Why I’m Endorsing Ted Cruz, Terror in Israel, and Western Attitudes Towards Islam

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Dr. Brown explains why he is endorsing Ted Cruz for president, gives the latest updates on the wave of terrorist attacks in Israel, and discusses the weakness of the West’s answer to the Islamic invasion. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We see the worldwide hatred against Israel. Many times, it’s not just the hatred of Israel, it’s hatred of the Jews.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If we don’t rightly identify and deal with the enemy, how are we going to defeat the enemy?


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  1. Dr. Brown,

    This is a bit off topic here, but I will post anyway. As I investigate missions work, I find it discouraging. Recently Gospel for Asia, has come under fire and been ejected from the ECFA. While they are sorting this out, I thought Samaritan’s Purse might be a good option. Then I read that Franklin Graham is pulling down $880,000, this year! The head of KLOVE radio, which puts itself out there as a music ministry is pulling in over 500K. And we have all heard of the financial laundry coming out from TBN (not that based on their programming this is surprising). And of course you have done a show on Creflo Dollar.

    What the heck is going on? I would expect abuse in secular charities but these are supposed to be Christian organizations! Now I firmly believe our Pastor’s and the like deserve to make a good living. God only knows how many Pastors are just getting by. But this type of compensation seems outlandish. Maybe this would be a good topic for one of your shows. While I recognize the great good that Samaritan’s Purse does around the world, I would love to hear you interview Franklin Graham and ask if he really thinks this much compensation is reasonable.

  2. When are we going to stop this use of “radical Islam”, “extremist Islam”, “political Islam” and other such terms?

    It’s ISLAM! There is no radical vs. un-radical, extremist vs. non-extremist, etc!

    Islam is Islam. It comes from the Koran and the example of Mohammad.

  3. Dr. Brown thank you for your defense of Israel and your bold stance in endorsing Ted Cruz he is also my choice for president. I am commenting on another issue and that is the liberals in this country who defend the attacks on Christians and Jews with always diminishing who and why the acts of murder were committed. After watching this for years and the illogical view they have taken I can only come to one conclusion. It is not based on ideology it is based on spirituality. We know the Bible states when people continue to rejoice in depravity God gives them the desires of their hearts and gives them over to their own delusions. I believe this is the case with the liberals who refuse to see the truth of the situation around the world. I believe this scripture and others like it speak into why they are so far gone from reality. What say you sir? 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    10 and with [a]all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11 For this reason God [b]will send upon them [c]a deluding influence so that they will believe [d]what is false, 12 in order that they all may be [e]judged who did not believe the truth, but [f]took pleasure in wickedness.

  4. Hi Brannon,

    I agree that the spirit of this age has come upon us so quickly, and I never would have believed I’d see it in my lifetime until now, how much everything has been turned on it’s head! This is clearly a time of shaking and only those things that cannot be shaken will remain.

    I think, though, that Paul is specifically speaking in reference to the “Day of the LORD,” saying exactly what you’ve outlined, that those who don’t hold to the truth will be given up and God will give them over to “the lie” of “the evil one,” who is specifically the “antichrist.”

    I wasn’t saved that many years ago, less than a decade even, and I had no idea the depths to which the Church had been infiltrated by the world until then. And, yes, I too see the delusional thinking of the very liberal Christians who you can’t even reason with anymore because they’re so far gone!

  5. By the way, Ted Crus, together with his wife, Heidi and some others, one of which is Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, are holding a RALLY FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC on November 14. I hope everyone will check out his campaign website and see if his values more nearly align with your own Christian values. We might not get another chance to make any inroads for another 9 years if we don’t get out and vote!!! That’s one more year of President Obama’s liberal agenda and another 8 of Hillary’s and by then the world will have gone completely bonkers!



  6. I have a question for the administrator. Did you know your broadcast through ONE PLACE always starts here in mid SC late and never on the hour? Maybe 6 minutes, or so, after 2pm. It never used to do that until this year. Just wondering.


  7. Ha!! I guess you can see I must have missed parts of Dr. Brown’s broadcast because I had no idea he was going to be at the Rally on the 14th until I started reading more things on Cruz’s website. Ted Cruz has a write-up about Dr. B’s endorsement.

