The Power of Purity and the Failure of Immorality

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As America continues its downward plunge into sexual anarchy, Dr. Brown explains why immoral living ultimately fails and why sexual purity outlasts sexual immorality, also sharing practical insights for holy living. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. The problem is that the candy is so enticing it’s difficult to see that negative payoff down the line. Because the promise and lure of some immediate gratification forces the negatives in the future out of your mind.

    It’s the good ol’ bait and switch: entice them with bait (cheese), and switch it (with poison) once they’re committed. It’s ingenuous really.

    I think that the only way out is to avoid being baited. and that takes an enormous amount of mental/spiritual discipline to do that.

  2. ok folks i’ve done some empirical research which is in stark contrast to the testimony of the callers who called today. if you haven’t listened most of them said basically: “oh i’ve had sex with many, many many people: it was bad because of: STIs, and it felt empty”. Dr brown characterised it as going on a roller coast ride that was hyped with much eclat but which turns out to be a rather pallid anti-climax. “meh” he says to it. The farthest a caller came to saying it was good was a gentleman who was in the music scene, but who veiled the enjoyment of drinking stolen water and eating food in secret with the equivocal statement “it had it’s moments”. It had its moments? Really??…..interesting….

    Another woman called in and said “sexual satisfaction was non-existent”. Really? Non-existent? There was no pleasure in it? None? None at all? How can having sex – which one voluntarily wants to get into – not satisfy? Hard to believe. Yes this lady – according to her testimony – got no pleasure in having sex – and wild sex with multiple (hot?) bad boys. I can only presume there must have been SOME pleasure in it all, otherwise she wouldn’t have been engaging in it, repeatedly, otherwise sin would lose its shine. I simply don’t believe her. It makes no logical sense at all.

    Point being: all of these callers are playing or redesigning their stories and emotions according to a distinct narrative: that sexual sins on this earth do not satisfy, basically AT ALL – and they are reflecting on it all many years later, in retrospect – apart from the gentleman who conceded that it “had it’s moments” – they all virtually say: “it was not pleasurable, it was not enjoyable, don’t do it”. But of course: to admit that it was great and they enjoyed it would run contrary to the implicit narrative of this entire show and their new found belief system.

    Now friends, this narrative these callers called in about is simply unconvincing. Why?

    I have some friends who are not xians, who have a distinctly different narrative. Let’s take this one gentleman, who went off to Thailand, who slept with 17 women in 17 days, who wrote home of his triumph, he says that it was “the best thing that happened to him in his life”. another friend says that it “is satisfying but not the be all end all.” Their story is different: sin does satisfy very much on this earth and is VERY rewarding.

    Perhaps their stories will change when they are older – Solomon alludes to this when he says they will say “how I hated instruction” but for the moment, sin is fantastic, sex is something to be explored etc.

    IN short their testimony runs contrary to the thrust of this show (sexual sin sux and does not satisfy on this earth). yeah well my friends they seem to like it a loooooooot.

    As for the consequences of sexual sin, there is no debate there. But it’s present benefits in the mundane world: i think the jury is still out on that one.

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