An Interview with Dr. Michael Heiser

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Dr. Brown interviews biblical scholar and Hebrew language expert Dr. Michael Heiser, the academic head of Logos Bible Software, as they explore the Word together and address some of the most common misconceptions and myths. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Word is calling to you, appealing to you. Dig in, and discover the treasures.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You’re invited to be part of the heavenly family. Live like it!


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  1. Heya Sheila,

    I ended up heading over to Amazon and grabbing a copy. Looking forward to checking it out.

  2. An interesting thing about words is that they are like tools. Some tools are highly specialized and are made for one particular purpose, while others have many different uses.

    One can speak of a hammer but they are not just used to drive nails. They also pull them, and are used to drive other objects. If we only defined a hammer as a tool which drives nails, we would be leaving something out, and not have the full definition of it. Like tools, words can be helpful but can also be misused.

    Benjamin, Please let us know some of the things you learn from the book.

  3. Hey Benjamin! I finally got a break from tending to all my daylilies and then photographing dragonflies to catch a live show!

    Hope you’re well! I’m thinking that book is something I’d thoroughly enjoy too. If you find something worthy of sharing in it, please do!


  4. I remember some years back suggesting Michael Heiser as a guest, and have only just discovered that you’ve since done two shows with him. Listened to them both today, and they were great. Thanks!

    I look forward to his next visit…


  5. My first reaction to this interview is…only a scholar can have a proper relationship and understanding with and about the things of God….The laymen can never be confident in his understanding or relationship with Christ.

  6. Hey Benjamin!

    I’ve been reading the book for a little while now, and I really like it! It seems I’d spied out a good many of the topics and verses that Dr. Heiser points out to his readers. I hadn’t noticed all the places where the “Divine Council” was at play, and he’s the only person I’ve heard mention it at all, but, now that he’s pointed it out I’m having to go back and interweave that into all else I’ve learned…

    Otherwise, his take on the “…im’s” is something I noticed early on in my own studies, that those were the nations where the remnant of the Nephilim resided and that Israel went to war against.

    All and all it’s a very interesting book and quite an easy read!

  7. Sheila!

    I should re-read it again soon. There is a lot to take in and test. I think he has a lot of good points to make. The only weak portion of the book was his discussion of eschatology, but then again that is one of the most debated areas of theology. A very thought provoking book.

  8. Hey Benjamin!

    I haven’t gotten to the eschatological part yet, but I think from listening to his Youtube videos, he doesn’t delve into it very deeply. Maybe I just haven’t run across it yet.

    I understand what you said about “testing” parts of it. I’ll do the same after the second go around as there’s an awful lot of new information in the book. New to me anyway.

    Hope all is well!!

  9. Indeed Sheila 😉

    He has said many times on his site and videos that delving into escatology is “useless”. But then in this book he has slight tendencies to lean towards replacement theology. And I do say slight since he is very light on it (one example being found on page 158 “HEIRS OF THE COSMOS”).

    But I still uphold that this is a very informative book with much insight that we as believers need to be aware of as it shed a lot of light on a slew of topics that havent been giving much attention in recent times.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree, Benjamin! It sheds much light on various topics that have been left off because they’re considered “fringe” at best! The realm of angels aren’t discussed much at all although they’re major players behind the scenes and have been, it seems, since the beginning. The book of Daniel tells us a bit of how they’re working behind the scenes in human affairs, when Michael came to assist Gabriel who was warring against the “prince” (angel) who was fighting for Persia, I believe!! Strange happenings there…

    I think the UFO’s are the same as the “chariots of fire” that Elisha saw, except that they’re now understood as more modern aircraft to us. I would think the angels would use what they need to to effect human affairs. Alexander, the Great, describes the same aircraft in one of his battles. The Egyptians describe flying discs in the sky above them as well. They’ve been here all along, but, now many who don’t believe in God and angels are content to call them “aliens….” Even the likes of Stephen Hawking is joining them… You know, life on other planets and stuff… Not that the idea of life bothers me, just the renaming of the entities using the crafts we see. Yes, I saw a UFO decades ago. It was so obviously “interdimensional” and not “interstellar” as some would have us believe. The realm of God and angels is “not” an interstellar one, but is an interdimensional one. Remember when Jesus suddenly appeared in the room with the Apostles and then disappeared again? Same principle.

    The spiritual realm is with us whether it’s visible or not. Heiser has a somewhat convoluted take on UFO’s that makes no sense to me. But, it’s to be expected if you’ve never seen one.


  11. You saw a UFO Sheila? Gary Bates has some presentations on YouTube about it as well.

    I’ve seen both a demon and an angel, same experience, decades ago.

  12. Ah, Benjamin, I’d love to hear about that experience if you’re up for the telling!

    The only thing close to an encounter with a demonic force was on two occasions, one of which was more benign, but the negative feelings I got coming off of one person was overwhelming! The other time I was taking strong pain medication after having surgery on my arm from a car wreck. That was the scariest experience when I literally felt “someone” lie down against my back when I was falling asleep!!! I was frozen with fear–really–I couldn’t move or scream or do anything but tell myself, “it’s not real, it’s not real…” Sure felt real!