    I admit I’ve been sleep deprived for days now…

  8. Re Ted Cruz….Evangelical

    I could not be more excited that Michael Brown is endorsing Ted Cruz. This is a time for prayer, Michael Brown this is the time, and the place for you to step forward as the Preeminent voice for the evanglical. With your prayers and millions joining in, we will witness the greatest event of all time! God is at work here, I am thankful with every ounce of my being for Michael Brown, and Ted Cruz.

  9. Dr. Brown,

    This time my post is on topic. Just finished your article where you said “if the Republicans did not put forth a candidate who really stood for my values, one who would also take on the party’s establishment when needed, I would have to sit out the presidential vote or else register some kind of protest vote”. And that is exactly the kind of CRAZY attitude that got Obama elected last time. People did not like Romney’s religion, so many republican’s decided not to vote. They in essence did vote, for his opponent, who while claiming to be a Christian acted contrary to Christian orthodox beliefs. So let’s see we have a guy whose beliefs and actions mirror most closely those of orthodox Christians but he is a Mormon. So a better choice is to stay home and not vote so the guy who is not a Mormon , and is Christian in name only takes the election. How did that plan work out for us last time?

    So this time around it would be better to not show up to vote at all or put in a protest vote (spell that a wasted vote) so that Hillary can take the reins. Hillary who has won the Margret Sanger award and thinks the LGBT agenda is a good thing. Really? You think that anyone of the Republican candidates would not be a better choice. Are you kidding me?

  10. Oh Contraire, I will also sit it out. Better to have a Hillary instead of a luke warm agenda. Hot or cold, This is also a biblical priniple.
    Rev 3

    But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!-

    If we get another luke warm canidate it is better to sit out and let the agenda sink the ship. I know this sounds crazy, but we are now at that point.

  11. God has a plan, God is in charge. He will send the right person, at the right time. Join with Michael Brown now and earnestly pray. We were not here to found this country, and here we are. God has a man for this time!!!!

  12. I’m thinking the United States should be like a big ship with a large shield of steel on it’s bow that has written on it, it’s intent to go against way too big of government, all of it’s overspending, being against all of it’s over regulation, over reaching controls, way too many people who are occupied with useless activity, which further complicate everything to such an extent that there are piles and piles of paperwork, crooked agendas, useless regulation, ungodly corruption, being 5 times too big as it should be, wasting time adding to the complexity of everything, when it should occupy it’s time in getting off the books all the useless unnecessary laws, even as it should repeal Obamacare as it was put through against the Constitution, calling something that was not as if it was, using corruption, lies, and deceit to do so, while we should have been going against the homosexual agenda, and even now we should be working to get off the bench the majority of the Supreme Court justices who fell asleep on the bench, or simply thought to over ride the Constitution, thinking they could simply overthrow DOMA, thereby robbing the states of their rights, just as Obama has been doing to the strength of Congress, whom congress should be working to impeach because of his many unconstitutional abuses, misusing his office though useless and selfish promotion of his own agendas, whereby he wishes to over ride the law making authority in the land, which is Congress itself, as we also should be making sure that people change their minds instead of their bodies who think their own sex should be something other than they were born with, by telling them they ought to know better and letting them know that no money will be provided to such nonsense and that if they have toilet trouble at schools and wherever because of how they changed their bodies to try to be of another sex, that they should simply wear diapers and stop trying to put their burdens which they are responsible to carry, on others, who should not be carrying such things, because liberalism never makes people free, because it takes Christian conservatives in office who will work to stop the spending, cut government again and again and again until it’s about 1/5 of what it is now, and then with all the cutting of all the useless regulation, and a massive simplification of even the matter of taxes, the economy could set off to see,,, what wonderful opportunities await because the heavy and useless and oppressive hand of government has been lifted, even as our government has been working to put the Bible back in it’s rightful place in schools, even as it was back when the New England Primer was the standard for public education in elementary schools, (same Constitution as we have now) and having a government that will not be any longer fooled by the homosexual agenda which seeks to take away legitimate rights as it tried to put in place all sorts of moral decay, even so far as to abuse mentally and spiritually the school children, by their vile and unnatural perversions of the filthy flesh, which Christians in office now, find disturbing and a real assault of our survival as a nation, as those things that are corrupt are working to destroy our Constitution and our godly way of life and liberty, and so now, we ought to have a unified movement in government with basically two agendas:

    1. Damn the torpedoes.
    2. Full speed ahead!

  13. Just a quick note to point out that the title of this clip should be changed. Currently, it suggests that Dr. Brown is endorsing these three things: Ted Cruz, terrorist attacks in Israel and Western attitudes towards Islam. I am sure he is only endorsing Mr. Cruz, not the other two!

