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In the first hour, Dr. Brown takes your calls live from Montreal, Canada, answers your questions, and comments on any late breaking news. In the second hour, Dr. Brown speaks with Philip Williams, author of Noah’s Flood, and Parasut, a Turkish explorer who believes he has found Noah’s Ark, giving his first-ever interview in America. See for more information. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Regardless of when Jesus is returning, are you living in light of the reality of His return?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We know that Noah’s ark and the flood took place. Will God reveal it further in this generation?


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  1. Dr Brown, thank you for responding to the ‘Pre-trib’ position logically & biblically. As a person who has developed my own understanding of Biblical truth through extensive personal study under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I’ve NOT FOUND ONE text that could be described as a PROOF TEXT for the pre-tribulation concept. On the other hand, there are numerous texts in Revelations which clearly indicate the Body of Christ living through great opposition and actually prayerfully seeking God’s vengeance during Satan’s reign of terror. Rev 13: 5-13 is a clear example. Are you familiar with Marvin Rosenthal’s book on the Pre-wrath rapture position? It seems to me that the prophetic picture prior to the return of the Jewish Messiah will be so oppressive, against both Jewish & Gentile believers, that God’s pouring out of world wide judgement will be fully righteous. The level of wickedness will truly be as in the days of Noah & Sodom. It seems to me that the ‘holy ones’ spoken of by Jude 14-15 are believers participating in the divine judgement being poured out a persecuting, grossly wicked, general population. Could you comment on that position?

  2. Why would Muslims be surprised by the slaughter being done around the world by their coreligionists? How can they “have never heard of this”?

    How can people claim to follow a religion when they haven’t read its texts? It’s all right there in the Quran. How can they not know?

    Why do we use this as an excuse every time there’s another bloodbath? At some point, shouldn’t people be confronted with this fact? At some point, don’t we need to set aside the excuse of ignorance? It’s THEIR religion. They should know! They are required to know!

    There is ZERO excuse for such ignorance – especially among people who claim to follow that ideology. Does even make sense to claim you follow an ideology, when you have no idea what it teaches?

    That does not make sense on any level.

  3. I just read something about Noah’s ark that someone wrote saying that every expedition he knew of that went out to look for Noah’s ark found what they believed to be Noah’s ark.

    I also read someone say that the ark was no doubt scavenged for it’s wood, since it would have been a prime commodity right after the flood.

    I’m thinking that right after the flood, wouldn’t here be dead standing trees all over the planet or wood laying down on the ground which floated there if one was in a location where forests had not been?

  4. Hi Ray!

    Another problem with the wood scavenging theory is that the ark came to rest on the highest peak of Ararat and that would have been difficult for people to traverse, especially carrying down massive beams to use, unless they carried their saws and chisels up with them and cut them up, although I wouldn’t be surprised if some did that. Like you said, it would have been much easier to gather up what you need from all the wood lying around, as I, too, suspect there would have been plenty.

    I read an interesting article after listening to this about the research done by Rick Lancer on the Bible Archaeology website. He traces the origin of the place name of the mountain we know as Ararat and of eyewitness testimony as recorded from antiquity. Really interesting. I think the modern day dispute is partly because many people have a vested interest in maintaining that “their” location is the correct one. Authors and others who have made a living promoting their site aren’t likely to concede to the newest evidence, which looks to be the truth to me!

    I was looking for any video, or, photos even, from the newest evidence presented by NAMI at the SES’s presentation, but, haven’t found anything at all. Does no one have anything newer than what they originally released? The video they had posted on Youtube was really something to see though!

    Here’s the article:

    And a couple Youtube videos of the expedition:

    The second video shows the massive ice sheet that the ark is entombed in for now. What a perfect way for God to preserve it for this generation that requires a profound witness to us, “for as in the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man.”

  5. Apparently it’s not that difficult to find, since nearly everyone that goes out seems to come back with something…just saying….

  6. I think it’s the “real” ark, Ray. 🙂 It looks more promising than anything I’ve seen yet and I’ve looked at every claim for decades.

  7. I heard somewhere of someone who was making a film about Noah’s ark and they built some props in a mountain somewhere and if you ask the locals if they know anything about Noah’s ark, they will direct you there, but then again, that too, might be a hoax.

  8. It’s one thing for People to climb down the mountain, (and small animals). would the larger animals be able to climb down?

  9. eric,

    That’s something I never thought about. So I don’t think God would leave it on the top of a treacherous peak, but not necessarily on a great plain either.

  10. That’s a good observation, Eric. I hadn’t given that any thought at all, but, I did ponder whether Noah took younger animals in 2 by 2 and not grown animals as we presume. Even then, they’d have grown quickly within the year they were housed in the ark.

    I would think there wouldn’t have been any ice on the mountain as yet, although, I don’t know why I say that, well, except that before the flood it hadn’t yet rained on earth and I imagine the climate was different as well. But, that’s speculation and we just don’t know. Without ice to contend with, would it have been that difficult for them to make their way down the mountain? Maybe not. What’s the largest land animal, the elephant, right? I can picture the elephant making it down the mountain just fine. They would have been divinely guided is what I think.

    I’ll be thinking on it…

  11. There’s mention of snow in the book of Job. I’ve heard that Job is one of the older books, but, not as concerning the flood, old. Likely during or before the time of the patriarchs.

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