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Dr. Browns answers your email questions and takes your calls on a wide range of biblical, theological, and spiritual life topics. ***Update: Due to a delayed flight, Dr. Brown will be playing a prerecorded show. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Since Jesus died on the cross, he has been drawing people to Himself. Come to Him and be blessed, transformed, and forgiven. Don’t say no when God is opening the door.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed the subject of focus on this week’s LOF in highlighting the importance and need of revival. In light of the tragic murders that have taken place right inside of a church in South Carolina only shines a light on the fact that America is in need of an awakening.

    America’s problems may be evidenced through abortion, homosexuality, racism, and a host of other unnamed sins, but the real issue is that we have turned our backs on God. It appears that once the Church begins to take strides forward, we then lull ourselves back into a place of slumber and have given ourselves over to the god of this age.

    There is always a remnant that has remained faithful to the Lord, and for that we rejoice; however, the mainline Church of America is more political than it is prophetic. We think that prosperity brings peace, when we’ve ended up beggers in the Spirit, devoid of purity and power. We are more concerned with the media then we are on meditating on what sayeth the Lord. American pastors petition the pews for millions of dollars to buy jet planes and helicopter blades, while the poor and needy continue to be ignored. While we are supposed to be the example of loving our neighbor as ourselves, we now tell the less fortunate to petition the government first before you come to us. The biggest church in America refuses to talk about sin and is afraid of offending anyone through the preaching of the cross, so it has been reduced to being a motivational platform – yet, we love it so. The largest online seminary in the world and renown college invited a Mormon as their key note speaker to address the student body, laying down its convictions on the cults because it was more concerned about the influencing the presidency.

    One would think that we would all be unified in recognizing that all of these matters are far from God, but the reality is the church in America is backslidden, and blind. Again, there is a remnant, and there always will be those faithful who pray and cry out to the Holy One, but if there is one thing that I hope that we can truly agree on it would be that America is need of revival!

  2. Dr. Brown’ I know where Jesus is going to live for ever and my Heavenly Father. I have never heard where our Holy Spirit is going to live forever. Will you please tell me?

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