  14. Ted Cruz will need much support and prayer from our side. Since Michael Brown can reach him and interact with him, it is imperative that we hold Michael Brown’s arms up and support with our contributions this ministry and prayers. This is where God is going to work, this is the voice of reason and sanity that is going to encourage the veracious media when they will seek and destroy any voice of sanity. We can prayerfully overcome this onslaught of insanity.

    Keep in mind our founding father George Washington had bullets wiz by his head, he was almost killed and America would have not been the same place. God will protect the bullets whizzing by the heads of reason to do his will. We can pray, we can contribute, we will be part of holding the arms of justice up.

  15. Dr. Brown,

    I watched the videos and find them to be problematic. First, by choosing between two candidates, one is not necessarily practicing “situation ethics”, they can still have their morality based in either natural law, or Biblical values.

    Second, the video is couched in choosing between the lesser of two evils. How about choosing the GREATER GOOD (see Norman Geisler’s book Christian Ethics for more on that)? There are candidates besides Ted Cruz that are not only less divisive (so that maybe they can actually enact change)but are also pro-family, pro-marriage, and anti-abortion. They may not be perfect, but if they push the system toward GREATER GOOD in some key areas ,is this not important. Is it more rational to vote for a candidate that can enact the greater good in some key areas, or vote for a candidate (say a write in) that agrees with ALL of your moral standards but has no hope of being elected?

    Third, the video gives you a hypothetical between Pots and Hitler. There is no good to be chosen in that scenario, so it is a non starter. There is a greater good that can be accomplished by voting for any candidate besides Hillary. It is a typical ploy used by ethics professors to present students with two bad choices, and then declare that ethics is always a difficult problem, when in reality, most ethical decisions are straight forward, and not the complex designed problems given to students to ponder.

    Fourth, there is something called reality in play here. In an ideal world casting votes for third party players may work, but in the real world it is problematic. That is why the first question in the Republican Debate #1, pertained to candidates pledging not to run on their own should they fail to achieve the nomination. This would split the party and allow for the lessor good in handing the election to Hillary. The REALITY is that no one HAS EVER won a presidential election as a third party candidate. While the Pastor who put together the video, says we should look to the past to learn from mistakes, he clearly does not apply this standard to third party presidential candidates.

    As for myself, I will not caste my vote away, such that in the reality of our two party system the lesser good is accomplished by de facto giving the election away. You may look at voting as choosing between the lesser evils, I will look at it as choosing the greater good, in as many aspects as possible in line with an absolute Christian moral framework, while acknowledging in a increasingly pluralistic society, I may not get everything that I want in terms of a candidate that will achieve the perfect good, but only a better good, than the rival candidate.

  16. S. Johnson,

    That sounds like rational reasoning to me. I feel that any of the Republican candidates would be better than Hillary as President.

    I think she would be much more militant than Pres. Obama, but, she will prove to be even more liberal than he is. She’s already shouting about those who want to defund PP, even after their atrocious behavior was documented!

    To think she served as Secretary of State and how could she do any better than a President who thinks the best Foreign Policy consists of all national leaders holding hands and singing “Kumbaya!”

    It’s more than worrisome have quickly things have declined.

  17. S Johnson wrote “, I will look at it as choosing the greater good,”.

    First let me say that vote your conscious.. You have one vote and make it count. I will also decide what to do with my one little tiny fractional vote. If it is between Jeb and Jezebel, I might not vote at all, or I may in fact let America take Jezebel. Look at what choosing the greater good has done in the past, it in fact has elected the greater bad. Remember what the last Bush produced.

  18. This argument that we have to put somebody in that can fill the middle and win is a losing argument.
    You can not pacify the other side, they will pick you apart and defeat you. God has a plan and S Johnson take it up in prayer.

  19. A Time for Truth.

    Why is it that our side is always told not to be so extreme. Pick the one who can win. The problem is that this is the time for truth. Half meted out policies will only partially work. Truth is now so extreme that you can only think it, but not express it. We need a fix, the only ingredient is unabashed truth. Thanks Trump for showing that this voice is the one that counts this time around.

