When the Early Christians Defied the Law (and Answers to Your Questions)

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Dr. Brown looks back at church history when the early Christians defied the law to rescue babies given over to die, gives insights on key current events, and takes your calls live on Labor Day. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us be clear-headed. Let us look to the Word. Let us honor God and put Him first.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are many things in our society today that we are celebrating. Instead, we should be mourning, not celebrating.


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  1. Dr. Brown,

    Here is a questiion I ponder and find troubling. Luther is said to have spent 3 hours a day in prayer. He is considered to be a man who was used by God. Yet as you have pointed out he said the most vile things about the Jewish people and even the working class! How can a man spend 3 hours a day communing with the Lord and yet write such words? And according to your bookd “Revolution”, Luther claimed he had received some of these things from God!

    How do we make sense out of this? How can a man who spends 3 hours a day with the LORD, spew such poison. No doubt Luther wrote many noble things, which one could assume were inspired by God in the sense of his making connections in Scripture that were seen with the help of the Spirit. But where was the Spirit when Luther picked up his pen to write poison? And if Luther could spend 3 hours a day in prayer and believe his horrid ideas were from God, how much confidence shall we have when God speaks to us in prayer, that what we hear reflects God’s heart? If those considered great men of God are so misled, should not our own confidence in what we believe God speaks into our lives be shaken?

  2. The clerk in question Kim Davis is following the law, man’s law, something the judge who found her in contempt, was not doing himself.

    She is fully in compliance with Kentucky state law which states right on the form that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    The judge however seems to believe that the Supreme court is the law of the land, but it is not the law of the land.

    Mike Huckabee was explaining how we have 3 branches of government and the Supreme court is only one part of the three branch system. It’s not the law of the land.

    Mike Huckabee was explaining that there is no statute that the clerk was violating. She was simply following her conscience as well as the law. She has not done anything wrong.

  3. We are in very dark times as Abraham said in Genesis when coming in to Egypt there is no GOD here ! My interpretation (they do what they want like dogs )

  4. As far as I could tell, the Kentucky A/G Jack Conway refused to go along with a. the Kentucky constitution, b. the Kentucky Supreme court, and c. majority vote of Kentuckians, and with no biblical defense, only a personal belief, while
    the clerk has on her side, the Kentucky constitution, the majority vote of Kentuckians, and biblical religious values, so it seems to me that she is much more going legal than the Kentucky A/G did.

    Maybe there’s more in her favor, but I only can see what I can see about this thing, and what it looks like from where I’m at.

    I’m sure there are others who can see this more clearly. May God bring clarity to all of this real soon.

  5. One question I have is, Is God with the judges when the judges are wrong?

    I believe he allows men in high positions to make mistakes, and their judgment often goes even when they are wrong, but afterward, something should happen to remedy the wrong doings of men.

  6. I have watched Fox News over the last few days and and I found Bill Oreilly’s discussion of the issue truly disappointing. He and his guests did not seem to understand the issue of the signature on the marriage certificate and made it only about Davis’ refusal to allow gays to get married.

  7. Yes, this is about a clerk following Kentucky law, procedure, and instructions, as well as her conscience, and about how judges are not the ones who make laws.

    Apparently people do get thrown into jail for not violating any law, and they do get bullied by judges at times, if they have given themselves over to an agenda.

    The homosexual agenda has something inherent in it that is aggressive and evil doesn’t it? And the more people buy into it, are they not ill affected by it, because of whatever it is that is inherently evil that is a part of it?

    It’s just not good for America or anybody else.

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