The Truth about ISIS and Radical Islam; Israel and the USA; and More

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Dr. Brown will ask who is right about ISIS, those who claim that it perverts Islam and those who claim it represents Islam; he’ll give further updates about the controversy between Obama and Netanyahu; and will take your Jewish-related calls and questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I pray for our administration to open its eyes to reality. You must recognize who the enemy is and recognize how it operates if you want to defeat it.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As followers of Jesus the Messiah, we are heirs of the prophets as well, and that means we are called to be ambassadors of righteousness and examples of right living.



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  1. These politicians, I guess suppose that in the name of political correctness, we are not to offend anyone. This way we can appear to be so good on the outside while we practice our corruption behind the scenes. These are the kind that would have secret meetings for all kinds of underhanded things in ways that they themselves would be ashamed of if they ever were brought to light.

    I suppose it’s to lull people to sleep, like giving them concoctions of linguistic narcotics of whatever forms they can dream up.

    Rather than a line between one thing and another, they prefer a wide muddy road, apparently so no one can get any traction or go anywhere.

    I suppose we are easier to control that way.

    A preference to waters so murky that no one can see anything is what they like. A people in that condition don’t really know much of what’s going on, or even where we are headed.

  2. Dr. Brown,
    I’m assuming your presentation (on the question of whether or not all believers are required to serve God through the Written Code) will be made available on

  3. Please let us remember in Muslim Koran Allah is a great lire and its a great blessing to be a lire to your enemy’s maybe this is why our President is not using honest speech

  4. I am not believing that people aren’t up in arms over the statement that our President is sending a team over to Israel to unseat Netanyahu! How can this be taking place and no one—-no Pubs or Dems are talking about this? I think we’ve all been lulled to sleep, that’s outrageous! And here Pres. Obama is accusing Netanyahu of interfering in “our” politics? How can this be happening? Can no one else see that there’s no good reason for our President to have anything to say about another leader of our allies coming to address Congress “because” they don’t want their (and our) sworn enemies to be able to arm a missile with nuclear weapons and our President will not even give that leader the time of day?! Hello?? Is anyone out there paying attention to that blurp of information?

    It wasn’t that long ago that I had said I couldn’t believe that the “entire” world could turn against Israel, believing that our country would never turn their backs on the only democracy in the Middle East and an ally of ours since their inception. This is so significantly lining up with prophesy that it’s scary!

    One thing I will say is that when it does begin, you need to realize that Iran also has missiles capable of reaching the US too…and our President, with his “I’m going to right every wrong” mentality wants to “make up” with them and he absolutely cannot see that they cannot be trusted??!!

    Since when did our State Dept. take a known sponsor of TERRORISM off the list of nations that we don’t bargain with? They fund TERRORISM and we’re just going to turn a blind eye to that? And hand them the capacity to deliver a NUCLEAR WARHEAD?

    This is absolutely insane.

  5. Suppose we had a president that invites a foreign minister to a meeting, and the congress goes out to undermine his position by sending people to his country, because of it. Certainly people would all think that ‘s nuts, but this president seems to not surprise us anymore.

    And he wants to divide Jerusalem? I wonder what he would think of someone coming in to the US to talk about dividing Washington?

  6. And what about desegregation? It seems like some are all for it until it pertains to some other nation. People laugh about this guy saying that he couldn’t even fill out his own birth certificate correctly. (1961 style)

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