The Demonization of Christianity and Two Special Interviews

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In light of the targeting of Christians in the Oregon shootings, Dr. Brown discusses the rising hostility towards Christianity in America, then Dr. Brown speaks with Pastor David Garcia about moral relativism and with Professor Robert Oscar Lopez about same-sex “marriage” and parenting. He will also take your calls.” Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We’re living in a culture of the increasing demonization of Christians. This calls for greater vigilance, boldness, faith, and courage.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If you care about kids, if you care about families, hold fast to marriage as God intended it, and you and your kids will be blessed.


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  1. I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the attacks on Christianity on FB lately. Someone who is in many of the same daylily groups as I am friend-ed me and we get along fine, some of her posts are about the cute dogs and cats that make the rounds, but, then she’ll post this toxic blurp, you know the kind, about Christianity. Each time I defend myself and gently show what is usually some sentences strung together that make no sense as being equal when deconstructed. She’s deleted some of my better defenses and I honestly thought she’d “unfriended” me when a personal message pops up from her asking if she could share some of my photos w/ a friend! I said, “Sure.” So, I told her I saw that she had deleted my comments and she said, “Oh, I didn’t have time to get into a lengthy discussion so I just deleted them…”

    “Huh?” She stills posts anti-Christian stuff and I still engage them when I see them. My comments are getting longer and longer with solid reasoning, asking her why, in one instance, since gays have now won their liberties why would they want to take someone else’s away? I stated that I thought that was a shallow victory for them, seeing as that’s obviously the case. I also pointed out that the Christian doctrine has been the same for 2,000 years and is “not” a knee-jerk reaction to gay rights. The way I see it, they’re the ones stirring up all the strife–not us.

    Most of the posts, I’m learning, are nothing but toxic junk that is nothing but hateful on the surface, but, a little reasoning shows them to be nonsense with no thought behind them. Their sole purpose is to shame Christians into silence and that doesn’t work for me. I really enjoy a good debate, but, you know what, we’ve yet to have one. She just takes it down and posts another…

    I may just take to writing up my own headers showing the sheer insanity of what’s going on.

  2. I keep on calling with phone low on power. I am sorry that I cut you off. I should say I should look at my sources to see if they are actuate. I should acknowledge the I am openly gay, I think you have the right to speak about sin and faith, Even though I do not agree. If things turn in your favor I will not moved by popularity I was gay before it was popular and if it is no longer popular I will still be gay, I thought since we have talk some. You should know where I stand

  3. Political solutions?

    Every time one of these tragedies happens the one side that has removed G_d from this countries conscious brings forth the solution. Much like abortion is a solution to a tragic family problem. The solution is a compromise to solve issues, even if that compromise is not biblical, and outside of the wisdom of principals.

    Why does not our side come out with political solutions> Prayer in schools- prayer in the town square- prayer on the legislative floor- the right of citizens to protect themselves. Where is our voice> Why is it that the side that causes the problems, is the loudest voice to solve the problems?

  4. I was wondering the same, Jon. The voices of our representatives have been shamed into silence too. Whatever you do, “don’t” mention God!!! Even though “In God We Trust” is our national motto.

    Have you seen President Reagan’s son’s ad on CNN for the atheists? His “Freedom From Religion” commercial? Who knew?

    But, from our representatives in Congress, silence.

  5. Guns are not the enemy of our constitution, modern politicians are. Are they not a greater threat to our nation than a few sick people with loaded guns?

    What America needs is politicians who will promote Bible reading and prayer in public schools to the extent that sports are supported, such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

    Why are they so afraid of religion in schools? Isn’t it because their fear is not founded upon God, but somewhere else?

    This is the greatest threat America faces. It’s the politicians, not guns. Less guns is not the answer. Jesus is the answer and why not invite him back into the public school systems?

    Maybe if these politicians would invite him into their own lives, they would begin to see the light.

