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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are some verses here and there that seem a little obscure, hard to understand in terms of the Hebrew and Greek, but the main things are the plain things (and they are plain!).

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Be a person of faith. Be a person of the Word. Swim against the tide. Go against the grain, and honor Jesus as Lord.


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  1. re: Black Hebrew Israelites

    A real red flag betraying that this really is a dangerous and heretical cult is that while any person who abides in the Spirit of God will necessarily bear the fruit of the same Spirit, these individuals are (in my experience) almost invariably walking in a spirit of offense, and are intractable and irreconcilable–are showing outward evidence of (through having first been “bewitched” [Gal 3:1] by a “persuasion” which did not “proceed from God’s Spirit” [Gal 5:8; 1 Ti 4:1]) having been filled with “another spirit” [2 Co 11:3].

  2. I am concerned over words that are chosen to day when speaking like killing and murder . They are different in meaning like when a man steps off on to a street and is hit my a driver of a car . The driver did not see him or intend to hit and kill him this is a killing . Now when a man or a Group sets out to take a live or lives that is murder . 6.0000000 Jews were not killed they were murderd . Christens and others in the Middle East and other places in this World loosing thier lives by Muslims, this is not killing it is Murder ! We demolish inpact of the violence with are choice of words .

  3. Mike, why don’t you get a 3rd party to validate your morals? You keep saying “I’m not this, I’m not that, those people are wrong”. Your no better than Chris Christie investigating his bridgegate and finding no fault. Please…please, do us all a favor and get an independent audit of your statements. Slander, unrighteous judgement, bearing a false witness. You want us to believe you when you say “I don’t do that” then do it. Obama says he loves Israel. You say he doesn’t. He’d come back at you and say “when did I utter a sylabyl against Israel?” You guys are like 2 peas in a pod using the same methods to tear down your opposition.

  4. John. The bible is the only source that we as mankind can use to tell weather right from wrong and straight from crooked. All mankind will be judged by that book. The infaluble word of GOD. Weather you choose to delete or overlook passages in scripture that is your choice. But you will jeopardize yourself with GOD and find yourself outside of GODs family. As far as mr brown or any other believers in the family of GOD they are not judged by this world but only by GOD and his family.

  5. It seems to me that the whole Iran nuclear deal was written against Israel. I’ve heard it wasn’t necessary as Iran was being restrained from that endeavor as things were, but now seems like it’s being encouraged and even financed by the USA. We know their history about keeping deals also. It hasn’t been good, to say the least.

  6. About this verse:

    I Cor 11:10
    Therefore ought the woman to have power on her head, because of the Angels.

    This is from the 1599 Geneva, which I picked up to see if they have any footnotes which might be helpful to me, and there is a footnote on the word “power”, and it talks about it meaning a covering as a token of subjection, and as far as the word “Angles” goes, there is a footnote and it says that what it means they don’t understand. I find that interesting.

    So what I am looking at is that Paul has been explaining headship and subjection making comparisons of headship within the godhead, and then between man and Christ, and don’t we know that marriage is a mystery about Christ and the Church?

    Now, understanding that the Angels are subject to Christ, and Christ is subject to God, and man is to be head over the woman in marriage, where do the angels fit in? Well they are subject to Christ and as the man is to be the head of the woman as Christ is the head of the Church and loves and cherishes it, so the man is to be to his wife, and where do the angels fit in? Well they are subject to Christ, so maybe in that sort of sense, the woman is to be subject to the husband on account of the angles being in their place of subjection to Christ.

    I’m thinking that the word “angels” fits in somewhere along those lines.

  7. Daniel,

    Please be properly informed about Black Jews/Hebrews. We don’t like the term “black” as a prefix to our culture. “Black Hebrew-Israelites” are a cult but not all “Black Jews.” Please notice our Lemba brothers have the Y-Chromosome of the Cohanim. They are considered “black” Hebrews. Look up Wajd and learn more about the real Magarebi Jews.

  8. M. Israel,
    Please take into consideration the context of my comment: I’m not referring to all Jews who are African (e.g., I never said anything about Ethiopian Jews), but to the group self-identifying as “Black Hebrew Israelites” – a group which, fyi, (in that they deny the Jewishness of Ashkenazic Jewry) reject the very basis (i.e., Ashkenazic Jewish Cohen Y-DNA) whereby it has been surmised that the Lemba even have Cohanic Y-DNA.

    I probably won’t do much digging into the issue, though, since it would obviously take some investment and I already have my own issues I study to find answers to.

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