What Was Bishop Jakes Trying to Say?

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Dr. Brown discusses some controversial remarks regarding the church and homosexuality, interacts with the latest major news (including more concerns re: the Iran deal), shares some edifying testimonies, and takes your calls. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are many things that we can differ on and discuss, but dogmatic, fundamental, moral, and biblical truths must be addressed with absolute clarity.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Our calling is not to be popular politicians. Our calling is to be Jesus-centered world changers.


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  1. I think Jakes was trying to avoid offending anyone. I think this is a problem for the American Church. We seem to have a culture that prefers soft unoffensive men in leadership. Years ago, Larry King complained about having Christians on his show because they would never clearly say if he needed to be saved. I witness that myself on his show. We need leaders who are strong enough to tell the truth, and strong enough to let people reject them or the truth.

  2. I thank God for you and your stance for Christ, Morality, and Truth. When I saw this video of td jakes I felt as if he was “playing the fence” and not clearly addressing his stance.I saw in other interviews when he and others have done this also. In his own words “Dont come to him asking about it” when they wanted to know his position he says this. I was more disturb that not only in his congregation but others like pastor E. Dewey, the people shouts for joy and hang on their every word. I thank you for your straightforward approach and standing for the truth in Christ. God bless

  3. I don’t think I can answer the question as to what the man was saying. I feel I would need an interpreter or something. I just heard one interpretation on this program, and I’m not sure if that is what he was saying, and I was only twenty something minutes into the program.

    I would like to see more moral clarity on these matters.

    If someone is a practicing homosexual, then I believe they should read what the Bible says about it, and call it what it is, sin, and ask God for forgiveness, and then resist all forms of that sort of temptation, and meanwhile ask God to heal them if they feel the need for healing, sexual healing or whatever, and be like the one who kept on knocking on the door of a worldly judge’s door late at night for some bread. There may be some underlying causes as to why things with them have been the way that they were. Maybe it’s a matter of how far away they have walked contrary to God, or for how long they have walked away, or how deep the healing needs to be, or maybe they should ask the Lord to show them that if he really is serious about saving them from their sins, to show them how bad their sins really have been, or something like that….and my guess is, that if their prayers are sincere, that they may experience some kind of visitation of sorts, in the Spirit, and it may come at a time they are least expecting it, and if they come to learn about how ugly their life has been, they then should know that he is answering their prayer, that he has heard and that he is healing them….and thank God for a third day, if God be so gracious to give them something new, some kind of new perspective, or some kind of real new beginning. Then keep on praying, and reading the scripture, and then maybe it’s time to find a church or find another one, or stay in the one they are in, and tell somebody about what happened.

  4. Profound radical change- and what is our anchor. I think if we look at what is happening in the political ring a pastor with the presence of TD Jakes he would be inspired and evolve to a Ted Cruz. Simply put as the title of his new book –
    A TIME FOR TRUTH. A pastor today needs to understand if any time ever needed truth, today may be that time.

  5. Mike, buddy. You gotta chill and stop being offended at sin. One only has to read Jonah and the lost sons parable to see what happens to the Christian who’s offended by god and his forgiveness of sin and his mercy. It’s right there in the OT that he’s removed the offense of sin. But what can’t be removed is your offense at god.

  6. The word of God in the Bible doesn’t compromise with sin. Whoever tries to sweep the TRUTH under the carpet, instead the TRUTH exposes the sweeper’s sinful and selfish intentions, motives and thoughts. If a brother or sister falls under such a trap, we all get affected, how we perceive, doubting if the brother/sister is living the TRUTH in all other aspects. It’s very wrong to compromise with sin.

  7. I don’t believe Dr. Brown was reacting out of being offended at sin so much as wanting Christian leaders to show moral clarity because this is a time of so much moral confusion. I just heard him on another topic talking about how he gets bombarded by questions from people who want to know what is going on with some ministers and ministries because of an apparent lack of clarity.

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