Dr. Brown’s Letter to Tony Campolo, and Interviews with Two Authors

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In the first hour, Dr. Brown will speak with Heather Schott about her powerful new book Unscarred, also sharing his open letter to Tony Campolo regarding Dr. Campolo’s capitulation on same-sex couples. In the second hour, Dr. Brown will speak with Michael Austin for fascinating perspectives on C. S. Lewis and his colleagues. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I’m not discouraged by the moral deterioration around me or even the apostasy in some parts of the Church. It’s a necessary separation. Let the true light shine all the more brightly.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As Jesus radically changes us and we go out of the church building not so much having gone to church, but becoming the Church, being the Church, we will see society touched.


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  1. Tony Campolo is available to share his liberal drip with Christians, Surely he will be open to discuss his position with Michael Brown. This would be a good radio oppourtunity for Dr. Campolo to have his view in a discussion.

  2. Tony Campolo is also a leading speaker in the “Christ at the Check-Point” conferences which promote BDS of Israel (B-Boycott Israeli goods, D-Divestment of funds from Israeli companies, and S-Sanctions against Israels economy).

    I haven’t heard of this recent news so I am looking forward to today’s program.

  3. Christianity would have in fact collapsed and been a social club like it is in Europe had hitler had his way. The foundation that holds this structure in place is from the root that the satanic forces have not been able to eradicate. I applaud the unbending of the structure God had created with Israel thousands of years ago. The Christian church is being lead today by the messianic movement, a non denominational, not man created movement. Thank you for the voice of truth in this time of need.

  4. This man Campolo was never in Jesus, that is a descipel . It is one thing to sin and fall away but to teach others is the sin against The HOLY SPIRT . We must not be wishy washy on truth speak boldly lest Pepole die for lack of truth .stand up and be counted lest you be accountable for thier sins.

  5. I hope the Church wakens but I don’t believe so it is so busy with foolish things while believers are dying for following JESUS . Awake, do what is just. This terrible persecution is comeing to us in the west before JESUS Comes . Remember the Bible. It is the word of GOD and became flesh to dwell amoung us.

  6. Dr. Brown,

    There is a new series that is coming out on the ABC FAMILY Channel. Now if this series came out anywhere else it might not be as objectionable. However, since the family channel is a place where parents in general feel their kids are safe from the moral cesspool, this seems to be a really inappropriate resting place for the show called “Becoming Us”. This is a show about a family whose father is transitioning to become a woman. Now since kids these days do not get their philosophy from philosophers, but from the media; and since what is in the media is tacitly implied to be moral (why would what is immoral be allowed to be encouraged?), then these kids are in essence being taught that the LGBT message has the moral high ground. And what is worse, is that it is all on the FAMILY Channel, which is to have a higher kid friendly standard!

    This sort of implicit teaching has far reaching effects. For if children come to believe that the LGBT stance is correct, then it follows that the Bible must be wrong it what it teaches. And if the Bible is wrong about one moral standard, then are not all moral standards that it teaches suspect? So in essence does not the show undermine the Judeo-Christian (and even Muslim for that matter) religions?

    Perhaps it is time for another protest of the order that occurred when A and E, considered booting Phil Robertson off of Duck Dynasty and when the Cracker Barrel, removed all the Duck Dynasty products. Within days millions of people protested the network on Facebook and Cracker Barrel and they both capitulated. My Facebook skills are non-existent. But perhaps one of your people can create a Facebook protest page against this show. While it is difficult to get thousands of people to send emails to the network in protest. It is relatively simple to sign onto a Facebook page and drop a comment in.

  7. Paul this is hitting all over the place- Pixar movies, ABC shows, also just read a Miley Cyrus tyraid that was horrible. We are finding our selves living in a very strange time, a twilight zone.

  8. Cyrus interview below from the guardian.

    “”But in this most recent interview, Cyrus explains that she is open to a variety of sexual relationships. She said: “I am literally open to every single thing that is consenting and doesn’t involve an animal and everyone is of age. Everything that’s legal, I’m down with. Yo, I’m down with any adult – anyone over the age of 18 who is down to love me. I don’t relate to being boy or girl, and I don’t have to have my partner relate to boy or girl.”””

  9. The problem with professed Christians who now have been beguiled into accepting and endorsing homosexuality is can they truly have the Holy Spirit within them and proceed in this act of defiance with a good conscience? My answer is emphatically no! Tony Campolo teaches what can only be construed as Christian socialism. He is very comfortable among those who certainly have no respect for the evangelical gospel. His support for even the most virulent strains of anti Christian and biblical sentiment are appalling? How can this be a man of God who can walk in the counsel of the ungodly,stands in the way of sinners and take a seat among the scornful? Mr. Campolo is by any reasonable biblical standards an unsaved man and one who is well received by the world? This man does not preach the Christ of scripture but a Christ who is a fiction of the perverse heart of the wicked! Anyone who listens to his overall world view and those who hold him in high esteem cannot come away with any other impression that this is not the gospel of salvation but a form of that heresy known as liberation theology. A Marxist interpretation of the Christian faith to be sure! His sociology seems to override whatever truths or half truths he espouses. I have heard him enough and have seen the way he finds associations with the most vociferous advocates of a leftist and humanist position that is detrimental to the freedoms of our brothers and sisters to communicate the gospel of salvation without fear of recrimination on the part of the open enemies of Christ Jesus! Pray that the Campolo’s become saved and truly transformed and not reformed and still under the wrath of God! Many are called but few are chosen? Matthew 7 Many will say to me on that day Lord Lord etc… Multitudes through out time have been Christian in name only so it is biblical to challenge the damnable doctrines of people like the Campolo’s. A Holy man or woman cannot preach unholiness in any form! May God have mercy on them and bring them to saving repentance!

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