    Yes, the UFO experience must have been sometime around 1994-5, give or take a couple of years… 🙂 I’m bad with dates… Me and a friend were driving on a backwoods country road and it was one of those gray nights, probably about 10pm or so, a night where everything is the same color with no visible stars and you couldn’t tell where the earth left off and the sky began.

    So, we’re driving along talking and we both sort of noticed this dull orange glow that looked like it was coming from a tall tree by the road up ahead. We’re asking each other what it could be and as we got closer we could see the barest outline of a triangular UFO right above it. By the time we got to it we had slowed to a crawl while gazing up at it trying to digest what we were looking at. Of course, by then we “knew” what we were seeing!! Now here’s something really odd…passing by us going in the opposite direction was a Police car… Apparently they didn’t see what we did because they kept going, obviously oblivious to an incident of major import!! You know, “Hey, there’s a UFO hanging out above that tree–come back!!!”

    So, as we’re gazing at it, absolutely mesmerized, it just fades away…like you see in the movies. No zooming off at incredible speeds, just quietly disappears. We start driving really slowly and I guess we were still in awe and looking up when the thing slowly appears again about 25 feet up ahead! I couldn’t believe it!! It hangs up there just long enough for us to digest the fact that this is really happening and then it fades away completely again!

    It’s one of those once in a lifetime events that will stay with you for the rest of your life. I’m certain I didn’t tell anyone for over a decade because people will think you’re a weirdo-you know? They just do. I think Christians are more inclined to believe in angels than if someone says they’ve seen what we call a “UFO.”


  13. Good morning Sheila =)

    “That was the scariest experience when I literally felt “someone” lie down against my back when I was falling asleep!!!”

    My Dad had a similar experience. Before he married my Mom, he was dressing up to go out, slicking his hair back in the mirror when all of the sudden he felt a very over-bearing dark presence in the bathroom behind him. He felt so threatened that he spun around to see who was there and threw his fists up ready to fight. He didn’t see anything.

    Regarding your experience while on pain medication, Sir John Eccles, who received a Nobel Prize for research on the brain, He describes the brain as: “A machine that a ghost can operate.” and I beleive that certain mind altering drugs and activities (such as yoga) can unlock some of our own minds controls over the barriers between the physical world and spiritual world and we are temporarily able to see into the other, and more negatively our own mind may lose connectivity with our brain and allow another entity to sit at the controls. Its possible that your medication may have allowed you for a time to experience to a degree that other realm.

    (going to stop this post here and start a new one about that amazing UFO experience)

  14. I don’t believe it always requires drugs or altered states of mind to interact with the spiritual realm as my experience and your UFO event indicate. You and your friend, and most likely that officer saw a real unidentified object. It may be possible that the office did not see it, but he could have and just wanted to high-tail it out of there and not get involved. Not sure. Though you would think that he would flash his lights at you to get your attention maybe, who knows. The object was definitely aware of you two since it dissapeared and then reappeared just in front of you. Were you a believer at the time? Of all the UFO abductions that happen, it is amazing at how one of the only things that stops abductions dead in their tracks is if the abductee calls upon Jesus for help. In the midst of whatever is going on, that seems to stop the event immediately.
    Video on the spiritual nature of abductions.

    But wow Sheila, your encounter was way more up close and personal than I was anticipating.

    My own encounter took place in my bedroom in my parents house when I was maybe an early teen. I was laying in my bed which was under the window on the far side of the room from the door. I was watching my fish in the tank and my bedroom light was on, but it was very dim since my light was actually many lights, a couple strands of multi-colored mini Christmas lights strung around the four walls of my room 😛 (my parents rocked!). My room started to shake, but I was somewhat used to that since I lived in California near the San Andreas fault line, lots of earth quakes. But I noticed in the corner of my room by the door there was a dark object that I couldnt quite focus on because it was shaking or vebrating really fast, but I could tell it had the shape of a humanoid. It was jumping up and down so it seemed and I just froze, couldn’t move. I was terrified, frozon from how scared I was.

    Then suddenly from the head-side of my bed which was away from the wall, a man dashed in front of my bed and stood between me and the black entity on the far side of my room. This new figure (the man) which had just entered my room was clothed in brilliant armor that shined like it was made of many small squares of pearly silver metal, almost like chrome and it was sparkling all over in many different colors (either on it’s own or from the multi colored lights on in my room), rainbowy is how I would describe it. He donned a sword and took a stance between myself and the dark figure, shielding me I felt. I don’t recall how but the dark figure left my room, and the man in the brilliant armor looked back at me, smiled, and then sat down in a chair which was next to my bed like he was keeping watch, making sure it didn’t come back. At that point I just closed my eyes and when I opened them again, he was gone, or more accuratley as I believe, he was no longer visible to me.

    Sorry this second post was delayed. Things got busy around here.

  15. Hi Benjamin!

    I just got my laptop back from the shop about 10 days ago and have been trying to catch up on a dozen different things since then! I understand busy. I did all the food for a “Foto-Fest” in NC last weekend as a friend that was going with me couldn’t make it. I was wide open for days, mixing up a storm! 🙂

    Let me read your post in the morning and I’ll pick it up as soon as I can.

  16. Sheila,

    The same thing happened to my post above yours with the mysterious smiley. I think it has been a bug/glitch on the LOF comments here and there.

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