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  1. Recent shootings have put out another call for executive action by one of the worst administrators in history. What about the call for national day of prayer? What about the call for prayer back in schools? or violent video game banning?

    Prayer in schools needs to be bundled with any gun restrictions bills. The demoRats are more terrified of prayer than they are of any gun.

  2. It seems to me that the recent insanity of another horrible event no doubt calls for immediate and substantial executive action by our President….how about repealing Obama care?

    All the craziness the government has been doing is driving unstable people nuts, and we are the ones paying for it in blood.

  3. The idea of pointing fingers at the President of the United States and one particular party only exposes how disfunctional the Christian community is. If conservatives had been fair and just in their past dealings and had not been so bias against all minorities then we would not have seen such a rise in the voice of the liberals that have gone too far on the opposite end with homosexuality and abortion, each being just as disgraceful.

    So where are we now? Let’s point a finger at the liberals and declare that they are the reason as to why this nation is so bad. No, this nation was already bad (if not worse) with the racist and war hungery conservatives.

    I see social engineering at its best. We pretend to be concerned about life, but in reality we only pick and choose what life is supposed to be important. Case in point, Boko Haram has murdered more people in total (to include Chrisitans) than ISIS; however, ISIS is the one who gets all the attention. Hmmm, I wonder why??? Let blacks kill blacks, and Conservatives say, “that’s their problem.” Let an Arab kill whites, and Conservatives say, “it’s an American problem.” If we value life as much as we pretend, then we would cry out for every soul that perishes by murder, be it in an abortion clinic, in the Chicago or Baltimore streets, or on a school compound or movie theater in the suburbs.

    We’ve coined so many names to describe these killers. If they are Arab they’re terrorist, if they’re white they are deemed a mental case, and if they’re black they’re labeled as thugs. There is only one name to be given to all of these people, and that would be that they are murders, period! They’re all mental, each one being a terrorist, and they all act like thugs.

    So where do we go from here? How about getting on our knees and praying for divine intervention. A house divided against itself cannot stand.
    I propose that we stop pointing the finger at the other man and begin to look in the mirror and measure our heart against that of the Lord Jesus Christ and His words. We could become a powerful church that knows how to move the hand of the Lord through tears and intercession preceeding from broken hearts that are filled with the genuine love of G-d.


  4. Brian R.,

    You wrote:
    “Let blacks kill blacks, and Conservatives say, “that’s their problem.” Let an Arab kill whites, and Conservatives say, “it’s an American problem.””

    Murder is murder no matter the color of the skin. We agree on this. You will have to admit that there is a cultural problem in the black community that causes hatred toward whites and that produces a much higher percentage of crime than the national average in America. There is a cultural and religious problem with Arab/Muslim nations. There is a Muslim problem in Africa.

    The liberal problem in America is not caused by white conservatives. And yes conservatives have their problems too. And there are plenty of white murderers of babies. But there seems to be a chip on your shoulder toward conservatives and whites.

    It is time to get over your prejudice and realize that blacks are the much bigger percentage of crime per capita and that it is not the white conservative’s fault.

    What are you doing to help your black brothers and black deadbeat dads take responsibility? What are you doing to stem the welfare problem created by all the unwed fathers and mothers of black babies that end up in one parent families and then on the streets with hatred against whites?

    I have this funny feeling that it is not the white conservatives that are these black kids real problem. Are you raising your children with your prejudices and an entitlement mentality? Are you passing on the hatred? Just be sure to get the beam out of your eye once in a while. Then you can see a bit more clearly to get the speck out of you white conservative brother’s eye.

    Crime is crime no matter what color of skin we have. It is not because of the color of skin that the black community or the Muslim community is committing more crimes. It is because these two communities have accepted more lies. These cultures have embedded spiritual and moral problems that are reaping what they have sown.

    I am not down playing white skinned conservative christian crime. It is just as bad. It is also a much lower percentage than the other two. Why do you think that so many black males are converting to Islam and turning away from Christianity? Could it be that the same spiritual roots of hatred and pride are to found in each culture?

    The “I have been wronged and you owe me” mentality is a cancer. The “We are right and you deserve death if you do not agree with us” is a very similar mentality. They are both are pride to the max. How about a little “I am a man of unclean lips from a people of unclean lips” mentality to begin a real fix? How about a “I have sinned and my fathers have sinned and we deserve everything we have gotten and more” mentality? I am pretty sure that the prophet Daniel would recommend such an attitude to facilitate YHWH hearing and doing something about the situation. Is this the kind of prayer that you are suggesting above? Or is it the kind of prayer that says, “I thank thee that I am not like this white conservative man next to me.” that you are suggesting?


  5. Re Brian comment – The idea of pointing fingers at the President of the United States and one particular party only exposes how disfunctional the Christian community.

    Brian, would you at a minimum admit that the president has ( A) a role to play in a situation like this?? (B) That the president since he actually as a leader has a role to respond to this kind of action has missed a huge opportunity??

