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Dr. Brown focuses on a number of shocking cultural developments in America and abroad, sharing what our response should be. He will also bring an important wake-up call to residents of Charlotte, NC. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We posted this on Facebook, and I want to shout it out around the world on the airwaves. No matter who is president, Jesus is Lord and King.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The president is not the savior. Only Jesus is the Savior. However, the president can make a great difference for good or bad in our nation.


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  1. re: Bathroom Use, Irrespective Biological Reality

    Information on a BBC documentary I recently watched (“The Century of Self”) is making me think that this persuasion some have that it is actually a “sin” to “impede personal expression” is an outcropping of the views of Freud and (one of his students) Reich (whose views were later championed by people like Esalen).

    Where Freud held that men were illogical, and that their decisions were (unbeknownst even to men themselves) driven by primitive instincts that society had the duty of repressing or controlling, Reich held that these “unconscious forces” were actually good, and that it was the repression of them was destructive. Where Freud held that men were a “raging infernos of emotions” that had to be repressed and controlled, Reich insisted the “raging inferno of emotions” was the result of repressing and controlling the “underlying natural impulse” – especially the sexual one.

    The documentary (which has a few images which would not be G-rated) details how psychoanalysis crept in to politics (giving birth, according to it, to “Public Relations”) and advertisement (where it became the basis for the idea through which the unlimited well of human desires was put on tap – that people should buy products to make themselves feel better, and to “express their inner selves”, etc.,).
    I believe it was this stream of thought that eventually led to where we are today: “I am a girl inside – irrespective the biological reality – and you had better not dare be a VIOLATOR by RESTRICTING my expression my reality!”. I believe this is where the new idea of “holy” (i.e., freedom to express what Freud called the “illogical, uncontrollable, raging inferno of emotions” and what Reich called the “underlying natural impulses”) and “sin” (controlling the “illogical, uncontrollable, raging inferno of emotions” or “underlying natural impulses”) came from.

    Note: Since there are new definitions for “holiness” / “pleasing behavior” and “sin” / “infuriating behavior”, how can it not also the case that there is a new god (arbitrating the shape of these new definitions) being worshipped?

  2. What the (seemingly Catholic) caller at minute 22 was getting at was (seemingly based on “Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie”) what he would see as an inconsistency in Reformed (Monergistic) Protestantism: Reformed (Monergistic) Protestantism’s version of Total Depravity necessitates that Regeneration and Justification be two completely separate and unrelated events (carnal men cannot receive the things of the Spirit, so they must first be born again if they will hear and believe unto justification – which two things some hold can actually happen as much as up to years apart from one another), but the Bible teaches things like “you who were dead in sins but you were made alive having been forgiven” [Col 2:12, 13] necessitating that the new life follow justification by faith.

    While I don’t agree with all of the presentation’s points (I’m not RCC, and I think he turns a blind eye to certain truths), I would say that it is a good argument against the Reformed (Monergistic) view of the order and process of “Regeneration and Justification” (rooted in their definitions of Total Depravity, etc.,); I would also like to say that, based on the information in the presentation, it would seem that the Monergist might have some trouble reconciling another issue: he must hold that there are sons of God (people who are regenerated – whether the regeneration happens years or mere moments before faith and justification) who are not justified but under wrath. Is that really something they can get behind – that there are people who are BOTH spiritually alive AND condemned and under wrath?

  3. Here is a quote from Michael Brown on this show (January 20, 2016) at 1 hour 6 minutes in:

    “The university professor’s article that I read last week, her specialty is in ‘brain science’ said that there is no way to quantify transgender issues. There is no way to verify this whatsoever, it’s simply the person feeling one way, and that way may change.”

    Can someone please point me to the article he’s referencing. He stated that he read it “last week”. I simply could not find it after looking for quite some time.

    So if anyone knows could you please post here in the comments what the name and author of the article is.


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