Getting Back to the Bible: America’s Only Hope

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Dr. Brown talks about the role of the Bible in early American education and about our need to return to the principles of God’s Word, then answers your questions about Bible study, Bible translations, the original languages, and more. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Hi Dr. Brown,

    I great appreciate you ministry and you labor of love, however I think you current discussion would be more helpful if it was more nuanced. I am not Bernie fan, however his proposal for free Tertiary education is far from what are suggesting. In fact their are many nations that offer free Tertiary education and it has been a tremendous blessing to the nation. To suggested the you would be taking from the rich to send kids to university, is, as you would say betrays a lack of thoughtfulness.

  2. There are many ways of offering education and paying for it. One way is to give the education and put that person in at a tax rate to pay it off by age 50. The tertiary education model/ or even internet classes by the best educators offered to the most seeking education poor. The model of liberal education in this country is a failure to our system. The liberal professors are bilking the system as a way of life. This model does not serve the most deserved.

  3. Dr. Brown I took your psalms 19 test and had a revelation. The aspect of it that touched my heart is when I realized they were talking about Jesus. Because we know from John the word is Jesus. The part of the passage in which that jumped out at me was when they said over and over again that they are waiting for His word. Praise God His Word has come!

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