Thoughts on the Latest Controversies in America

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Dr. Brown weighs in on a number of current issues, from the tragic murders in Chattanooga (and the question of unarmed military facilities) to Donald Trump, and from Planned Parenthood to the latest ministry controversies. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We see the insanity of the world, but when we focus on Jesus, we get a holy, life-changing sobriety.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Abortion is a terribly costly act in the life of the unborn and the damage to the mother, the father, and others involved, but it is not an unpardonable sin. God can redeem!


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  1. Re Trump- We are so conditioned now to be offended at everything said, that I find Trump refreshing. He does not have to bow down to the media, or other establishments and apologies. These things can and should be said- it would not work for most people- but if someone can say something that is blunt- good for them. I also like war hero’s that are not captured. We need to give all views. On this board we are allowed to write our views- Dan1iel might not like it- but he will have to put out a stronger argument.

  2. Donald Trump? really? Do we really want another arrogant egomaniac who pretends to be a Christian? Where is your discernment people?

  3. jon,
    Dan1el may not like what–you having an opinion?
    Sorry to disappoint you but I’m really not concerned.

  4. Why is the flag at half staff not being ordered by the White house? Is anyone concerned about this? 5 military members shot in a mass shooting and the flag is not ordered to fly at half staff. This needs to be asked to the president.

  5. jon,
    On second thought, I’m not even going to get into it. Thanks for the stumbling block but I’m not taking the bait.

  6. LOFradio,
    Will you please edit or erase jon’s first comment as it is a completely uncalled for personal attack on me (i.e., just because I don’t have time to make a career of debating worthless topics on the Line Of Fire Radio website).

  7. Dan1el,

    Do you think that you are being kind of testy? There was no personal attack…just at challenge. You do it all the time to others. Dr. Brown weighed in directly after Jon’s comment and could have addressed it if it needed addressing. Just my 2 cents worth…let it slide.


  8. Dan1el you have mentioned in your post over the times that you get into a question and I quote here ” just because I don’t have time ” It is not a personal attack- but you on a regular basis mention that you do not have the time or effort to confront a question. If you do not want to defend a position do not blog – it is wasting your time.

  9. Dan1el- One last thought on this before moving on I am not here to offend you- I would love to challenge you and have your post stand up to that. You do spend a lot of time off topic- look above – today show starts off talking about Trump. Where is the reply to the topic of the show. I would like to see your opinion, and know your opinion. Yes, I may challenge your opinion and that is what makes this interesting. If you do not have time, then stop spending so much blog time off topic.

  10. jon,
    Maybe you are able to boss others around in other places you go, but you don’t get to make the rules for people posting on the site–but you ARE beholden to the rule that says “no personal attacks”. People have various reasons for why they post on this site. Show me where the rule “I must spend my time defending my position” and I’ll either follow it or stop posting things I’m not willing to invest time defending on this site–otherwise, you’ll have to learn how to deal with the reality that people are allowed to come on here and offer “another view” for people to consider for themselves without having to defend it and without you being able to speak out of the side of your neck about them.

  11. jon,
    I’m assuming you’re referring to me saying that the Founding Fathers were not real Christians.

  12. jon,
    Check this out: if you’re not willing to be grown up, and back down about it, don’t bother writing anything to me–and if you can’t manage that, I don’t have to waste my time on a site where the comments people make are not moderated properly.

    None of you know any answers of worth anyways.

  13. jon,
    I don’t even know the answers; the only one who does is God. The one way to get His answers is to pray to Him. Everything else is a waste of time.

  14. jon,
    “None of you know any answers of worth anyways.”

    I’ve never seen a single post on this site that answered any of my questions. I’ve long since given up any hope that I could find that here; because of that, when I come here, I come here for lesser information and conversation and it isn’t worth the drama.

  15. jon,
    You were the one who went off-topic by saying that I would “not like” something. You had no reason to bring me into the conversation. I was not the topic, therefore it was you who did wrong by going off-topic; I’m just asking you to be a grown up and control your mouth.

  16. Dan1el,

    You comments that declare Jon’s immaturity seem to demonstrate yours instead. If no one on this site has the answers and you do not have them, then how are you going to know when you do have them or whether or not we have them? You will probably say something like, “The spirit will tell me.” If that is the case then you should just listen and then tell us the answers instead of posting one short post after another because you let yourself get offended instead of turning the other cheek.

