A Call to Prepare for Persecution and an Iraqi Exile Speaks Out Against Islam

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In the first hour Dr. Brown speaks with author and radio host Carl Gallup about his new book Be Thou Prepared; in the second hour, he speaks with an Iraqi exile going by the alias of Al-Rasooli who claims that Islam is an evil cult. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus told us the world would treat us the way it treated Him. Are we ready for that?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Be alert. Be awake. Be aware. This is no time to sleep.


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  1. Why equip us for the coming on slot ! After all They say we are all flying out be for hand just us westerners not any those eastern Christians .

  2. I am not sure why this man’s claim that Islam is depraved, that Mohammad is not a prophet, and that Muslims cannot be loyal citizens is remotely controversial. (Assuming he means Muslims who are devout followers, as opposed to nominal or cultural Muslims.)

    Anyone who has read the Quran and learned about the life of Mohammad knows all of this. This is established fact. There’s no need for “controversy”.

  3. Hi Paul,

    I imagine you’re thinking of the Pre-tribulation Rapture theory, which my studies have shown isn’t supported by Scripture as a whole. There are arguably some verses that could be interpreted that way, but, I’ve found that a more careful reading of all prophecies doesn’t support it.

    Of course, I’ve many friends who hold to it and it’s not anything to divide over. The timing of His coming is only given to us in broader generalizations, although, if we can’t see the writing on the wall as things are today, we might want to pick up our Bibles and start studying.

    The rate at which things are changing is staggering and just several decades ago I would have never believed some of the things that are happening now.

  4. Why is some version of this statement repeated endlessly and accepted as fact in our culture?

    “Some people are Muslims, but they don’t really know or follow what Islam teaches.”

    Step back and think about this logically. If you don’t know what a religion teaches and you don’t practice it, how can you be said to be a member of that religion?

    And why would anyone follow ANY ideology – religious or secular – without knowing what it teaches and what it’s about? That does not even make sense.

  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dispensationalism

    John Nelson Darby (18 November 1800 – 29 April 1882) was an Anglo-Irish Bible teacher, one of the influential figures among the original Plymouth Brethren and the founder of the Exclusive Brethren. He is considered to be the father of modern Dispensationalism and Futurism in the English vernacular. He produced a translation of the Bible based on the Hebrew and Greek texts called The Holy Scriptures: A New Translation from the Original Languages by J. N. Darby.

  6. I’m thinking as with just about anything, Islam may have it’s share of weak adherents, and we should say “Thank God for that.” I suppose.

    So should Islam be classified as a social and political system with religious emphasis?…Terrorism with political and social religious structure?

    Or should we simply call it a dangerous religious cult?

  7. Islam is a cult that came out of Christian faith . In there Karan they must rull over all Religions and all people it is a theocratic system.

  8. Man, IQ Al Rasooli sure sounds like he’s pandering to Republican Evangelicals. We have to be fair: there is no word in the Bible for “democracy,” which is not a scriptural concept, and no such word in English either for that matter.

    There are voices strewn about constantly trying to make Islam look like the bad guy, just to feed the paranoia of Christians. We have to tell Christians the truth. Islam is stupid and barbaric. Everybody knows that. Muslims are being manipulated, too. ISIS? Yes, there’s ISIS. And I find it especially perplexing that all of their trucks, gear and ammunition say “property of the US government.” So, who’s really being all this radical Islam? Who’s the real threat?

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