On With the Revolution!

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Dr. Brown talks about how many American believers have gotten to the breaking point and are finally waking up to take a stand for what is right. He’ll share news from different states and encouragement from the Word and from history. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: It can truly be overwhelming to see how many problems there are in our culture, but you’re responsible for you, your life, your circle of immediate influence. Don’t be complacent.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: If it’s not time to wake up now, when is it going to be time? Please my friends, do not hit the slumber button, or the show comes to an end.


This week Dr. Brown is offering the powerful DVD and CD combo, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels [DVD] and the Line of Fire [CD] Interview. Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels directly demolishes the very pillars of the belief system that underpins our now-secular culture—evolutionary naturalism. It’s coupled with the Biblical command to reach the lost with the Bible’s Good News. You can receive both of these resources for only $25, postage paid (US Only)! Order Online Here!

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