    Where in our constitution does it specifically speak of the free exercise of football? I’m not against football mind you. I have not complaint about football being practiced on public school property, I’m just saying…

    So I guess the lie goes something like, sports isn’t something that imposes, but people who practice reading the Bible do, or people who pray do? Where’s the proof?

    The Bible teaches us to prove all things and to hold on to that which is good. So, where’s the proof?

    Where is the proof that religion imposes itself on others?

    If an atheist were to get hit by a loose ball, would all sports be banned for good? Wouldn’t they just tell him to stop wining and not attend the games if he doesn’t want to, or not participate if he doesn’t like it?

    Who ever got injured listening to a godly prayer?
    It doesn’t hurt anybody. They could even put their fingers in their ears if they wanted to.

    Was anyone forcing them to listen, and even recite what was prayed, and disciplining them if they could not recite it? If so, then we have a constitutional problem, but not until.

    Do they really think they are fooling us? Do the politicians really think it was the gun itself that kills people rather than the devils that occupy the mind of the shooter?

    Jesus is the answer, not politicians, though believing politicians who are alive in him, could be a wonderful blessing to America, and that is what we hope for, among many other things.

    I believe America has a brighter future. We just need to walk into it. Our constitution has secured it, but we must implement it.

    Those politicians who choke the constitution are not the answer. They are just as much, if not more, a part of the problem than the killers behind the guns.

  6. On guns…

    President Obama had the facts in a matter of minutes, before he made his statement. He can have all the details immediately, before the news media and general public.

    Gun violence is an enormous problem in America. To deny guns aren’t a problem is like the denial of a heroin addict. It’s no different. Willful blindness.

    Between 2001 and 2013, guns killed more people in the U.S. than AIDS, illegal drug overdoses, wars and terrorism combined.

    As someone said, “A strict constitutional constructionist should agree that what the framers had in mind for the right to bear arms was a muzzle loading single shot 5 foot long gun with ball ammunition. All other weapons including bombs and rifles should be strictly regulated.”

    Someone else wrote:

    “Let’s treat guns the way we do cars. Owning one requires insurance and using one requires a license. The problem is with the way the courts interpret the Second Amendment. But some gun regulations are considered constitutional, why not this sort of regulation.”

    Some churches have been brainwashed by the NRA. Christians don’t need guns unless they hunt for food.

  7. Professor Robert Oscar Lopez’ credentials are impressive.

    His research on adoption is accurate. He’s right about one of the primary motives of the abolitionists who opposed slavery, i.e., they didn’t believe biological kin should be separated for life.

    He’s also correct on the for-profit multi-billion dollar adoption industry that markets in human flesh. However, this is nothing new. It’s been going on since the practice of closed (sealed records) adoption began.

    I hope Lopez will read:

    “The Baby Brokers” by Lynne McTaggart, published 35 years ago

    “Adoption in America: Historical Perspectives” and “Family Matters: Secrecy and Disclosure in the History of Adoption” by E. Wayne Carp

    “The Stork Market: America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry” by Mirah Riben

    “The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking, and the New Gospel of Adoption” by Kathryn Joyce

  8. This is a difficult subject to say the least.

    I will ask one question- how about Ben Carson’s comment that had the German Jews had guns would the holocaust happened the way it did?

    Can there be any common sense gun control?

  9. I’m thinking gun control is common sense, just like having a driver’s license is common sense. The problem with more legislation is that it won’t do anything to counteract the culture of violence in America today. No one is asking “why” there are so many attacks on innocent people and “why” so many children (for the most part) are killing each other. Those questions can never be addressed with more legislation.

    The issues are very complex and interwoven with many other considerations that no one talks about.

    Gun ownership has been a part of American culture since it’s inception, yet, it’s only in our modern culture that we’ve begun randomly killing other people on an unprecedented scale.

    I’ve many thoughts on “why” this is happening, but, no one is asking the most important question.

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