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Dr. Brown shares some highlights from his recent trip to England, weighs in on the reaction to the Indiana religious freedoms bill, President Obama’s dealings with Iran, recent transgender suicides, and more. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We’re living in the day of mass information mobs. The big question is how will we respond to the onslaught?


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  1. Since the IN law is based on a 21 year old federal law, and similar laws exist in 19 other states, where are all the examples of discrimination? There should be dozens of examples of discrimination, if not hundreds. Why are we not hearing about them unless, the law does not discriminate.

  2. I wonder what would happen if someone went to a Jewish or Muslim caterer and asked him to cater a party and every item on the list had pork in it? Would that caterer be forced to prepare, cook and serve that customer or be fined and face the loss of his business for refusing their business? I very much doubt it. There would be no uproar because people respect the fact that neither of those groups of people ever eat or handle pork! There would be no backlash against them by the media or people boycotting them for their religious beliefs.

    Either we have the freedom to live in accordance with our beliefs or we don’t. How is it someone else is able to dictate which beliefs we can exercise and which we can’t? The Christian views on homosexuality remained the same for 2000 years, it’s only in the last several decades that they began to be rewritten. They act as if the beliefs we hold are in direct reaction to the LGBT lobbying efforts—-no, they’ve been the same now for over 2000 years—-longer if you consider that our faith is the outgrowth of the First Testament Scriptures which places those long held beliefs back another 1000 years or so.

  3. I can not coin a better way than the way DB says this, ” The ones coming out of the closet are shoving Christians into the closet.” and we better not come out! How dare we stand for biblical priniples. We are a religion who loves everyone, especially the sinner. We celebrate freedom from sin, breaking the chains that bind us to the sin. We love and tears flow down our checks when one more comes to faith. We love the freedom that comes from loving and worship we give to the one true G_d of Israel.

  4. Back in 1960 and 1970 true dispels of JESUS would
    not go to moves because the money went to funding R rated and porn moves.When I was boy and wanted to see G moves didn’t make sense but now it makes perfect sense. Look at the power we gave actors with GOD’s money

  5. Very good example given Sheila. That presents a good basis for discussion and the things of this nature that the Indiana bill is no doubt about.

  6. Like Indiana Jones coming to rescue other states.
    We need the rescuing. I think it has something to do with Jesus.

  7. I agree with Mark Levin. The Democrats need to just complete the job that they have started. Start persecuting us, take away our rights, take God out of this country. Let them complete what they are determined to do! They ran on this plank to take God out of this country. They ran Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Expose yourself, come and get us.

  8. It is really frustrating to see and hear, how easily people are persuaded to fall in line by repeating lies. This law does not allow a Christian bakery to refuse to allow homosexuals to purchase baked goods in their stores. As a matter of fact the gay couple that sued the bakery was regular customers. It was only when they asked if she would bake a special cake for their wedding, she refused. I am so tired of these celebrities, sports figures and politicians screaming bloody murder over an issue that doesn’t exist. I have been warning Christians, that this only the tip of the iceberg. If do not stand up and defend our religious liberty’s, one day our churches will be forced to marry same sex couples or be closed down. The United States of America, of which I love, has become very hostile to Christians and Jews. We need to wake up and get our heads out of the sand.

  9. Good discussion going on here.

    jon: “We are a religion who loves everyone, especially the sinner.” Amen, though they are incapable of grasping and understanding that since it is spiritually discerned. When we say this, they hear words of hate. And this is because they hate to have the light shed on the fact that we (mankind) are sinners. They want to get rid of the guilt of being a sinner, by eliminating the definition of sin and thereby defining the evil out of sin. In essence giving them man-made license to call evil good. If they can do that, they feel they win.

  10. Our witness to people by laws like this becomes a witness to them that we are willing to feed them if they are hungry, and serve them as anyone else, but are unwilling to participate in any wrongdoing of theirs whether they like it or not.

    It also becomes a witness to the world that we are not to be forced to do things that are contrary to our religion, and that we honor our differences.