  20. You got to be kidding all the people who hated Obama found evidence that he was born in Kenya besides there is too much evidence that his mother was born in the states. The burden of evidence in the citizenry of of United States is that both or one of the parents was born in United States. We would have to change Constitutional law to except Cruz. Both of his parents were born in Cuba. His father bribed he and his family into Canada. It clearly states that Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Do you really want someone who denied their own citizenry for political gain. Or Mr Brown are you doing this just to get a reaction?

  21. Boz, Your kidding me right? What is Chihuahua in this race? Why are you so concerned about MR. Brown backing a candidate like Cruz? hmmm Smells funny in here.

    Last I checked and I married a Calgarian girl, our kids if born in Calgary are still American. Boz, you have been exposed for being terrified of the truth.

  22. There is a petition that can be signed (see Liberty Counsel Action, Yes! Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a “Foreign Terrorist Organization”.)
    asking the government to designate this as such.

  23. This petition I didn’t find by searching, but I did get an e-mail about it. Ted Cruz was the one who initiated this deal.

  24. Boz, shame on you for even suggesting I would do something as serious as endorsing a candidate for president just to get a reaction. Comments like that are unworthy of you and of this site.

  25. It’s almost like America has been opening it’s door to any enemy. It’s what it has been doing.
    So much nonsense… proof that the New England Primer was better than evolution, seems to me.

  26. Do people really think that any ape, without God, but by it’s own efforts or works, that it could over time, progress itself into the image of a perfect man? Where did America get such an idea?
    Any ideas?

  27. I don’t know much about the constitution, but isn’t it up to congress to decide to impeach a president if they decide he has too often overstepped his authority by use of executive orders or by some other means?

    Isn’t it really the power of congress that can be robbed by allowing excesses and abuses of presidential executive orders?

    If a congress recognizes such a thing as fact, it could move to impeach, could it not, since a “stealing” of power from congress by another branch weakens the law making branch of government, by usurpation?

    And what about judges of the Supreme Court who do refuse to recognize the constitutional authority of the states? Can’t they be removed by congressional action? (they didn’t properly recognize DOMA as the authority that it was, it seems to me)

    So I suppose the problem comes in when a president or a judicial majority gains political support from so many members of the congress, such that congress will not be able to respond to a subjugation of authority?

    Isn’t this the kind of talk we should be hearing today? I mean, what is the problem? Is this really what it is?

    Next then, how can it be fixed? What can be done?
    What is the right thing to do?

    Why are we not hearing about this? Why such silence, while the people watch all this craziness go on in our destructive government?

    Or, am I off track here?

    I may be a bit nuts, but I would rather see a presidential candidate, say that he is going to put most of his politicking aside, (all of his trying to convince people to vote for him, so in case he should get elected he might do something to fix things) to simply try to wake up the nation and congress itself to this particular problem, for if the remedy for what’s been going on lays upon the shoulders of congress, and things that should be happening is not happening, then if the problem isn’t in congress, where else is it?

    I would rather vote for a man that acts as if he already was or is a good president, than for a man who tries to convince me that he would make a good one or be the best choice.

    There are many things going wrong but two of the big things I have seen is the over reaching of both the executive and judicial branch, as well as a congress that can’t seem to do anything good.

    What in the world has got a hold on our congress?
    Something is wrong there somewhere, it seems to me.

    As bad as congress may be, if ever there was one branch of government to have too much power, I would rather it be them, since they are of the greatest representative of the people….Wasn’t it set up that way by our founders….for such a time as this?

    I also heard something from Mark Levin, perhaps years ago, about how each of the states can send representatives to vote to amend the constitution or something like that. Would it be so wrong if the constitution was amended to say that people who are born of whatever sex they are, for the well being of the people, for a more perfect union, etc, etc, that people do not change their bodies medically for the purpose of trying to change their sex, and that “sexual orientation” is not a race a special type of people and will not be recognized as such, for it is not a matter of ethnicity. And what about declaring life to be life in the womb when it is in the womb of it’s mother? (Not “potential life” as if it had a potential heartbeat)

  28. There is something to be seen in Ted Cruz, and some others also, but the saying still goes, “I would rather see a sermon than hear one any day.”

  29. I’ve heard that there’s a difference between power and authority. If a thief comes at you with a baseball bat, he uses power, but not authority.
    If a guard comes at a thief with a baseball bat he uses authority.

