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Dr. Brown shares updates from his articles on biblical and moral topics then takes your calls and answers your emails. (The earlier you call in, the better chance you have on getting on the air.) Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The bullying is going to backfire. Stand strong because the tide will turn.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The bullying coming against us will only awaken us to righteousness. The more the opposition, the more we will stand strong.


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  1. I was in history class and my professor was talking about The Code of Hammurabi and the similiarty it has with the Law of Moses. He also talked about Zoroastrinism, and he said that’s where the devil came into religious texts.
    How would one explain the similarities of Hammurabi’s Code and the Law of Moses? And then secondly, did Zoroastrianism ever influence Judaism? He’s obviously extremely biased, and was wondering if there’s actually any weight to those claims, or if he’s just giving his own opinion about the Old Testament.

  2. The fault here is with believers and leader ship who compromise biblical truth over a hundred years ago . That is post modernism they believed you could teach people into heaven . By changing thier environment ie!; bring them to church and following GOD will rub off on them . Well you own it now live with it you made it . Remember this quote “don’t feed your pearls to a pig ” they will eat them and you .ie false converts changing the truth from leadership down .like the Congregational church and the prespeterian church USA. The apiscople the United Methodist. Rick warrens saddle back church and many others who have left the scriptures and are teaching doctrines of men. I suggest that we be aware of them. You can think kindly and be kind to them but these are blind shepherds and they will kill your soul.

  3. David, a big error in the church is denying that God talked to anyone besides Jews.

    Paul, feasting upon the tree of good morality and evil is the doctrin man. A person who eats from that tree points out wrongs and tells you what is right. Gods first command with a promise was not to eat from that tree.

  4. The Sanhedrin 2000 years ago put Jesus on trial and the heavenly courts ruled, and not in their favor.

    What was 2000 years ago is today. The pieces are being moved in the exact spots. Rome, Israel, the Judges.

    September 09, 2015 Obama goes before the Judges.
    September 20, 2015 Pope Frances is on the docket.

    What will the heavenly court rule? Will Jesus appear as this historical stage is set just as it was?

  5. Hi jOhn
    I guess for you and I to be friendly I would have to throw out the Bible Denouce JESUS as GOD in the flesh and Savior of the world accept all the sin you declare sacred . As far as the tree goes, I have heard that same statement by Muslims

  6. True Christians will fight and die for their beliefs and the cause of worshipping and serving the Living God and Jesus Christ. It is a zeal stronger than that of any earthly revolutionary. Christians must now be counterculture and never compromise or give up their belief and faith in God and Christ. It is really about destroying Christianity you can see Satan’s handprints all over these “secular minded” people who live the depraved culture. “Have no fellowship with those who walk in darkness.”

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