Shocking Undercover Video Footage; And Preparing for the Supreme Court’s Ruling on “Marriage”

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Dr. Brown speaks with conservative activist Ryan Sorba about some shocking undercover video footage he recently shot and then in the second hour talks about how we as believers should prepare for the imminent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex “marriage.” Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We’re surrounded by all kinds of lies, cultural lies, social media lies, and lies from the mainstream media. Stay with the truth because the truth will triumph in the end.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: The Supreme Court is about to make its decision. If it makes a disastrous decision, it will be like the Roe v. Wade of our movement. It will galvanize us and strengthen us.


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  1. I’m so glad that Ryan Sorba undertook this project. It’s quite refreshing (despite the rawness) to see and hear the candor when people aren’t spouting the ‘party line’ – or whatever will influence ‘the vote.’ Very important contribution to the whole debate!

    I just wanted to share what I’ve observed here and there in my interaction with lesbian couples. We know that every family does have it’s darker moments – these are usually not the ones that make it into the picture frame on the mantle, nor the Facebook page. And we recognize that we’re spoon-fed ideology through the media, no doubt. So the pictures of the happy, smiling, almost-wholesome-looking same-sex couples which pop up in advertisements very often belie the reality.

    I once was hired to work, as it happened, side by side with a lesbian couple who were having some interpersonal issues. As they got used to me always being there, they eventually dropped all formalities and allowed me to witness their interactions literally from morning until quitting time. I finally felt forced to quit my job because I just couldn’t stand the daily drama: the accusations of infidelity, the power struggle for dominance, the passive-aggression. The sniping went on and on and on — and eventually, even I was seen as some sort of threat by the more dominant of the couple, though I only spoke when it was work-related. The toxicity of their relationship made work indeed hellish! I remember thinking, “What does ‘love’ have to do with this?” I have been around publicly squabbling and/or jealous heterosexual pairs before but what I observed in that couple was on a different, far more passionate level.

    In her book, “The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction: A Comprehensive Counseling Resource,” therapist Janelle Hallman explains (essentially) that lesbian relationships ARE fraught with so much intensity because at their heart they are produced by abandonment issues from early childhood.

    Though it is very un-PC to call S-S relationships “sick”, truly — there are honestly some very, very deep issues going back to their earliest years which characterize these pairings.

    When I realize this, I feel compassion. Compassion for the children they once were and what brought them to this point. But when I see how our religious liberties are being trampled over by the more vicious and aggressive of gay activists (and how the more passive, unactive ones don’t dare stand-up against them — or won’t as long as they feel it’s for their cause, and the means justify the ends), then I just feel angry and frustrated!

    Because it’s become so pervasive and threatening in our culture, I find refuge and support in places like this one, where there is “moral sanity” and the voices of other believers who see the whole “gay revolution” for what it is: Yet another of Satan’s dark and twisted lies to enslave mankind and keep whomever he can from finding wholeness and soundness in Christ.

    So — just thank you to Dr. Brown and all the folks at Line of Fire — and fellow believers who listen, contribute, and write in — for wonderful and enlightening guests — for being that lighthouse in this darkening world.

  2. I have no idea why religious christians do not consider the scientific evidence of the near death experiences and reincarnation, which happens all around the world and describe homosexuality as something created by God, therefore is not a sin. God does care about gender, but rather about the heart. You should not be close minded and should listen to other arguments, like me, this is how I stopped believing that the bible was the true mirror of the reality.

  3. Mario,

    If you do not believe the Bible is the truth, you do not believe Messiah and you are not a Christian. To ask a Christian to accept a supposed truth that is in opposition to the Bible is to ask him to not be a Christian. Why do those that accept homosexuality not accept the statistics and medical truths about the wrongness of homosex?

    It is absurd to take by faith that someone with a near death experience heard from the Creator of the universe (and it’s laws of nature and cause and effect) that homosex is good when it produces so much bad. It is absurd to claim that the science of near death experiences reveals that the science of health and reproduction is wrong.

    You pit gender against the heart. YHWH for sure looks upon the heart. He also created gender and told us that sex is to be in the confines of the marriage of a man and woman. What YHWH sees in the heart of those that refuse His definition of marriage is rebellion. Rebellion against YHWH’s design is sin.


  4. Mario,
    Sexuality IS an “issue of the heart”!
    If a boyfriend and girlfriend (unmarried) “LOVE” each other, and sleep together, that is called fornication. Fornication (even between people who “LOVE” each other) is a serious “issue of the heart” that “God cares about”. “Sexuality” and “gender” are both matters of the heart. When the order He made good is being contorted, abused, that is a real issue–as He has already made 1,000% clear in the Word of God.

    As far as signs and visions, they are not the measure for reality; however, you have given up God’s Word and replaced it with these signs and visions as your foundation. Actually, Deuteronomy 13:1-5 already said that if there are signs done or dreams had, and they seem authentic, but the end result of their “argument” is that you should go and serve a different god (obey a different god’s laws), that the way to interpret them is that God is testing us. Signs and visions are beneath truth not above it. We are warned not to follow our eyes [Nu 15:39].

  5. Mario,
    Obeying a different god’s laws is measured simply: indulging in the flesh is serving a demon. In case you need to know what “indulging in the flesh” is, look at the basic moral code of the OT Law–especially where the moral code is affirmed in the NT.

    However, God says that people who think they themselves as wise dishonor God (by honoring themselves above God) and are “given over” to “dishonorable passions” whereby they may also “dishonor themselves” (not just the God in whose image he was made) [Ro 1]–over to “a strong delusion” because they “did not receive the love of the truth” in order that they may “work what is wrong and be destroyed” for it [2 Th 2].

    This is sad but it is true.

  6. Bo,
    Frequency doesn’t mean anything to me; I just meant that because I referred to the Law, to doing God’s Law, to and to some parts of the OT I thought you’d say “yeah that’s good”. LOL

  7. Bo, I believed in the Bible, Ive read it and extrabiblical things like Dr M.B’s books, and my conclusion is that it can not be the “perfect word of God”, remember wht i said, the “PERFECT word of God”. Yeah I am not a Christian, i am not a religious person anymore, but rather a spiritual one, there is a big difference.

    You said; To ask a Christian to accept a supposed truth that is in opposition to the Bible is to ask him to not be a Christian.

    That’s why I said that you should consider other arguments, not only the classical argument “this is what the bible says, and i do not care about any other one”. You prefer authority I prefer careful evaluation, consideration and observation, that’s called science.

    You said:”Why do those that accept homosexuality not accept the statistics and medical truths about the wrongness of homosex?”

    What are those wrongdoings that you meant? As I am aware homosexuals only want to live in peace without any discrimination, why do not you mention all the suffering that the church created to the homosexuals, even dr Michael Brown affirms that in one of his articles.

    By the way, someone accepting NDE does not necessarily mean to leave christianity, all religions lead back to God, even though there are some misconceptions in them, all we come from God and come back to God”. This is what any Nde’s researcher would tell you, they studied what happens to man when he dies all their life.

  8. Daniel, I can not answer to you because everything you say is “you must believe the Bible”. In this case i can only tell you the same thing Ive written to Bo: “You prefer authority I prefer careful evaluation, consideration and observation, that’s called science.”

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