Are You Proud or Ashamed to Be an American?

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Dr. Brown shares some important newsworthy items, continues to bring a wake-up call in terms of the urgent times in which we live, and then takes your calls on the question: Are you proud or ashamed to be an American?, discussing what’s right and wrong about our country. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As an American, I’m so thankful for the beautiful and wonderful heritage in our country, for the good we’ve done around the world, but I’m also hanging my head in shame and repentance.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Isn’t it true that just when the darkness is at its worst, it is immediately before the sun is about rise?



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  1. Dr. Brown:

    I agree with you that as the world gets spiritually darker, the body of Messiah by revival from the Holy Spirit will shine brighter in that darkness.

    In America, ADONAI ELOHIM the Lord is calling His body to repent from its compromise with worldly standards and with sin. God also calls His body to take a stand against the false teachers that want to re-write Scripture in the name of “tolerance” and “relevance” (aka the Emergent Village).

  2. Proud or ashamed to be an American? I suppose it depends on whose America we’re talking about.

    Along the highway near where I live, someone had a big banner that said, “I love my America.”

  3. It is difficult to talk about America as an outsider. However, I would like to exhort you to continue what I have observed in the Americans I have met. The thing I am referring to is your natural tendency for being positive, and encouraging. This may sound odd, but the people I have had contact with seem to have this innate characteristic of being upbeat, focused, determined with a mix of self confidence and destiny. Do not loose this! Use it wisely, especially for taking a united stand together. This situation may appear bad, but did your country not experience the ‘Great Awakening’? Why, not again, and why not greater. Remember when sin abounds God’s grace trumps it. So, please take heart use your national tendency for being courageous, innovative and patriotic for God’s glory. Build networks of support and mutual respect among the people of God.

    Lastly, the ruling against the couple on Oregon is tragic and perhaps is an indictment against your nations legal structure with regards to seeking damages. I know in my country (New Zealand) the Lesbian couple would receive such a negative backlash from the general public when filing their list they would most likely back down. I read their subjective claims for filing against the Kleins, and frankly the list is pathetic. Here are some choice examples they left out, starting with ‘a noticeable increase in finger nail biting’, or ‘miss placed car keys’, or ‘the sudden appearance of a fleet of non matching socks’. These ideas would fit right in, and highlight the absurdity of their supposed negative consequences to being refused their cake. I hope American’s rally together behind the Kleins and donate money to help them pay the ridiculous fine. This case also sets a dangerous legal precedent for future legal actions, perhaps one reason it was pursued so actively.

    Lastly, you would think if you went to have a cake made and found the owners declined because of a worldview clash would you not recognise their legal right not to violate their conscious. Would not these two Lesbians expect the same right for themselves as a reasonable course of action as they protect their own dearest held beliefs? I believe they would support this personal position despite any negative subjective experiences that another has. This is called conviction, a foundational aspect of life worth protecting, The very thing the Kleins have protected at great cost to themselves.

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