Dr. Brown’s Latest Thoughts on the Presidential Race and an Interview with a Frontline Pro-life Warrior

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Dr. Brown shares his thoughts in light of Sen. Cruz dropping out and Donald Trump decisively winning Indiana; he’ll also speak with a frontline pro-life leader with a stirring personal testimony. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Well Dr Brown
    Look how fast the so called believers ran to Trup makes me wonder when antichrist shows up how fast the so called church will run after him . It’s all about money and mean spiritedness after all the world pick Judus to lead them .

  2. I am taking the same position you are Dr. Brown. I cannot in my good conscience vote for either one of the candidates. If there is a third party that I feel I could support then I will. What concerns me about Christians is that they eat up the so-called prophecies of religious leaders rather than listen to the voice of the Lord themselves. They are sheep sometimes following the wrong shepherd! God has in no way impressed upon me or told me to vote for Donald Trump and until He does, I will not.

  3. I for one am very disappointed. Thanks to this ministry I have faith that God is working his will. This is why I have left talk radio and have come over to line of fire. This is the only beacon of hope I have.

  4. Greetings, Dr. Brown

    There are two things I need to correct about your voting comments. First is that as Christians we are not and never have been Democrats or misnamed and misrepresented Jerry Falwell Republicans. Nor in any sense are we Independents. How many times have I told you that we are God voters who are Galatians 2:20 dead to ourselves with our lives in Jesus Christ through the ongoing sanctification process of the Holy Spirit. How you challenge God when you infer about “the way I think” concerning voting when the Holy Spirit includes instructions on everything our sanctification instruction including voting. It is this most obvious example of Christians voting for or aiding in anyway the homosexual promoting child death party that most of those you consider to be Christians do not possess, know, or listen through the sanctification process through the Holy Spirit. Ignoring the advice and will of God through the Holy Spirit leads directly to a life Matthew 7:20-23 total life spent living against God. In that horrid life that is so rejected by God, voting is easily the most important decision act because it supports the likes of this Obama Manassah and the blood of the children and the Sodom and Gomorrah that comes with it.

    While Donald Trump is a no-holds barred politician who fights dirty, something needs to fight against this present totally anri-God, anit-morality Democrat platform disaster that is led by Satan in destroying our Christian heritage and national morality. Senator McCain wouldn’t mention Obama’s pastor and the anti-American, anti-white environment that Obama had lived in and supported for 17 years. In thar sense, Trump is willing to play dirty enough with them to get this Democrat Platform train off of the tracks from destroying our national hope for future. At least he is not on that train and he will have to work with the Republican train that he is. Your non-voting approach by effectively helping the Democrat Platform that is the embodiment of evil would also make it easier for Trump to control the Republicans. Concerning the Holy Spirit a choice between the slaughter and immorality and Supreme Court Judges who would surely be appointed by the Democrats, the Republican Party even with Trump should clearly get our vote and we should not abstain and help the this present Democratic Platform In sorting out the evil in this election, one Platform is infinitely more evil than the other.
    From the standpoint of God and human society, except for a brief period in the formation of the United States when Christians were forced out of Europe over here, Christians have also been in great minority at about five percent and what you are hoping this one will turn cannot exist in a fallen world such as this. I believe that God is intervening and you have provided as much or more assistance any one else on earth. What is coming for America, however, is not the revised moral society that you talk about and are fighting for, but an American broken up with the Constitution regarding state’s rights changed completely with perhaps two or three Christian States where abortion is finally prohibited and stopped completely (GOD DOES NOT LIKE EVEN A “LITTLE CHILD KILLING”). For that reason, Christians will know that this present “united” status quo is impossible.

    Please consider what I am saying as from God to help you. In so many ways, what you are doing in speaking for God is simply incredible. It is going on 3:00 a.m and this will have to be sent in its “first draft” form. In Christ, Robert Lee Thomas

  5. I am so glad Trump won the Republican Party. I knew the Lord was going to use Trump. I just knew it. The Lord reveals things to His Children. The Lord has put Trump on my heart years ago. This is a confirmation that I hear from the Lord God Almighty. Jesus said in His Word that My Sheep know my voice.

    The Lord tells His children to love others, not to have bitterness and hatred inside our spirit and soul. Yet I see so many Cruz followers who have the bitterness, the insults that our pouring out of them because they did not get their way. Blaming others because they did not get their way. They act like they have never sinned before and never needed a Savior.

    Did you ever think to believe that Donald Trump is a testimony in the making? Just like all of you once were. A testimony in the making. Did the Lord Jesus insult you, pour out hatred and bitterness upon you when you were not Saved. Or did Jesus have patience and showed you love, mercy and grace? Please stop being a bad witness for Jesus. Pray instead of insulting or bashing, love instead of hatred and bitterness.

    I needed to voice what the Lord was showing me.

  6. There are to Gods one of this world and the one of Heaven that is GOD which God do you mean? And of corse there is always your own voice . You don’t happen to have a Iron Oxen Yolk around the house do you?

  7. Re this comment – I am so glad Trump won the Republican Party. I knew the Lord was going to use Trump. I just knew it. The Lord reveals things to His Children. The Lord has put Trump on my heart years ago. This is a confirmation that I hear from the Lord God Almighty. Jesus said in His Word that My Sheep know my voice.

    Do not count this victory yet- this sheep for one will not vote for this guy.

  8. Trump Towers

    In my opinion people today look at a candidate as too religious as a weakness. Secular America today wants America to be great again so they look for a guy to build it. They see the Towers which are in big cities with no churches any where close. We do not look at changing our lives and living Godly lives, we have separated our selves from prayer and tithing. We want to be great like it was in building the tower of Babel. We want to be great without any help from above. We look at the towers and we can believe in America again.

    I remember when Clinton said that we are crossing a bridge, well here we are. We can not get back to what we were, because we are removing any connection to God in this country. I like you will not be one of the ones to drink the Kool aid from the Trump fallacy. This emperor does not have any pants. If he was a king in Israel he would a short lived foolish king. In our age he is just a buffoon. Winning with a buffoon is not winning, his Trump towers are the idols of our day. May God’s will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Don’t expect me to gaze in amazement at the fallacy which is trump.

  9. I think that Trump, like Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, Rubio, etc. are all still generally politicians with ideologies that fall within acceptable within the “American institution,” that being a liberal (in the classical sense of the word – civil liberties, free markets, etc.), capitalist, democracy. Yes, Sanders may want to cut some military spending and increase programs and socialize medicine/education, but that would just mean he tends to support the policies of parties we see in Europe/Canada. Trump would support more the policies of a right-wing populist party in Europe like Forza Italia, National Front in France, etc.

    However, all the politicians mentioned above are still for a capitalist democracy. One of the scariest times in the world was the end of WWI/post-WWI, with communist and fascist overthrows in Russia, Germany, etc. Fascism died in 1945 and communism in 1991, and no one is calling for any of those ideologies. Even if someone did, a president is fairy limited in power.

    Everything is going to be just fine.

  10. Debbie Jesus also called people names to imply what their life choices were. He called people snakes, open graves of rot, fools, and satan. If we see the deprived life trump lives and who calls himself a Christian than it is our duty to judge him rightly as the Bible commands and try to win back a lost brother if he ever believed which as Dr. Brown has pointed is impossible for some one who has never asked for forgiveness. I’m sorry but you are not being descerning in the case of trump.

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