Is the Church Spiritual Israel and Are Christians Spiritual Jews?

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Dr. Brown digs into the scriptures, looking at scores of New Testament references to the words “Jew” and “Israel” and concludes that nowhere are Gentile followers of Jesus called spiritual Israel or spiritual Jews. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As surely as God is God, He has made promises that He will not break, and those promises remain to a physical and identifiable people, the people of Israel.


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  1. Paul the apostle was of the tribe of Benjamin, (Rom 11:1)yet can I not say (even though I am a Gentile and have no Jewish blood lineage as far as I know) that we are related …..yes, same blood. (blood of Christ shed for me also.) Yes, a relative of the apostle Paul, same family (of God), same blood.(Of Christ)

    That would be spiritually speaking, I guess, that is, in a spiritual sense.

    And how about how God made all nations of one blood? I suppose I could go that way too.

  2. James,

    I listened to your exchange with Dr. Brown. I would like to prepare a response here. We don’t have to keep beating this dead horse, so please don’t feel that you have to continue debating with me, but I’m going to answer when I’ve collected my thoughts together.

  3. Actually, I think my posts speak for themselves. I did not find Dr. Brown’s point about the Holocaust to be entirely relevant to the issue.

    If there are still national promises for the Jewish people, they have to be in spite of Christ, not on account of Christ. That strikes me as a contradiction. And, let me ask, is this it? Is this what they were promised? The modern state of Israel? Or were they promised something greater? Are we as Christians supposed to believe that, when the Lord comes, he will give the Jews a greater kingdom than that which they possess today? To what end? No, he will give those who believed, Jews and Gentiles together, a kingdom–his Kingdom, the Kingdom of eternal life. Dr. Brown glossed over the issue of the New Jerusalem, but this is really the major point that needs to be addressed in the debate. Once again, the old Jerusalem does not fit into the eschatalogical scheme, since we were told to wait for Christ and not to look to the things of this world. The entire Messianic Jewish argument is trying to read Zionism into the Bible and trying to make it fit. When God took the Kingdom from the Jews in AD 70, he left open the offer for their redemption, and the offer still stands. Now, Christ is coming in judgement. They had better accept the offer while there is still time.

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