Is God Raising Up Donald Trump? And Thoughts on Isaiah 61

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Dr. Brown speaks with Lou Comunale, who believes God could well be raising up Donald Trump to be president, then shares his thoughts on Isaiah 61 on this his 61st birthday, also sharing some testimonies that have really blessed him. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The best thing we can do is get on our needs, get on our face, and plead for mercy on our nation.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Here’s what we can do: humble ourselves in the sight of God, and He will give us grace.


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  1. DR. Brown,
    I was reading an article by Joseph Farah (why republicans should be celebrating) and saw this comment. Have you heard this before?

    “……in which a white knight rides in to the rescue.” Mr. Farah, you
    perhaps unknowingly just prophesied the words to make all Mormons cheer.
    That would be Mitt Romney the white knight riding the White Horse.
    Available on the internet, search, The White Horse Prophecy, made by
    Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1843 after he cursed the US government. The great
    Grandson of one of the first 12 Disciples of Smith’s new Mormon
    religion, Mitt Romney has been the anticipated Chosen One to fulfill
    that prophecy; his purpose will be to “save the Constitution”. Indeed
    the person who fulfills The White Horse Prophecy, must become President
    of the US and he will save the Constitution by scrapping it and writing a
    new US Constitution. Romney and the Mormon Church fervently believe
    Romney must be elected to fulfill the prophecy. The church is prepared
    to meet whatever the cost of Romney’s election. If anyone thinks this is
    nonsense, think again. The manipulation and conniving will startle you,
    he will cover his ruthlessness with whatever you want to hear. It was
    prophesied thousands of years ago that Jesus would return on a white
    horse. Mormonism believes Mitt Romney
    is the rider to expect. Some would say imitator on a white horse. Expect
    Romney to ride a white horse at his inauguration should he be elected.
    But not by me

  2. Disheartened by how evangelicals appear to have lost their discernment during perilious times such as these. I believe that T.Cruz has clearly demonstrated a more consistent conservative track record over D.Trump. I hope Trump supporters are not dazzled by Trump’s economic promises and in turn may be willing to compromise clear biblical principles over the love for mammon. I pray D.Trump’s fruit begins to demonstrate that He is a committed disciple of Christ and quit the vulgar language, etc.

  3. As a non American it seems odd to me, that some American Christians are looking to a historical character like Cyrus as a prototype of what your nation needs right now. Even worse is the claim that Mr Trump matches this prototype. Given the appearent moral and spiritual problem your country is facing has Trump got the goods?
    When looking into the OT and then matching a situation with Americas current needs I personally would conside a different OT figure as a prototype. That person would Josiah. He was a man who hear the Word of God, valued it, repented, understood it, changed national policies to make Gods directives a reality. He also would of done some things the culture would of found disruptive, and did not waver. He was not perfect. But, heres my point does this historical head of state sound more like Mr Trump or Mr Cruz? At least with Mr Cruz, you have a man who knows Gods word, values it, is willing to bring real change, even if it is unpopular. And, his track record shows consistence. Something you and count on, and perhaps someone you can rely on. That sounds like a much better deal. Lastly, the American Christian does not realise what a blessing it is for you to have openly committed Christians as political candiates, compared to other countries. So, please vote wisely, use the potential influence God has given you at this hour. Because what affects America will spread thoroughout the world. This affect could promote righteousness, or bring invreasingly difficult challenges for all people including your fellow believers in other countires. This election is not just about America it is about all of us, so please, please chose Godliness over glamour. Use the talents these Christian candidates have to offer! Remember, they like Josiah are not perfect, but they care about the core beliefs all Christain hold first and foremost. ThT sounds like something you can identify with and count on.

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