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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There are definitely scriptures that are hard to understand and some things about the future that are not clear, but what is clear is how God wants us to live today.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The future promises made in the Bible may not all be clear, but has God made clear what He wants me to do today? I say yes!



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  1. I am bewildered by People who call themselves Christians the right term is Desiple (student ) under Jesus fallowing Him in all he does . When a man approached Jesus and asked which commandment was the greatest . Jesus answered you must love the LORD GOD with all your heart soul and mind and love your neighbor as your self . Now I know as you do no one can love lest GOD gives us the gift and HE freely gives it to HIS children . Now can you as a Desiple put your needs and wants first . That said baby’s born or unborn are they your neighbors ? I hope you can see it through JESUS’s eyes .

  2. The politicians who support abortion (Liberal Democrats) and the politicians who pretend not to support abortion (Neoconservative Republicans) do everything they can to keep the atrocity legal not because they care about equality for women, or progress, or whatever, but because they need a means of sacrificing to the Devil in order to receive power. Planned Parenthood, which is a strange name for an organization which prevents parenthood altogether, put out an ad some years ago in which a smooth and seductive man in front of a fireplace praised the work of the pro-choice crowd. I believe the ad ran on Valentine’s Day. Well, I suppose it should be obvious to any Christian who the actor was portraying. Planned Parenthood “clinics” are, in reality, temples of Moloch. Literally. They are sacrificing children to Satan. Short of a revolution (I would say, a “Jesus Revolution,” as Dr. Brown puts it), they will continue to have their way, perpetuating this holocaust.

  3. RE comment Planned Parenthood, which is a strange name .

    It is interesting how the names of things are used.
    Such as planned parenthood, choice, climate change that can encompass seasonal weather and have the alarmist running around. I think the one they messed up on is Common core. Who wants to be common? Your right we could exam the language used in these political tricks that sell terrible things and package them in nice paper.

  4. I find it funny that when it comes to topics like this and others we don’t hear from the Hevay thinkers or theological debaters? I would like to see some long bible quoting and deep studying .

  5. Paul,

    There has been some detailed discussion of the scriptures many times in the past on this site about this. I will see if I can post a link for you.


  6. When one votes for a particular party to gain financially or bolster their position. Whether it be because you are on some form of Government assistance or a union member. You have sold your soul for 30 silver pieces. And if your conscious doesn’t bother you then you better rethink the “I am a Christian” statement.

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