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Dr. Brown shares his heart on a wide range of subjects, including the Pope’s visit to America, also taking your calls and questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God is the judge of the Pope. I’m going to seize the moment, with everyone talking about him, to point to Jesus.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: While we sort out what Catholics believe and what Protestants believe, let’s agree that if it’s taught in the Word, we embrace it, and if not, we reject it.


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  1. In response to Dr. Brown’s opening question, I believe people are looking for a warm religion in response to the Pope, not God. If the Pope were known for giving a message of repentance, which he is not, I believe crowds would indicate people are seeking God.

    Perhaps someone else would comment further but I find it incomprehensible that the leader of THE “christian” church in the world used world-wide platforms (given that his speech to Congress was broadcast worldwide, and his speech at the UN) to preach a political gospel. How does that line up with the fact that millions are dying without hearing the true gospel of Jesus Christ and yet have now been given a gospel of peace and love from the top “christian”, completely unanchored from what it would take to receive it? While the world might not think twice, what about the true church . . . where is her voice in response?


  2. this is important, so please pay attention:

    i am catholic. there are legitimate questions that need to be raised regarding the canonicity of the election of bergoglio to the papacy. he could be an antipope. this is possible. the church has had several.

    however, regardless of whether or not he is a true pope, and there are currently two bishops of rome (two men in white, both with coats of arms, both living in the vatican), the current scenario bears a striking resemblance to that described in the mystical visions of blessed anna katherine emmerich, in which she recounts two popes, one banished and suffering in a place of near isolation, the other setting up a “false church of darkness.” sound familiar?

    the true holy catholic faith is not being taught by francis. he is a master politician. there is something terribly wrong in the church today. and many catholic see it for what it is.

    there is a plot against the holy church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. the cup of God’s wrath is filling. antichrist will come to the true church and infiltrate it. if the catholic church be true, then we should expect satan to enter therein and deceive the nations from the temple of God, as it says in the bible.

    francis’ agenda is the agenda of the humanists and pantheists. the church after vatican council two has become a bastion of perverse ecumenism. false teachings have tried to become mainstream. the true holy catholic faith, however, remains pure. this is not the faith of francis. please understand, dear protestant brothers and sisters, we catholics do not all follow the false teachings of the ecumenists. our faith is not being represented by francis.

    i do not know who he is, but i know that we must be on guard, for the deception will attempt to seduce even the elect.

    pax vobis

  3. Interesting post, Maximo . . . would you be able to explain a bit more about the “two bishops of Rome” living in the Vatican? Given that one is Francis, who would the second one be?


  4. some believe this is referring to pope benedict. he lives alone, receives few visitors, and is kept quiet. he is called “emeritus,” the title of a retiree, but this was never done before in the history of the church. in the past, on the rare occasions in which popes resigned, the former pope would not continue dressing in white, living in rome, and letting people call him “pope,” so we have an unprecedented situation on our hands.

    interestingly, when pope benedict became pope, he asked that we pray that he does not “flee from the wolves.” these were his words. eventually, he did flee. he resigned.

    the visions of blessed anna katherine emmerich speak about a “baleful” occasion of two popes. one is a relative prisoner in the vatican, the other is creating a false church.

    from what i gather, francis does not have any mind to spread the gospel or convert souls to Christ. he is the embodiment of a hellish ecumenical movement. i could be wrong, but it just looks that way to me. and i am not the only one.

    this concerns protestants, as well, because there is a plan to unite all christians in a false unity, in a false mongrel church in which we will be forced to worship alongside every infidel and pagan.

    here is a link to excerpts from emmerich’s prophecies:

    i do not take a dogmatic position on what this might refer to, but i would point out that it is fascinating and seems very much that it applies to our own time.

    many catholic prophets have spoken of an apostasy in the church. this concept of course also appears in scripture.

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