    Your comment actually says that the president should not even be brought up in the conversation- Really! Of course he should, and his response should be analyzed. I have analyzed his yet again blown opportunity and give him a big F grade. With his inaction there will need to be a leader who is brought forth and whose ideas will lead out, no matter what Brian thinks or does not think.

  6. Bo,

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to respond to my post. I read it carefully and will respond accordingly. If I miss anything, it’s only do to the length and time constraints.
    I always find the same pattern in your language which bears several common characteristics, to include you essentially agreeing with my points, you never addressing your specific point of contention with what I have “written,” your continued focus on discussing the problem in the “black community,” and your insistence on turning this dialogue towards an attack on my person.

    Let’s begin with your backwards argumentation that actually stands in agreement with me. My initial post addressed three primary points:

    1. Murder is murder no matter who does it. And this you agree.
    2. The problem with America is not simply the Democratic party, because the Republican party has many problems as well. And you affirm this as well.
    3. The church needs to turn to God in prayer and intercession. You concur.

    So what is the focus of your post? Of the eight paragraphs that you wrote, six of them are a direct focus on the problems in the black community, two of them are directed towards my person, and one incorporates my children. I understand that you feel compelled to “expose” the problems within the black community, as you did so on a previous post. I am not sure of your purpose, but all in all I find it to be a bit hypocritical in spending so much energy in doing so, only to turn and speak of taking the beam out of one’s own eye.

    Let me clarify how asinine and backwards your approach is in spending so much time discussing the problem with black people. You speak of entitlements. Are you aware that the white community has been the biggest recipient of welfare since its inception 80 years ago? Only since 2013 did the black community become the greater recipient – Blacks at 39% and Whites at 38%. This is hardly worth you mentioning and actually works against you. Again, for the past 77 years the white community (specifically, single white women) have been the greatest beneficiaries of government welfare, the past 3 years the black community. You do the math.

    Moving on. Bo, are you aware that the white community has the highest percentage of suicides than any other race in America? In point of fact, an astounding study revealed that 70% of all suicides committed are by white males. There are actually investigations being conducted to seek out the reasons behind this trend. Tell me, what do you think the reason is?

    You mentioned black on black crime and murders, and how blacks are their own worst enemy. That’s a fair statement of which I wholeheartedly agree being at 93%. Let’s continue with your assessment. Of all the whites murdered in America, who do you see as their biggest threat? Shockingly enough 84% of all whites killed are by the hands of another white person. You, too, are your own worst enemy.

    You then addressed how blacks are leaving the Christian faith and becoming Muslims. For you, this seems to be a great problem to note; however, let’s continue down your path to see what else is revealed. In the white community we have the highest percentage of atheist above all other races. Many white people don’t believe in YHVH at all. Who do you think is the driving force behind no prayer in schools, removing G-d out of the market square and out of court rooms and leading this nation down a godless path? It’s the rising tide of atheists in the white community. 82% of the atheist in America are white.

    So, where does this bring us? It brings us right back to the beginning of exactly what I initially wrote about, of which you agree. It has to do with pointing the finger at someone else, when the problems that we face are our own American problems. You are actually a fulfillment of what I previously discussed, and this is why you spent so much time focusing on the black community, instead of seeing any problems in America as our problem.

    I’d encourage you to rise up by digging deep into the recesses of your heart to discover if you can find that thing called love. It would help you with your dialogue and quite possibly you can bring something a bit more meaningful to the table. Personal attacks only belittles you, and is a common practice used by those who are angry and have nothing of genuine substance.

    Because you agree with me that both political parties need work to do, neither is a party of G-d, and both have a terrible history, then tell me what is it that I said in my initial post that was inaccurate or that you disagree with.

  7. Paul,

    Why am I not a Christian? Is it because I am not lying in bed with the Republican party? Did I touch your golden calf?

    Tell me, what did I write that leads you to believe that I do not believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins?

  8. Jon,

    You asked me: would you at a minimum admit that the president has ( A) a role to play in a situation like this?? (B) That the president since he actually as a leader has a role to respond to this kind of action has missed a huge opportunity??

    Yes, the president has a role to play. To your second part, I don’t know if he missed a huge opportunity because I have not listened to, or heard his response on the matter to rightfully judge.

    Let’s talk about your interpretation of what I initially wrote in light of your posting. You laid the entire blame on the president, and to use your language, “the demoRats.”

    I clearly explained that the problems with America are not just with one party. Your idea that,” Your comment actually says that the president should not even be brought up in the conversation” is grossly off the mark.

    How did you conclude that? The president is not without blame, in fact there is much to blame him for. However, the problem is not solely with him or just the Democrats. There is a whole lot to blame this most unproductive Congress and Republican party for as well – yet your never seem to address their issues. I get it that you hate liberals, and even use derogatory language unbecoming of a Christian, but why would you disagree with me when I also extend the criticism to the conservatives? Neither party needs protecting, as they both are corrupt and filled with untrustworthy individuals, that lie and are more closely aligned and have more in common than the rest of America.

