Thoughts on Mothers; Confronting Sexual Anarchy; Interacting with Andy Stanley; and Cutting Edge Interviews

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Dr. Brown talks about the importance of mothers, then looks at more examples of today’s sexual anarchy, weighs in on the latest news, takes your calls, and interviews with Josh Tolley, author of Evangelpreneur, and Alex Newman, co-author of Crimes of the Educators.. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It’s not only a question of the way we live today; does it make sense in the light of eternity? The way we live today, will it make sense to future generations?

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: This world is a whole lot more messed up than we realize. It’s up to us, followers of Jesus, to turn things right-side up.


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  1. Thank you Dr. Brown for being the voice of sanity in our sex crazy world.

    We appreciate your untiring efforts ts wo speak truth with respect and love, even though often times it is not reciprocated. Most of us know what the gay agenda is and how it intends to open the door to sexual anarchy. Wasn’t this the intention of Alfred Kinsey (father of the sexual revolution), and the strategy of Kirk and Madsen in “After the Ball”.

    We also note that you are able to defend marriage like very few others can do.

    Did you make a presentation for traditional marriage to the Supreme Court?

    Thanks again and blessings.

  2. Dr. Brown,

    I need to begin by saying how much I enjoy your program. You are a refreshing voice of reason, true salt and light, and an encouragement to press deeper into the unfathomable riches of Christ. Thank you for being faithful to his calling.

    Regarding the 5/11/2015 guest, Josh, I must first confess I have not heard of him or listened to him appearance today on your broadcasts. I have serious concerns, however, regarding some of the things which he stated which were objectively factually inaccurate. A few of these are as follows: (1). He stated that “nearly 80% of the population is at or near the poverty level” in the United States. This is not even close to being accurate. (2). He further stated “50% of Americans do not have $500”, which is not only inaccurate, but absurd. (3). He also stated, “the effective annual rate of inflation since 1961 is 10%”, and uses a loaf of bread as an example. This is simply not true, not close to true, and not supported by the facts, which are readily available. I hope he knows better. He certainly should. I know you do not necessarily agree with everything your guests state, and that their appearance is not a tacit endorsement, but may I request you check these statements for yourself or request your staff do so, to see if they are borne out by objective facts? You are a wise and critically thinking leader in the Body and I greatly value your insight and opinions

    God bless you, my brother, and teacher of sound doctrine to many, myself included. Your work in the Lord is greatly appreciated.


  3. Re: Mohammad cartoons / event

    Dr. Brown,

    First, let me state that I have utmost respect for you and your work.

    Two somewhat disjointed points I wanted to make:

    1) Simply being Jewish provokes offense to Muslims. What are you supposed to do? Somehow stop being Jewish?

    2) No one ever stops to address the CONTENT of the cartoons!

    If a cartoon depicts/says all Muslims are terrorists, that’s factually false. If a cartoon depicts/says Mohammad was a warlord and child rapist, that’s factually true, according to the Islamic texts themselves.

    Muslims often don’t seem to know what their religion even teaches. Speaking the truth to them might “offend” them, but at the same time open their eyes and make them question and investigate their own ideology! This might eventually lead them to the gospel.

    I mean, my goodness, speaking the gospel – that we are all sinners and need Christ’s forgiveness – is offensive to people. Are we supposed to stop doing that as well?

    As Christians, there’s no need to be needlessly rude or nasty to Muslim individuals. But we MUST be honest about their ideology.

    Remember, Muslims are offended by the fact that we even exist. Giving in to their bullying means we agree that we ought to not exist.

    I will never surrender to this ideology and I will not be silent about it.

  4. It amazes me that Dr. Brown can present concrete information on all the symptoms of what’s going on, the Gay Agenda, Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, unmitigated illegal immigration, promotion of socialism, fomenting of racial tensions, etc. and never once connects the dots but continually dismisses any overall agenda as a conspiracy theory.

    The term “Conspiracy Theory” was actually developed by the CIA so as to easily dismiss anyone who is trying to talk about these issues.

  5. its great u are holding Andy Stanleys feet to the fire and your insights are excellent but what holds u back from doing the same to Benny Hinn, Sid Roth & James Robison ???
    I keep badgering u about this bcuz double standards and selective scrutiny produce hypocrisy the very thing your always speaking out against and i know u have a lot of spiritual forthrightness but maybe your feet need to be held to the LINEOF fire also.
    Alls fair in love & spiritual warfare

  6. I just started reading ‘Crimes of the Educators’ and im about 30% through it and wow, this is a very good book thus far about America’s education system and rise of reading and learning disabilities. This is also hitting home with me since I have family members both old and young that have dyslexia.

    I purchased this book back when this interview on the Line of fire took place, but it got lost in my bookshelf till just a few days ago when I saw it and started to read. It has been very informative, just ordered two more copies for family and a friend. Thanks Dr. Brown for featuring this book and guest.

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