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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us speak the truth without compromising one iota, but let us speak the truth in love.

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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Since Jesus died on the cross, He has been drawing people to Himself. Come to Him and be blessed, transformed, and forgiven. Don’t say no when God is opening the door.


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  1. Here is a story that is interesting relating to Jubilee- I think the Catholic church has even hijacked Jubilee. This church started replacement theology, and this story is another interesting brick in making the case for the knowledge of the jubilee years.

    Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Friday marked the second anniversary of his election by declaring a jubilee year that will be interpreted as a powerful signal of his commitment to reforming the Church.

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    The extraordinary holy year, dedicated to the theme of mercy, has been called to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a groundbreaking Vatican council that transformed how the Church related to the modern world, most notably ending the obligation for religious services to be conducted in Latin.

    The jubilee year will begin on December 8 and run until November 20, 2016. December 8 is one of the holiest dates in the Catholic calender as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and is also the date on which the Vatican II council closed in 1965.

    Speaking in St Peter’s cathedral, the 78-year-old pontiff described the year’s start date as being “of great significance, for it impels the Church to continue the work begun at Vatican II.”

  2. Question on this- Did Abraham come in the 40th Jubilee- Jesus in the 80th Jubilee- and to return in the 120th Jubilee. Here is the Catholic church mimicking the Jubilee pattern that it would know given its ling history. Could this be the 120th Jubilee coming soon?

  3. Here is definitive proof that we can show where the Jubilee years would fall. We know the Shemitah, and how do we know that? Number one Nasa in the 1960’s correlated the time keeping ( the moon time that proved that Israels time keeping was down to the .00000009 percent in accuracy. We also have the 28 year cycle the (Birkat Hachama) that positions the sun to a correlated point of certainty. Take the positioning of the sun you can know the Shemitah, and the accuracy of the 28 yr cycle of the sun. The Jubilees have to fall in right after the 7 yr cycle which sounds easier than it actually is- The mystery of the Shemitah covers this quite well. The Jubilee or a cycle of 7 would not fall arbitrary from the cycle of the sun- but has more comprehensiveness than I can give- or a short paragraph can explain- but exits with certain accuracy. Jonathan Cahn would be able to connect the dots from the Birkat Hachama.

  4. The Devil can simulate healing. Although he cannot heal, for obvious reasons, he can mimic healing by creating the impression of alleviation from disease.

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