Media Monday, Live from Hungary

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Dr. Brown shares insights on the latest news, including some shocking developments in churches of Europe, and takes your calls, questions, and comments live from Budapest, Hungary, where he will also give updates from his ministry taking place there. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As I sit here in Hungary, I have a loud and clear message for the 700+ seminary students, “learn from the bad mistakes America has made.”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: In the midst of the insanity and chaos of this age, it is only God’s people who will bring both moral and spiritual clarity. Let’s do it!


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  1. Dear Dr. Michael Brown,

    It was such a great honor and blessing to meet you in Budapest. I am a member of the Hungary Faith Church. My profession is Violin Teacher. After the lecture of Book of Job we had an accident personal encounter with you in the hall of the Saint Paul Academy and your glanced at me. I am vey grateful for you and your ministry. I wanted to thank you in this way too. I hope that these values will be able to galvanize the society not just in America but in hungary too. We need REVIVAL AND A NEW MORAL COMPASS WHICH IS BASED ON BIBLICAL VALUES! I would like to express my spiritual support also that I am reading title of Dr. Ben Carson : America beautiful. I agree with you very much concerning both Ted Cruz and Dr. Carson campaign too.I am convinced that they could influence in positive way the american society. God bless you and your ministry! (From Hungary)

  2. It was very interesting to hear of Hungary’s past experience with Islam. I personal think the countries stand of not allowing their boarders to be swamped with immigrants is the right one. Seeing what what happened in Paris yesterday really highlights what kind of future Europe could face by opening the boarders up to these people, even though many will never do this type of evil, cowardly act. In a way ISIS’ ideological disagree with the west does not require them the fight the West militarily.
    The current conflicts that rages have driven out huge amount of people including many Muslims. So, by waging war ISIS can indirectly flood Europe with Muslims. Why are these peels embraced you may ask? Despite their secular underpinning these countries have traditional been influenced by the Biblical texts. The story of the good Samaritan, the Old Covenant decrees about caring for the widow, the orphan and the alien, i,e foreigners are part of their heritage. No, doubt ISIS knows this tendency, and Europe’s their generosity could be part of Europe’s undoing. Also the holocaust of a specific people group is still within living memory of some. No nation can let this happen again, or not offer aide.
    Dr Brown rightly asked why isn’t the Muslim world taking these folks on? These are their people of the book, are they not?
    However a serious crisis remains, and we are seeing what radical Islam is capable of both yesterday in Paris and in the Middle East. Why, would any country open itself to people who may do this in the future? How does one not know that operatives have not mingled with the refugees and have moving with future menace in mind for these generous nations?l Certainly, Christian Europe has much to be concerned with these Muslim refugees. It has been my observance that no matter what people group enters a country they keep their national identity with great vigour. So, will these mostly Muslim assimilate into the local culture probably not. Also, they will use the tolerance of the European counties to gain a real foothold where they settle. The only real hope is a world wide revival, would it not be an awesome sight to see tens of thousand leave Islam and find Christ. Perhaps we all need this everywhere, as Dr Brown often says, God is not caught off guard, and he is still King of Kings, and Lord of all people, and has a real heart for those thousands of desperate people fleeing war.

  3. Ferenc,

    I’m thinking you might also like “I See A New America” by Rick Joyner. It has so much good common sense in it.

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