The Latest from Dr. Brown and an Interview with Derek Frank

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Dr. Brown shares updates from Singapore, weighs in on the latest news in the church and the world, and discusses the controversies surrounding the Let the Lion Roar DVD with Derek Frank, who produced the DVD, also discussing the impact it is having. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us shout out our freedoms so that no one can silence us or take away our liberties, but let us use wisdom and sensitivity so as not to unnecessarily offend.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let us stand tall for truth. Let us bow down to God and God alone, not the fears and whims of people.


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  1. Re: Mohammad cartoon contest

    I only listened to about 12 minutes of the show, because I was starting to be disappointed at the direction this was taking. Perhaps things changed later in the show, but I can’t bear to hear Christians caving on this issue. I hope that is not the case!

    First of all, the contest was not done as any sort of Christian witness. Pamela Geller is not a Christian and this event was not geared toward Christians. It was just a general thing geared towards anyone.

    Second, I’ve listened to and read quite a lot of Pamela’s material. Never once have I heard/read her claiming all Muslims are terrorists, insulting Muslim individuals, using vulgar language towards them, calling for violence against Muslims or anything of that nature. In fact, she goes out of her way to state that this is not her view. Plus, never once have I heard her saying anything about Islam that is factually untrue.

    In fact, she’s the one who stood up for Amina and Sarah Said, two Muslim girls “honor killed” by their father. She’s the one who arranged a memorial for them.

    So this constant refrain of her being “anti-Muslim” is demonstrably false.

    Third, no one seems to ever bother to look at the CONTENT of the cartoons in the first place. If you look at the winning entry, it’s not crude or sexually explicit or full of vulgar language or anything of that nature. All it is is a drawing of Mohammad and with the captions:

    “You can’t draw me” and the response, “That’s why I draw you”. (I am paraphrasing.) That’s it! Totally innocuous and directly expressing the main message of the event.

    Christ is blasphemed in cartoons, movies, TV shows and everything else in our culture. No one is calling for THAT to stop, are they? The media and Hollywood go out of their way to offend and blaspheme us! So to hear their hypocrisy is beyond belief!

    The bottom line is that nothing excuses slaughtering people over cartoons or movies. Nothing.

  2. We have confirmed that the article claiming that Pastor Creflo Dollar was now trying to raise $114 million dollars for a luxury yacht was, in fact, a false report. Although I stated on the air that the story was unconfirmed, because it appeared to be posted on a reliable site, I mentioned it on the air. I apologize for sharing the story at all.

  3. Re Pamela Geller. I am positive she is a conservative. I have heard her speak at Faith Bible Chapel in Arvada. She would be a great guest to have on your show, she has been accessible to communicate I am sure she would come on your program which is one of the highest standards out there.

  4. Provoking??? I think the terrorist act speak for themselves. The provoking is the attacks all over the world against anyone who disagrees. Thank God for a Pamela Geller. Who can intellectually even stand up against her?? She speaks the truth and the liberal media cant handle it!

  5. What was the point of the contest? If it was to draw attention to those who are unable to speak for themselves, then do that within the context of a specific issue. What is the purpose of kicking a hornet’s nest when all you want to do is prove that bees sting?

  6. Naomi the point is weather you kick the fire ant hill or not, the ants are coming to get you for who you are. This is NOT provoking in 2015, remember 2001? Have we forgotten 9/11? The bee is waiting to sting weather you sit quietly or not.

  7. I hear what you’re saying, Jon. Thank you for using the word “provoke” because kicking a fire ant hill or stirring up a hornet’s nest IS provocation. And I would think that BECAUSE of 9/11 we need to seriously consider what our actions and reactions will accomplish . . . BECAUSE of what happened in France we need to seriously consider what our actions and reactions will accomplish. What did this event accomplish? What truly was the purpose of this event? If free speech under any circumstance is where we set the bar then why do we teach our children not to swear? Those are my questions and I finish with a quote from Dr. Brown’s most recent letter –

    “And so, while I defend Geller’s right to hold the contest and, to repeat, while I commend her courage and boldness, I personally believe it is an unnecessary provocation of Muslims, not just the radicals but others who believe that it’s not right to depict Muhammad (or other prophets in Islam, which would include Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus . . . ).” (

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