    Personally, I think that many on this site have given you good answers over the years and you have tossed them aside for the sake of holding on to your own hypothetical necessities. (You have a self imposed system that things in scripture simply do not line up with.) Not too long ago you did not accept all of the Bible as scripture. You had your comments removed because they were so hateful and, as another person said, “murderous.” You swore this site off and then months later used a fictitious name. Now you are back with a vengeance.

    If you are addicted to posting on line, get help. If you do not know the answers, do not tell us that we do not know them. If you cannot get over small infractions, that you perceive as attacks, pray for those that you think perpetrate such upon you and bless them instead of cursing them. If this blog, or blogging in general, means so much to you that you cannot help but go ballistic, then you are right about one thing…you do not have the answers. And it is quite disturbing to think that someone that does not think that he has any answers, and states so emphatically, thinks that he can tell hundreds of others that they do not have any answers. It looks a lot like insanity or mental illness.

    This is not an attack. This is an older man that has been in the faith for 33 years trying to help you. If you have been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, take your medications. If you have not been diagnosed, you might want to get some deliverance, counseling or some medical help. I am not being insulting. I am serious. I am telling you what your posts look like. Please get some help.


  17. Thanks Bo I appreciate your perspective. I will also say I appreciate DN1L perspective. I want his perspective, and if it is different or from an angle I have not seen before all the better. The attitude of – “None of you know any answers of worth anyways.” is still a angle that I can use to look at the geometric shape of the opinion and gain worth from it. This would be an attitude that D1 would need to deal in his physical life, going into groups or (services) this is an attitude that is there for other people he comes into contact with. However, we are in the electronic world and it is very different. I will encourage D1 to participate- I will read his opinions and it will help to form mine. Iron sharpens iron and it is not always easy, but always has value.

  18. RE jon,
    I wasn’t even planning on making a comment on such a worthless topic as Trump.

    Trump still has value and is part of the equation of the political race. Politics may be a complete waste of time, and spending anytime on Trump is even more so. However, he is still making history and steering the conversation. I think the 17 candidates in the race is fascinating and has never happened in our history. What a contrast to the really no candidates in the other party running against the weakest candidate I have ever seen. Out of 17 republicans Trump is making noise… In the environment of political correctness it may be time for someone to be incorrect. Will I vote for him, no- Cruz is my pick.

  19. re jon,
    I don’t even know the answers; the only one who does is God. The one way to get His answers is to pray to Him. Everything else is a waste of time.

    Your right, it is all vanity outside of his answers. How do you accomplish this- do you ever miss this- how can one accomplish this???

  20. Hi Dr. Brown,

    I’ve recently discovered your site and appreciate your dedication to the faith. Your articles, radio programs and debates are refreshing and encouraging. Just a note on Donald Trump’s comments relating to John McCain. After listening to your radio program yesterday, I did read the article by Sharyl Attkisson in which she argues that the Washington Post misrepresented Trump. I then searched the Internet for video footage of Trump’s comments ( and watched all of the interview pertaining to John McCain so that I could better understand the context of what was said and the tone used. After watching the video footage for myself, I have to say that I agree with the WP on this one. Trump does call McCain a war hero several times… but he does so sarcastically. I too was persuaded by Ms Attkisson’s transcript of video footage- but transcripts cannot convey tone unfortunately.

  21. jon,
    “Your right, it is all vanity outside of his answers. How do you accomplish this- do you ever miss this- how can one accomplish this???”

    You’re off-topic.
    Unless you were planning on apologizing (in which case, I would say “thanks”) I have nothing left to say.

  22. Bo,
    One last thing (which of course I won’t waste my time going into, since, from my dealings with you, you find it impossible to admit when you are Scripturally proven wrong): you’re not “in the faith” so your rhetoric (religious or otherwise) is irrelevant.

  23. Bo,
    It was an honest response to your criticasting; if you think it was an “attack”, take it up with the moderator.

  24. White house finally relents and lowers the flag. Trump ordered the flag lowered on his properties, and the congress lowered the flag. It is strange that this took a week from the initial shooting to put out this order. Should American’s care about this?

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