  30. RE Ray’s comments
    I also heard something from Mark Levin, perhaps years ago, about how each of the states can send representatives to vote to amend the constitution or something like that. Would it be so wrong if the constitution was amended to say that people who are born of whatever sex they are, for the well being of the people, for a more perfect union, etc, etc, that people do not change their bodies medically for the purpose of trying to change their sex, and that “sexual orientation” is not a race a special type of people and will not be recognized as such, for it is not a matter of ethnicity. And what about declaring life to be life in the womb when it is in the womb of it’s mother? (Not “potential life” as if it had a potential heartbeat)

    Mark Levine I am sure is also going to back up Cruz. My question is if it comes down to Rubio and Cruz who gets the vice president position?>

  31. Jon,
    Of course your children are American. Since you were born in America, they are American. I said one or both parents must be American citizen for the children to be Canadian. Since neither of Cruz parents were Americans and Cruz was born in Canada, he is Canadian until he denied his citizenry to Canada and became American, As far as Canada goes, I am thankful for that country and it’s values. I apologize to Mr Brown I was so at lost to why your would back him. I find it puzzling, If Obama had birth certificate issues the apponents of Cruz will drag out the ugly truth about how he became an American

  32. Sometimes I wish they were not American, They have the American attitues and do not strive as hard as non Americans.

  33. S. Johnson,

    Thanks for watching the videos. Personally, I don’t believe having a Republican establishment candidate will be a greater good, since believers will be lulled to sleep and will not recognize the need for a real cultural revolution. Of course, you’re free to vote as per your conscience, as I am to vote mine.

  34. As far as Ted Cruz not being born in the US, and how that might affect his being qualified to run for president, I found Mark Levin talking about how a naturalized American citizen can run for president qualifying under the 1790 naturalization act. Ted Cruz’s mother was born in Delaware and has lived in the US for most of her life, both before and after giving birth to Ted, thus he is eligible to run for President.

  35. I just read a bit about the initiative Ted Cruz took to bring about the protection of marriage. See The Restoration of Marriage Amendment and Protect Marriage from the Courts Act. This is what America needs, and I believe we need one to end abortions also, for Roe v. Wade was not equal protection under the law. Very few presidential candidates are really standing for these values.

  36. “Conservative Iowa Rep. Steve King has endorsed Ted Cruz for president, saying the Texas senator is “the answer to my prayers.”

    “I do believe that Ted Cruz is the full package, the constitutional conservative that can restore the soul of America,” King said at a press conference in Des Moines Monday, ABC News reports.

    King said he made his decision after a Friday visit to Europe, where, “I saw the erosion of the culture … because of the colossal cultural suicide they’re committing,” ABC News reports.

    “Our nation is sick and getting sicker,” King said in a press release, stating that the unity of America has been ripped apart by the Obama administration over the past seven years, Breitbart reports.

    “We need a president who is pro-life, pro-marriage, a constitutional originalist, who will make judicial appointments of judges to the Supreme Court and all federal courts who believe the Constitution means what is says and means what it was understood to mean when ratified,” King said in the release.::””

  37. I am still troubled by Cruz. Yes someone who is a naturalized American can be president. Again, the president must be only a citizen of USA, no dual citizenry. Cruz had to denounce his citizenry to Canada in order to be a viable runner for President. It just seems shady to me

  38. We don’t want to be a respecter of persons, but we would want to be looking at conditions. If it’s OK with the Constitution to let Cruz run, we should also look at anything that might be a problem in the future. If there was a war between us and Canada? Where would Cruz be? I think he would be with the US, yet, I do wonder about how many friends and family he has there. But what are the real issues about this? Are there any real merit to them or not? Is it founded upon anything or not? This is what we all have to decide. It’s not an issue with me.

  39. I was surprised to hear Ted Cruz talk about war against ISIS as if it was a Desert Storm kind of deal, where all you had to do was carpet bomb with A-10’s, but this is terrorism. They don’t set up out in the open, not much anyway. Mostly they are in the cities, using people as human shields. It’s like a Vietnam, except instead of fighting in a jungle, it’s mostly all in the city, not an easy thing to root out. It’s urbanized jungle warfare, and it’s no easy deal.
    What military might can you throw at them? It’s like trying to get rats out of holes in the ground in the middle of a city. The terrorists have the easy part, just walk into a crowded place with some bombs under your coat or whatever, and kill a bunch with one bomber. How do you stop that? Best we can do is protect our own borders, something we haven’t been doing, and maybe contain ISIS by carpet bombing if they ever leave a city, make a defensive line outside a city, cut their supply lines, and hope we don’t starve out the innocent. It’s an ugly deal.

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