Evangelicals and Donald Trump; and the Planned Parenthood Shooting and Anti-Christian Hysteria.

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Dr. Brown shares his concerns about evangelical Christians supporting Donald Trump but welcomes calls from Trump supporters and then explains how the accusations that the tragic shooting at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado are due to “Christian extremism” are completely misguided. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: What kind of man or woman do you want to be leading our nation? If integrity matters, think hard.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Things are going to get increasingly volatile as the election season wears on. Let us keep our heads about us and ground our hearts in the grace and goodness of the Lord.


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  1. I doubt that the killer / shooter at the PP building was actively preaching Jesus, or praying as he was shooting / killing, but I did hear something about a worker at PP who went outside of the building she worked at while there was some pro life people outside and knelt on the sidewalk and prayed out loud a prayer, something about how she was helping people in need, or something, but what hypocrisy, using the name of Jesus like that!

  2. Of course there is no such thing as Christian terrorism. The Bible neither commands nor condones any such thing.

    We need to stop bending over backwards to apologize when evil people like this PP shooter do their evil acts. I know it’s tempting, because we feel bad for the victims and their families. But the only thing apologizing does is cement in the minds of Christ hating Leftists that this guy was “one of us”.

    Leftist are already always going to paint us all with the same brush. (While doing the exact opposite when it comes to Muslims.)

    Let’s not give them more ammunition. We have nothing to apologize for. We did not commit this act. The Bible neither commands nor condones any such thing.

  3. The real problem still seems to be with the government funding PP and PP itself.

    There’s a song Willie Nelson sang…”in this world that seems to be spinning…hopelessly out of control…there’s believers, deceivers, and old in betweeners, that seem to have nowhere to go.”

    Those deceived seem content to live with so much evil all around them, and as long as they have everything they physically need, they seem to be content, while those with morals are quite startled at times, quite bothered by seeing everything go crazy around them, while the old inbetweeners who don’t have a real solid grounding in Christ, are on the very edge, and these are the ones the Devil will try to push over the edge for his agenda. (see John 10:10)

    The problem is still the government funding PP and allowing abortion which came about by an unconstitutional* ruling by the Supreme Court, and PP itself….as well as an old inbetweener that went out of control with the way the world was going.

    * For consider a man and a woman who both own a laptop computer equally, and it gets locked in the woman’s car. Does this mean she can do anything she wants to with it, even destroy it, and we call that “equal protection under the law”?
    And this doesn’t even take into account what is in the womb, a developing human being.

    About the only part I agree with about the Roe v. Wade decision, is the part about the Supreme Court not having to decide when life begins or those sort of things…(they only had to know about things like justice, fairness, equity, and showing no partiality in judgment.)

  4. Then there’s a story about someone who works at PP talking about how she follows her conscience in “helping” people who come to PP to get abortions, but really her conscience is not responsive. She’s lying.
    Let’s buy only the truth. She’s one of the deceivers.

  5. Maybe I should say, likely her conscience is not responsive, for it could be, I suppose, that it’s still telling her that it’s wrong but she goes against it anyway. There might be, I suppose that possibility.

  6. Suppose there’s a man who could bring congress to a place of pain because he would use everything in his power to resist wrong handling of money, something a man like Trump could do. I’m just saying…Suppose Congress will not listen to the gospel, scripture verses, or will be found praying…just saying…let’s suppose.

    And suppose the nation is facing financial crises, that only a man like Trump could get a hold of because of his understanding of economy and how it works…just saying…suppose.

    And maybe some Christians have some sort of understanding of this, and that there may be some good Christians who do not have this kind of leadership or experience, or particular knowledge of the issues America is facing.

    Suppose people in the federal government could come to face their pains, things they have done everything (together, even while in disagreement) they could to avoid certain actions they really need to take, and there’s only one candidate that shows the leadership and the knowledge and the understanding, (not of spiritual matters so much) but of the necessity of being financially responsible, of making good deals, of knowing people so well, and having a gift or an understanding of what’s in a deal, or how to get the best kind of deal, how to know how far people will go….something like a Jacob who knew he could pull the wool over to get a deal?

    I’m doing my best to make a case for Trump…I’m wondering if I’m actually convincing myself.

    And maybe in feeling their pains, (these people in government) they will find out that maybe something they heard Christians talk about, things about the cross…some of them might begin to understand, or find that something old that was still with them, so hidden, as if by some kind of veil began to show.

    Maybe a guy like Trump could find a way to rip through such a thing.

    Just trying to make a case, that’s all.

  7. At least Donald Trump would be more “Christian” in his foreign policy than, say, Ted Cruz, who wants what every mainstream Republican wants: more wars for Israel, a war with Russia, and all hell to break loose, always at the expense of young Christian lives. Trump seems to be the only one who advocates a peace-through-strength doctrine, as opposed to wanting to provoke Iran and Russia at every opportunity. Plus, Trump hasn’t been bought. Rand Paul is even better, but he has no chance. (He is Ron’s son after all.) Ted Cruz sounds like a true Christian. Yeah, sure. How can any Christian commit to the Republican Neoconservative platform of perpetual warfare to instate a global socialist amalgamation ruled by the people who hate Christ? Regardless of who wins, we will always be stuck with the same policies, be they Republican or Democrat, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, whatever. I, for one, am exhausted hearing about “Christian” politicians and their bloodlust. “I’m a Christian, so let’s kill those sons of *******! As long as it’s for Israel, it’s God-approved, don’t you know! The ‘Islamic terrorists,’ with their all-American trucks and guns must be stopped! Shalom and Ye-haw!” Spare us, please.

