A Wake-Up Call from the Inner City; the Truth about 7 Mountains Theology; and Kingdom Perspectives on the News

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Dr. Brown share some shocking news from “the hood,” then talks with Christian speaker Os Hillman about 7 Mountain Theology, then shares his thoughts on the latest breaking news and takes your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. Obama’s policy of neutrality is just fine by AIPAC, and by Israel, it would seem, but they walk out on Trump. Could it be because he doesn’t want their money?

  2. Dr. Brown the disagreements I have with 7 mountain/dominionism have nothing to do about a misunderstanding. You may have seen my comments on your Youtube channel recently. It is unfortunate that as I began to explain my disagreements that those were deleted. I know very well what it is all about and I’m not a critic nor an outsider. I care about keeping true to the Word of God and not adding or subtracting to it, to suit our fleshly desires.

    The first error in this group is that Jesus did not say to pray that heaven would come to earth, nor did he say we were in charge of bringing heaven on earth.

    This is the foundational error in the 7 mountain/dominionism/kingdom now/manifest sons of God movements.

    It is much the same as those in the hyper-grace who took Jesus’ 3 words, “It is finished” and created an entire theology around it. Any time you would bring up sacrifice or denying of self, they just said, “ it is finished” and you could not have any sort of discussion with them.

    7 mountain/dominionists have done the same thing with the Lord’s prayer. They take half a verse, out of context and have created an entire platform and movement that is not biblicly based nor backed up anywhere else within the Word of God.

    Mr Hillman is incorrect about his interpretation and understanding of the Lord’s prayer. You won’t find the phrase, “bring heaven to earth” in the bible anywhere. You won’t find in the bible that we have to control the culture for God to be able to do His will and for His kingdom to come. It is the opposite really. Jesus is returning whether we are ready or not. That is quite clear in scripture.

    Jesus does not say, “pray that heaven come on earth”.
    It says.”‘Your kingdom come.
    Your will be done,
    On earth as it is in heaven.

    Jesus is telling us to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as God’s will is done in heaven. That does not mean God’s will (directive) for this earth is the same as His will (directive) in heaven. This phrase in the Lord’s prayer is a surrendering to God’s will and reign! It doesn’t mean that we are bringing heaven to earth. It doesn’t say pray for heaven to invade earth. It is actually saying, “Lord have your way on earth as you have your way in heaven.”

    We see a similar a thought from King Nebuchadnezzar after the Lord disciplined him in Daniel 4:34-35.

    For His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
    and whose kingdom endures from generation to generation.
    35 And all the inhabitants of the earth
    are reputed as nothing;
    and He does according to His will
    in the army of heaven
    and among the inhabitants of the earth.
    And no one can stay His hand or say to Him,
    “What have You done?”

    In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus is telling us to pray along the same lines as what Nebuchadnezzar declares. We pray that God’s will be done on earth as God’s will is done in heaven, but God’s will is not the same in both places. This is very easily shown in scriptures.

    It doesn’t matter if you or Mr Hillman like the label this error has been given or not. It’s the same as you Dr Brown labeling hyper-grace the way you did, which was to say it was an exaggeration of biblical grace.

    There are very real concerns and a slippery slope with the “bring heaven to earth” movement. Where does the error end? If one can bring anything down from heaven (and we are told by these people whatever is in heaven is also God’s will here on earth), then why not bring down immortality? Why not bring down a glorified body in this life? Why does Jesus even need to return if we can bring all of heaven down now and control the culture? Now some might call that the fringes of dominionism, but the foundational error is still present in those who do not go that far. However most dominionism do in fact believe that Jesus is unable to return until the mountains are controlled and the culture is changed. However that is not biblical either. Jesus said in Luke 18:8, However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

    It’s important to note that many in the dominionism/7 mountain movement also believe in replacement theology too.

    The concerns about this movement are REAL. You can mock it all you want. They are as real as your concerns were about hyper-grace. It is not as you put it, “some conspiratorial Charismatic preacher trying to build some empire and take over the world”. Could you be anymore facetious?

    There are many well known leaders in the Charismatic who hold to the 7 mountain, dominionism, “bring heaven to earth”, manifested sons of God doctrines and they are in error. When you get down to it, it is never about preaching the Cross and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is always about preaching you can have your dreams and you can own that business and be that pop star you have always wanted. It is never about dying to ourselves nor is it about picking up our cross and following Jesus.

