Letter to a Black Professor; and Disturbing LGBT Updates

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Dr. Brown responds to Prof. George Yancy’s letter to white America, shares some outrageous news about trans-activism in New York City and speaks with Peter LaBarbera about homosexual men as blood donors. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are one race, the human race. And Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, died for the entire human race.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Don’t throw in the towel before we start the fight. Now’s the time to stand, not run.


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  1. The race of Jesus, as Dr. Brown points out, is there in the Bible: he was of the Hebrew people (nation, race, etc). “Race” is a contrived concept. Within a group, some people are going to be dark, some light-skinned. There were probably quite a few Hebrews with light-colored hair and eyes, and many who were very dark. It all depends. From the beginning, the Israelites were a composite of several different ethnic groups. The point is that this is inconsequential and only part of a ploy to inject a modern political discourse into the history of Jesus Christ.

    Everybody knows that Jesus in his humanity was a Jew. Every single Christian since the beginning of Christianity knew this, except that he was always the Son of God first, because he preexisted as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and was eternally begotten of God the Father. Therefore, to dwell on the Jewishness of Jesus, although this might be fruitful for the purpose of evangelizing Jews, among other purposes, this seems somewhat politically motivated, as well. The concept of a “Jewish Jesus,” as it is being promoted by some, has nothing to do with the humanity of Jesus, or the culture of the idiom into which he was born, or the Bible, for that matter, but rather it is an attempt to humanize Christ to the point of denying him his divinity, dethroning him, as it were, making him proletarian and humanist, a commoner, thus we have the bogus distinction of the “historical Jesus” in contradistinction to the “divine Christ,” and this is part of the larger plot to de-Christianize Europe and undermine the traditional Christian structure of the West. Once Jesus Christ the Lord becomes Jesus the Jew, and the two concepts conflict with one another politically, he ceases to be who he really is, and we regard him as a humanist philosopher, like Buddha, and not God Almighty. We have to be very careful, taking care not to let political agendas get in the way of the truth.

  2. A caller in this show said the Black Hebrew Israelite talking point that when Joseph and Miriam took Jesus to Egypt they had to be black to fit in. The truth is they didn’t need to fit in they just needed to get away from Herod.

    I’m getting tired of this “white” vs. “person of color” thing. All people have the same color, some just have more than others.

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