  8. Let’s pray for the nation and that God put in his choice, and then let’s vote as responsibly as we can and see what happens, but let’s not forget to pray.

  9. A Christian can believe that God was exacting punishment against Planned Parenthood.

    A Christian can support the death penalty (administered legally and judicially) against those who would commit abortion or aid in the procuring of abortion.

    Abortion is a crime for which capital punishment should be considered.

    I would not consider the assassination of Dr. Tiller, for instance, to have been a negative act, or even morally questionable. That man deserved to die. Perhaps the victims in Colorado also deserved to die. Perhaps it was God’s will to punish these people. God will not be mocked. He will use instruments of chastisement. It is his prerogative. However, it is a matter of lawlessness. Criminals should be brought to justice, not subjected to vigilantism.

  10. I’m thinking about what might happen if Donald Trump was facing a possible nuclear crisis something like JFK faced with the Cuban missile crisis… would he be thinking of human lives as just dollars…maybe so…but if he so had to get the best deal….you know..

  11. Lulu,
    The murder of Dr. Tiller was just that. Shouldn’t the killer get the same sentence as anyone else who killed someone under similar circumstances, such as ushering in church?

  12. Ray,

    Because the killer of Dr. Tiller acted as a vigilante, he acted outside the law. He should be punished. However, we should be living in a society in which Dr. Tiller should have been arrested, tried, and executed. Therefore, it is a moral quandary. A Christian need not lament the assassination of Tiller, just as a Christian need not lament the assassination of Bin Laden, which was also carried out extrajudicially.

  13. Lulu,

    Can you see a jury convict a man like Dr. Tiller in a nearly identical case, when in their eyes, they couldn’t even consider the killer to have committed a negative act, or for that matter, even anything that was morally questionable?

    How could they then convict, and if so, on what grounds?

  14. Ray,

    I’m not sure if you’re calling Dr. Tiller’s assassin the “killer,” or Dr. Tiller himself the “killer.” My point is that Abortion should not be legal. It should be a crime for which capital punishment is an option. In a decent society, Dr. Tiller would have been brought up on charges, tried, and sentenced, either to life imprisonment or death. But we are living in a wicked society, in which infanticide is the “law of the land.” Dr. Tiller’s assassin should be punished for his vigilantism, just as a vigilante who kills a drug dealer should be punished, even though he may have been doing something positive, preventing young people from becoming addicted and overdosing or what have you.

  15. I don’t see killing someone to prevent young people from becoming addicted and overdosing or whatever as doing something positive. It’s a horrible crime that has to be punished by a civil society under laws that govern against crime if they have them.

  16. A “Christian extremist” is very dangerous – yes!

    A “Christian extremist” is liable to build an orphanage and/or care for widows [Ja 1:27]! In many instances, they have been known to (this is a shocker!) give their lives – just as their leader, Jesus, gave example – in an attempt to bring life to others who need life [1 Jn 3:16]!

    What EVER shall we do in a world with these kinds of people running amok!?

  17. @ Lulu

    “A Christian can believe that God was exacting punishment against Planned Parenthood.”

    The Bible nowhere teaches that Christians are to take judgment or the law into our own hands.

    “A Christian can support the death penalty (administered legally and judicially) against those who would commit abortion or aid in the procuring of abortion.”

    Which is not what happened in the PP shooting.

    “Abortion is a crime for which capital punishment should be considered.”

    By the proper authorities, not by some person who takes it upon themselves to act on their own.

    “I would not consider the assassination of Dr. Tiller, for instance, to have been a negative act, or even morally questionable. That man deserved to die.”

    Show me where the Bible commands or condones Christians taking God’s judgment or the law into our own hands. Show it to me.

    “Perhaps the victims in Colorado also deserved to die.”

    Even a pro-life police officer, right? Sickening.

    I’m done reading this filth. Take this sort of garbage elsewhere. You are EXACTLY the sort of person that the left loves to use to paint all pro-life Christians with the same brush.

    Take this filth elsewhere. It has NO place on this website.

  18. Mo,

    There certainly are occasions that warrant just wars, and Christians can participate in such wars. I think most here would agree that David’s battling the enemies of God was something that God desired. Moreover, the Bible is full of instances in which God uses instruments of chastisement against evildoers and persecutors of His people.

    It was God’s will that an instrument of chastisement be used against those people who were killed in Colorado. If the pro-life police officer was a Christian, then he went to Heaven, and his problems are over. If God willed that those people should die for their crimes, then his will came to pass. Maybe many infant lives will be saved as a result. I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s the same with Tiller. His death is not something we should be morning, just as Bin Laden’s death, also carried out in circumstances above the law, was probably justified and should not be lamented.

    Nowhere did I advocate that a Christian should commit crimes. I made it very clear that vigilantism is not acceptable. Having said that, God will do what he wills.

    I pray that those who perform and procure abortions be converted to Jesus Christ. However, if they will not be converted, it is better for them to leave this earth by God’s hand of judgement than for them to continue massacring innocents. I believe that a Christian can hold to that view.

  19. Lulu,
    David was not under the Covenant we are – the Covenant where Jesus said His followers WOULD NOT FIGHT FOR HIS CAUSE [Jn 18:11, 36].

    “I pray”
    No you do not pray.

  20. Lulu,
    You didn’t say it directly, but you compared the lunatic involved in the shooting to King David – you linked a man of God doing God’s will together with the man involved in the recent shooting.

    You do not belong here.

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