    Those in these movements actually suggest there are two different gospels. The first being 1) The gospel of salvation- which they say is wrong 2) The Gospel of the Kingdom, which they say means “bringing heaven to earth”. Many in this movement believe God will affirm you in your dreams and goals as long as you say you are “doing it for the Kingdom”, then God will be in it and for it.

    It doesn’t matter how respected or prestigious a leader is if they are teaching deceptions. It needs to be lovingly and carefully corrected. I look to the Word of God and to our Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what one leader said they felt God told them in the 70’s. If it has not been backed up within the Word of God, then it needs to be tossed out and reevaluated. Maybe in our flesh we added to or imposed something on to this “revelation” that God never intended? That is what we saw in the hyper-grace movement too.

    “The ends justifies the means” is the clear mindset of those in these dominionist/7 mountain movements. Just a few weeks ago you had on the rappers Hazakim who were correcting Andy Mineo for his lack of witness in the secular world. Well many dominionists would be quite pleased with Andy Mineo’s ministry and say that he is “influencing a group of people no one else can”. 7 mountain dominionists aren’t too concerned if the gospel is preached in an open way. They aren’t concerned if you even hold to biblical values. They call that covert influence and it is celebrated and cheered as long as you are holding the mountain.

    In this group, compromise is seen as a strategic covert plan in order to obtain the mountain or position that is desired. They think they are winning some cultural war, but they are disobeying the Lord and compromising their witness to the world.

    How can a person lie, compromise the word of God and then say you are doing this for “the kingdom”? Whose kingdom? Surely not the Lord’s and that is why many say this is nothing more than wanting to have control and power of the world system. I tend to agree that’s where this deception goes.

    And going back to Cruz which is why this whole discussion began. We see moral and biblical compromises made by Cruz in order to obtain this supposed govt mountain. He thinks that he is justified by breaking rules in order to further “the kingdom”. What he did with Carson is wrong, but you fail to see it and come up with some rather interesting arguments to justify it. Secondly, for Cruz to walk along side Mormons in order to win Utah is a sin against God. He stood and clapped as the crowd gave Beck a standing ovation. This came after Beck spoke about a Mormon prophecy and the Book of Mormon. Surely you cannot possibly think this is OK? This isn’t even about politics anymore. This is about defending our faith and holding firm to our witness as believers. There are Christians who God has called to bring people out of the Mormon deception, but somehow I’m supposed to believe that God would tell Cruz to play ball with them? I don’t think so!

    And I already know you are thinking, “oh this person must like Trump”. No I do not like Trump. I think he’s arrogant and lacks compassion, but at least he is not playing the role of the anointed Christian. You can see Trump’s errors clear as day, but you are ignoring the errors and compromises by Cruz because of your endorsement of him. It has blinded you to errors you would normally have been able to see. I’m not here to win brownie points either, Dr Brown. If what I speak offends, then let it be.

    You warn those who are homosexuals not to make their sexuality their identity and I warn you today to not make your politics your identity. Your identity is now wrapped up with Cruz and is no longer focused upon the Lord Jesus Christ. To admit that Cruz has failed morally and biblicaly, you would have to admit that you have made a terrible mistake too.

    I find it interesting that you had Os Hillman on because you two disagreed rather sharply in 2013 with the case of the bakers in Oregon. He said they should have baked the cake and you said they should not have. However don’t you understand that you two were actually disagreeing with his 7 mountain/dominionist ideals? Are you really falling for their rhetoric?

    The 7 mountain/dominionist compartmentalize their faith and moral confessions away from their “influence ministry”. In their business they can do whatever they want so as long as they have “influence”. It is a horribly gross error that leads many into compromise.

    And the last line from Os Hillman’s article is exactly the same things that he said on your broadcast too. What was his justification in saying the baker’s should have baked the cake?

    “After all, you are here to be heaven’s representative on earth. What kind of reflection of heaven are you? “

    This man proves my point exactly. They will compromise the word of God and the truth of righteousness at the cost of being able to “influence” the world. They are more concerned about being friends with the world, than with standing up for God’s Word.

    This is long, but I hope you read it Dr. Brown. God bless.

  3. “Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits”. – Revelation 17:9, which is, by the way, the ONLY time the term “Seven mountains” appears in scripture. Oh, evangelicals, who has bewitched you?

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