Godless life. WHATCH OUT don’t Warship with just any one.

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