    Consider such a thing as a Jew or Muslim who caters (see post 2) but will not provide meals made of pork because to them it is unclean, something they will not handle or even taste. So such a thing should be honored by all people. If they want pulled pork they can go somewhere else, and not try to force their way of life upon others who refuse to handle or even taste pork.

    So good laws become a witness to people, a witness pertaining to things of the kingdom of heaven.

  11. I think of the flower shop in Richland, WA who is being sued with the help of the state A/G for refusing to provide flowers for a homosexual’s wedding. (This flower shop has always in the past sold flowers to homosexual customers, but refused to do such weddings as a matter of conscience)

    I was on you tube and watched a tutorial on how to paint a motorcycle tank by a professional. Do you know what he said?

    He said that his heart and soul goes into his work, and then he said that his name is ON his work.

    So if a state A/G wants to go after all the flower shop is worth, while they seek to discredit the fine name of that shop, what should be their penalty?

    What they are doing certainly isn’t equal protection under the law, for why must all others go into a closet because one group decides to come out of one?

  12. It seems like Christians are becoming to the state like those who in times past were required to ride in the back of the bus and had separate drinking fountains, and for doing nothing in particular wrong.

    It seems they don’t like the fact that we were born this way, of the Spirit of God, knowing good from evil.

  13. It seems like the state at times is after some sort of involuntary servitude for the cause of their own agenda. Good to hear that Indiana is about doing things a bit different.

  14. The thing that angers me the most is that no one is defending the Christian view. If they did, I didn’t hear it in the news. There was no critical thinking or discussion about it. It only took a millisecond for all these voices to chime in and condemn it. What’s going on is that you’re taking away the rights of a large majority of the population in order to appease a tiny minority.

    I realize views on homosexuality have done an about face and even within the churches, many repeat the catch phrases that are their major talking points. “I was born this way.” “You’re a bigot if you don’t openly accept my way of life.” But, what every happened to “live and let live?” If they want to live in a homosexual relationship, that’s their business. If I want to live in conformity with my Christian beliefs, shouldn’t that be my business? It’s really a contradictory viewpoint they promote, because it seems it’s perfectly okay for Christians to endure discrimination and the lies that follow the shallow catch phrases, usually with vehement words leveled at them, but they don’t see that what they’re doing is the very thing they’re protesting against us for!

    It’s the blind leading the blind.

    And another thing. Do you mean to tell me that this couple didn’t “know” that the owners were Christians? I think I heard they were regular customers. It very much appears that they set this family up and deliberately requested their services knowing full well what their answer would be. Certainly they could have been gracious and respectful about it and sought out the services of someone else. They demand respect while giving none in return and they demand that “everyone, everywhere” be forced to acknowledge their lifestyle or suffer their wrath!

    I have absolutely no ill will towards gays, but, I’m really sick and tired of having their lifestyle shoved my down throat and there’s not many days go by that they’re not stirring up something in the news somewhere. Notice there’s never been any dissenting views aired on any media outlets other than those such as this one. And of course they don’t count because they’re hosted by nothing more than Christian bigots and haters.

    Be what you want to be, but at least afford me the very same right!

  15. There are times when I want to say that I’m ashamed of the Church because of what I’ve read about a flower shop in Richland, WA, and I haven’t heard or seen anything about entire churches demanding to talk with state attorney generals, or governors, or senators or supporting the business financially fully, or coming to their aid and saying that we are all in this fight together, and cause such a fuss with the media if they don’t want to hear why we get upset at government picking on a business that did nothing wrong.

    I’m thinking there should be people outside local news agencies if they won’t air our complaint.

    We should be inviting government to sit down with leadership of the Church to discuss the matter in order to find out what is right.

    Questions like suppose a Muslim and a Jew own a catering business together….etc. should come up, so we can look at a problem in how we presently see things handled, and see if the state A/G can give a legitimate answer to the question, “Suppose a Muslim and an Jew have a catering business…”

    Shouldn’t a governor be outraged about this sort of thing? Where’s the outrage? Who in government should go talk to a state A/G when it gets out of line?

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