Thoughts on the Day of Atonement, Anti-Semitism, and the Coming Blood Moon

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Dr. Brown shares insights about the Messiah and the Day of Atonement (as well as the coming celebration of Tabernacles and next week’s blood moon), talks about recent manifestations of anti-Semitism, and takes your Jewish-related calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Open your eyes, look, and ask, “are you speaking to us God?”

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Pray with me and believe with me for the eyes of the Jewish people to be open to the suffering Messiah being none other than Yeshua.


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  1. A great interview would be with

    Bob has in the past sought out some of your people to dialogue with.

    Gidon Ariel

    Founder and CEO
    A visionary and pioneer in Jewish-Christian relations, Gidon made Aliyah to Israel when he was 14 and spent close to a decade in advanced Jewish studies institutes (Yeshivas) and the IDF.

    Gidon serves in the IDF reserves as a Captain in the Military Spokesperson’s Office after spending over 20 years in the Armored (Tank) Corps. Raised an Orthodox Jew, he has kept Jewish traditions his entire life, and is a seasoned Hebrew and Judaism Instructor.

    Gidon is the owner of several Web-based marketing businesses, and has been working with Christian organizations in Israel, the USA and internationally since 2005.

    Bob O’Dell

    Co-Founder and Investor
    Bob is a hi-tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, a pro-Israel Christian with experience in different streams of the Christian faith. He has worked with Jews in Israel continuously since 1988, and in 2000 co-founded Wintegra (a successful high-tech Israeli startup) with an Israeli. Wintegra was sold in 2010 to PMC-Sierra.

    Since 2013, Bob has focused on working with Orthodox Jews interested in entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavours.

    Root Source has become Bob’s top focus since it was founded on Nissan 1, 5774 (April 1, 2014). He serves Root Source as an unpaid volunteer.

  2. There is a similarity between the Jewish sages’ concept of a suffering Messiah and the concept of a suffering Messiah in Christianity. The true Messiah, Jesus Christ, suffered for our sins and redeemed us by his blood. We have traces of a similar theology in rabbinic literature, as Dr. Brown points out. However, this parallel should not be thought of as a means through which the Jews will come to accept Christ. They have already made their minds up. They will never accept Christ, under any circumstances. They are waiting for someone other than Jesus, and that person will copy the sacrifice of Christ and proclaim himself to be the awaited Messiah of the Jews. People throughout the centuries understood that the Old Testament alluded to the suffering of the Messiah. The Jews saw it, too. The pharisees, remember, understood that Christ was the Messiah when it was reported to them that he rose again, and at that moment it became clear to them, but they rejected him anyway and bribed the guards to keep quiet about what they witnessed. So it is not about finding Christ in the suffering Messiah paradigm, it is about finding the false Messiah, the ape of Christ, who will pretend to suffer as Christ did. The Christians found their Messiah in the sufferer. The Jews want to have a sufferer, too, but it will not be the true Lord.

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