A Christian Perspective from Saudi Arabia; and African Guide to the Bible

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown speaks with a Christian worker who lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years; in the second hour, he speaks with Dr. Harold Felder who will discuss his African guide to the Bible. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Bob Jones III had a point about the mixing of races in the sense that there is an effort on the part of those building up the New World Order to set up a contrived fraternity of man based on a contrived harmony of the races, which is why the idea of interracial relationships is vehemently advocated by the media. The only real harmony can come through the Christian faith. Only in the Christian faith can the races have true solidarity with each another.

  2. It is certainly inaccurate to say that it took a while for Europeans to hear about Christianity when the Lord Himself and His Apostles preached to Europeans (the Romans and Greeks living in Judea), Europeans were among the first converts to the faith, Paul’s mission was in Europe, he wrote his letters in Europe and died there, Peter lived for years and died in Rome, there was a large apostolic community in Europe before there was one of similar authority anywhere else in the world outside of Jerusalem, and Judea and the surrounding area was in the European (Hellenistic) sphere of influence, both culturally and linguistically, for centuries before the birth of Christ, not to mention a constituent state of the Roman Empire and, as such, home to many people of European extraction for many, many years.

    Of course race is inconsequential, but we have to do justice to the facts of history. There have been European Christians since the time of Jesus Christ. Many of the first converts and martyrs were of European descent. Futhermore, if not for Greek and Roman Christians, much of the world would not have been converted.

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