  9. Brain R.,

    Asinine must be your favorite word.

    You are using the statistics very deceitfully or you simply are not smart enough to understand that if 13.2% of the population is black and they are getting 39% of the welfare, this is a much greater percentage of the black population on welfare than the 77.4% of the population that is white that are getting 38% of the welfare. If you do the math you will find that that blacks get around 6 times the amount of whites as a percentage of their populations. Let me see, that means that if there were a total population of 100 people and we were dividing $100 between them according to the statistics, the 13 black ones would be getting about $3 each ($39/13=3) while the 77 white ones would be getting about 50 cents each($38/77=.49). I stand by my statement and your logic has shown itself to be liberal propaganda and rhetoric.

    Are you raising your children with hatred toward whites? Are you raising them to think that they deserve free handouts? I am not accusing, I am asking? Do you teach them that ideas have consequences and that the black culture is full of ideas that are detrimental to being blessed? Have you taught them to confess their sins and their father’s sins? Do they think that they are owed something or are they thankful that they have way more than they deserve?

    I was addressing what you wrote:

    You wrote:
    “Let blacks kill blacks, and Conservatives say, “that’s their problem.” Let an Arab kill whites, and Conservatives say, “it’s an American problem.””

    Your prejudice is obvious.

    If you are more concerned about the very small percentage of atheists that are white compared to the vast percentage of blacks that have become Muslim in this country and somehow think that negates my point…something is really wrong. The black culture is ripe for Islam, and militant Islam at that. The hatred and we deserve to take revenge and we deserve to be repaid mentality in the black culture is only going to get worse if people like you do not do something soon to change their rhetoric.


  10. Re Brian comment – There is a whole lot to blame this most unproductive Congress and Republican party for as well.

    Brian, I do agree that there is egregiousness on both sides. However, This is not a political forums here on this site so I will limit my response to this as much as I can. ( I am on this site to get as far away as I can from politics, I am a political junkie…) I am trying….

    The inaction of congress is a political game played out by the the ugly side of politics. Let me just say that we need to go back to what started this country in the love of freedom. We have divided into the camps of politics and it is ugly and unproductive. Christian principles will need to put this system back to the original form. Your premise of not being christian is exactly the 51 percent of the secular society that thinks they know how to run a godless country better than our founding principles and God created it.

    From this point I will leave the politics out – that conversation will not go anywhere. May God save this world.

  11. 1. I love Frank Turek, and can’t wait to hear the show on mp3. I shall download it forthwith.

    2. Hey guys! Fight your common enemy, Satan, the enemy of our souls — not each other! You are all correct, BTW. Our respective nations (I am in the UK) have rejected God, and we can’t get our societies straight until we turn back to Him. A national day of prayer would be a great idea, for a start.

    3. Almost all of our politicians are moral pygmies. Trying to find a decent statesman in our Parliament is trying to find a pork chop in a synagogue. David Cameron is going to send pilots into Syria, so that they can be shot down with weapons that the UK sold to the Saudis — Eh?

    $. Pray for me, folks. Tomorrow I have to go into London to visit a gravely ill niece and help my sister. I am concerned for my safety on the Tube (underground), but I must go for the sake of my sis. This is the poisoned fruit of IS.

  12. Bo,

    I’ve used the word asinine a total of four times since posting on LOF, and three of those times were directed towards your comments because it’s the best word that describes what you write.

    Why do you continue begging the question regarding my personal life? You need not be so consumed with such, because it portrays how weak your position is. Silly bird, tricks are for kids. Come up higher! Surprisingly, you’ve actually questioned my intelligence; however, you consistently spell my name wrong, just as you’ve done this time and on previous threads (light bulb).

    I’ve consistently appealed to you every time that we’ve dialogued regarding a clear point to your contention, however you never seem capable of addressing them, while at the same time you (unknowingly), in a backwards fashion agree. You’ve read my posts, you’ve missed my clear points (again), so it’s no need to waste any more time with you.


  13. Jon,

    I agree with your post. Let’s agree to pray for this nation and for our leaders on all levels.

    “Blessed are thou Oh Lord our G-d, King of the universe, who alone is the Saviour of men.”


  14. BrIAn R.,

    Is that better? I guess if typos are sign of lack of intelligence, my IQ might be lacking. But for you to hint at such stupid idea is asinine. Why do you not answer the post. You either have purposefully tried to deceive us by misusing statistics or you will not admit when you are wrong. Either way it is telling on your character. Show us a better way to do the math. Why not just concede that the black culture is in big trouble and that its entitlement mentality and hatred of whites is rolling them down the road to accepting Islam? Your posts are rhetoric and that is about it.


  15. When Brian signs off with Shalom he is a brother. Politics is just something to fight about. In the end, we all want and need peace.
    We all actually want the same thing, we just have different views on how to get there. If someone is misguided, so be it.


  16. Thank you, Brian(post no. 18). I got there and back, safe and sound. However, I deliberately avoided travelling across London in the rush hour.

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