The Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in Bethlehem; and the Latest News from the Jewish World

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Dr. Brown focuses on a controversial conference in Bethlehem – one often accused of being anti-Israel if not even anti-Semitic – shares the latest important news from Israel and the Jewish world, and takes your Jewish-related questions and calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The whole world can turn against Israel. I guarantee you this, God Himself will fight for His people.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I’ll say it once and for all. The One who scattered the Jewish people is the One who has regathered them.


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  1. Re: Patterns of Evidence – I was really glad to hear your take on it, Dr. Brown. I watched it as soon as it came out, as well, and was taken with the whole premise. Interestingly, I was also taking an Israelite Religion course at that time and one of the requirements was to view a NOVA program via Youtube (PBS Nova program, “The Bible’s Buried Secrets”), which in part presented the Exodus narrative. It was fascinating watching both and seeing the where the trajectory of evidence took each.

    I agree, I would like to have had a stronger finish to the Patterns of Evidence documentary but I guess and hope there is more to come!

    By the way, I had a huge issue with Nova’s take on how the Israelite nation came into existence.

  2. One clarifying point, having listened to Pastor Rod Parsley’s sermon on yod + vav and the year 2016. He did NOT say that the word yod equaled 16, as I thought (of course, as I stated on the air, it equals 20 numerically), but for some odd reason, he only focused on the first two letters of the word and left off the third letter to make his point, hence the confusion.

  3. Re the Oscars and Hollywierd.

    We have been insulted by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio Is a staunch liberal Democrat who has been both personally and financially active in the campaigns and elections of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama. Gets up and preaches the nonsense of global warming. He dropped out of high school and know stands up and educates the mass population on nonsense.

    What about Ken Loach the roach? How do these people get away with such blatant lies? Turn your television sets off and the influence of this nonsense.

  4. Nevertheless, the Jews do believe that they will inherit the world when “King Moshiach” comes, and their political orientations tend towards a system which accommodates that viewpoint and theology, and this comes from an understanding of the Old Testament vis-a-vis Talmudic thought. So it is not true to say that the Jews as a whole do not have ambitions to dominate the whole world, since this aspiration is part of their religion and cultural idiom. The Jews do certainly believe themselves to be superior to other peoples and entitled to possess the world. This is not a matter of conspiracy or a mystery. Most Jewish people will tell you this candidly. It is simply part of being Jewish, to expect their inheritance from God, as they understand it. Just as the Christians understand the inheritance at the consumption of the age in a spiritual sense, the Jews understand it in a temporal sense.

  5. Isaiah 60Tree of Life Version (TLV)
    Arise, Shine, O Zion

    60 Arise, shine, for your light has come!
    The glory of Adonai has risen on you.
    For behold, darkness covers the earth,
    and deep darkness the peoples.
    But Adonai will arise upon you,
    and His glory will appear over you.
    Nations will come to your light,
    kings to the brilliance of your rising.

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