Dr. Brown Answers Your E-Questions

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Dr. Brown devotes today’s show to a wide range of e-questions, including what happens when a lesbian couple wants to have a baby dedication in a Bible believing Church?


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  1. Hello dr brown
    I ask you to consider doing a show on the letters to the seven churches in the revealing of Jesus Christ by john. These are seven epistles To seven established churches. Yet we seem to give much more attention to the other epistles. Like ephesians Galatians collossians etc. Yet this is the last book and warning or instruction we have and though all word is,profitable this is from Jesus himself. And he seems to be warning us . Perhaps mixing this message with the gift of saving grace not by works would help the church. Cuz we seem to have two camps. Dead works and I never knew you depart from me and then we have the unprofitable servant who gets cast out to hell. Saving faith produces good works and this is. Thanks and be blessed in Jesus.

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