Dr. Frank Turek Guest Hosts

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As Dr. Brown begins his journey to India, top Christian apologist Dr. Frank Turek takes over the Line of Fire mics, shares insights on defending the faith, and takes your calls.


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Apologetics Insights and Americans Taking a Stand for Their Faith

Interview on Jesus and the Jihadis; and the Spiral of Violence in Israel

  1. I have said for years I would love to see someone write a Bible showing Jesus in His correct place through scripture. For instance in the beginning God the Father said to Jesus let there be light and Jesus created light. This is how it acually happened. God the Father spoke and Jesus acted according to John 1:1-5. So I love the concept of the Limbaugh book.

  2. Brannon,
    I was there too, and then I moved to Jesus speaking “Let there be light”, because I considered that God the Father showed Jesus what to do and he did whatever it was, and it certainly may have been the speaking also. Jesus said he always did what the Father showed him, so I took that as a pattern of how things were done in the beginning, at least that’s how it looks to me. Being one with the Father is in itself quite a mystery.

    I ordered the book because I had wanted and overview of history, like what prophet lived at what time, what kings with what people, etc, along with a time line or something, since the Bible doesn’t always read in strict chronological order.

    Our views on things should change over time if we are learning, and eventually should settle somewhere, even as we see only in part, and see through a glass darkly.

    Sometimes I will say a word and since words convey meanings and have power to invoke images, someone who hears a word I say might have an idea they think is in my mind, but it isn’t, and the same thing likely happens when they say a word.

    In keeping that in mind, sometimes I wonder how it is that we can communicate with each other at all, but in the beginning, I don’t think it was like that.

  3. I find it helpful to use a dictionary to see how words are used. Some blues are close to green, and even some greens are close to blue, and in comparing colors against colors they tend to appear differently depending on what we are holding them next to. Words can be like that, since they can have so many meanings, and be used so many ways, but I don’t think there were dictionaries in the beginning.

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