The Current State of the Culture Wars and Politics in America

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Dr. Brown weighs in on the latest developments in the culture wars, shares some political observations, looks at the latest examples of “perception = reality” madness, and takes your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Yesterday I went to your website and donated to your ministry using paypal. Today I see that paypal has canceled a service center in North Carolina due to the anti gay politics of the state. Should I cancel my pay pal account- and should your ministry use an alternate pay site?

  2. Perhaps it is time for the majority who are being led by the nose by the vocal minority to show themselves in the manner that was done when A & E was trying to push out Phil Robertson. Maybe one of your tech savvy students can create a Facebook page objecting to PayPal’s bullying tactics. It was that kind of blowback that made both A & E and Cracker barrel back down.

  3. Hi Dr. Brown!

    Today, you said something like, if we just do what’s right then we will experience prosperity from God (obviously not verbatim).

    The first question for me is, what is prosperity for you?

    I do believe that God is a “rewarder”. I also believe that He is my primary Provider. However, I also believe in God’s sovereignty. Just because we obey God doesn’t always mean that He will give us prosperity. In the end, Romans 8:26-28 comes into play.

  4. It is difficult to get an opinion to paypal they are nearly deaf in the E world. I have thought that my resolve to donate to your ministry with your voice is my best option. I will continue to use paypal as long as you have it as an option on your web page, but I will pray over the transaction that G_ds will be done.

  5. Why would anyone who is pro life have a problem with the woman, who procures an abortion of her own free will, being punished under the law? Would we not punish the mother who smothered her child in the crib? Why do pro-life anti-Trump folks suddenly sound like feminists and liberals when it comes to this issue. Of course women should be punished for committing such a heinous crime!

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