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Dr. Brown takes your phone calls on all subjects and answers some of your best e-questions on today’s broadcast, his last show live from Nashville this week. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Don’t try to find out how far you can go without theoretically losing your salvation. Pursue the Lord with a whole heart, embrace holiness, and let Him keep you by His power.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Let’s not tamper with the foundations of society. If we do, we do so to our own harm.


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  1. We live in the strangest of times today. This play out of the Netanyahu is the same drama that the Democratic convention had when selecting their platform. What was revealed at the convention was that the Socialist party is about getting God out of our fabric of the American way. Also for partitioning the land of Israel and dividing Jurusalem. The news today is the insidious outgrowth of an anti God vision for the world that this current adminstration has. I support Netanyahu as the only significant leader today in the whole world with a voice. He is our Churchhill for this era. We need to reorient ourselves to the truth, which is in short supply at the moment.

  2. The caller who suggested that nobody held to eternal security (or perseverance of the saints, preservation of the saints, or whatever else you would call it) prior to John Calvin is mistaken. See here:


    And here’s an article arguing that the concept of justification through faith alone was held by sources living between the time of the apostles and the Reformation:


    Here’s an index of articles on many topics, documenting that a variety of Evangelical beliefs were held by people living before the Reformation:


  3. Jason,

    TULIP dogma was not believed or taught in the ante-Nicene period of the church (first three centuries), particularly ULI. Anyone can discover this on his/her own by reading their writings.

    David Bercot has done a tremendous amount of time-consuming, valuable research in this area. His audio teachings are now on YouTube, under Scroll Publishing.

    What the Early Christians Believed About Salvation…

    Scroll Publishing…

  4. Amy,

    I wasn’t addressing TULIP, as my post above and my articles linked explain. And I’m not a Calvinist. I’m aware of David Bercot, and I have some of his books. I often use his Dictionary Of Early Christian Beliefs as a reference work. But his compilation of sources is incomplete, and he’s wrong on some issues. If you think anything you’ve cited refutes what I’ve argued, you’ll have to explain why.

  5. Jason, thanks for the article on eternal security. I too am not a Calvinist, and see the scriptures teaching our eternal security.

    Looking forward to reading the other articles.

  6. Jason, I’m not going to read blog posts. If you’d like to support your argument with references from the ante-Nicene writings, with page or Kindle locations, I’d find that helpful. I’m only interested (at the present time) on the church before Augustine of Hippo.

  7. Is it so strange if I find my security in the words that so often are all around the word “if”?

  8. Meaning that you have found security, not that you find “that” security. My statement can be read two ways I think so I wanted to clarify.

  9. Yes, I think God knows more about our security than we do. What we may think of as being our security, might be something else.

    Somewhere the other day, on TV, someone was saying to another, something like, “So if I worry about being late, and do that often enough, then I should find myself showing up early?” That made sense to me.

    Sometimes a little worry or concern isn’t always a bad thing.

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