Wake Up, America!

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Dr. Brown interviews attorney Charles LiMandri about a chilling attack on personal freedoms in New Jersey then shares some shocking details about a bill about to be voted on in Charlotte, North Carolina, then brings his perspectives on the latest news, including the major shake-up in the secular news media last week. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We are in an age of extraordinary spiritual attack from many different angles. How then should we live?… as those who are awake, alert, and vigilant!

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, it’s dark! It’s getting darker, but this is what we were born for! Let your light shine brightly!


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  1. So what happens is young children or teenagers get convinced they are supposed to be something different than what they were born, and so some get all kinds of medical things done to their body, and one day they have a wake up…maybe when they come to Jesus, and now they have a body that’s all messed up and no one of the opposite sex wants anyone to do with them. So there they are, messed up in this world, but still have hope in the one to come, messed up in this world but getting better as much as is possible, and having real hope for eternity, but still, it didn’t have to happen like this.

  2. Actually, a theocratic government is the only regime that God would bless. Ultimately, we cannot expect any Christian nation to materialize in our age in any meaningful way under the prevailing model of the culture. The democratic pluralistic system makes this impossible, because it was set up specifically to place all ideologies on equal footing. But they are not equal. There is absolute truth and there is error. Until the West repudiates pantheistic Masonic republicanism and restores the absolutist monarchies of the past, and the legitimate authority of the Church of God, we will have no recourse to an authentically moral society.

  3. I believe God gave us a good constitution here in the U.S. It protects freedom of religion, which must be free. Sometimes the wisdom of the founders of America amaze me. They built into a new nation, checks and balances, three parts of a federal government whereby if one begins to falter the other two can take up the slack. I believe God has blessed America and wants religious freedom protected. I trust he wants Americans to cherish, protect, and defend the constitution we have and not let it become corrupted. We’ve seen some of that happening.

    I trust he wants us to maintain what we have been given and do the best we can with what we have, until Christ comes.

  4. “and the legitimate authority of the Church of God, we will have no recourse to an authentically moral society.”

    What authority is it that they would exercise? What would it accomplish? Moral reformation? I was just reading something Lewis Sperry Chafer wrote:

    “The Bible also contains a rule of life which applies to the heavenly citizens of the present dispensation, who, though heavenly in position and responsibility, are called upon to live as “pilgrims and strangers” in the earth, and as witnesses in the enemy’s land… These heavenly standards are not imposed upon the unregenerate world. They have not received the Spirit and therefore have no enablement whereby they might live according to the standards which are committed to the Christian. It is both useless and unreasonable to apply Christian standards to an unregenerate world.”

    Yes we are called to be salt and light, but any man-imposed (or church imposed) theocracy is doomed to fail from the start since heavenly standards are impossible for the unregenerate to uphold and carry-out. It requires the Spirit to energize us to walk in those divine standards. It is only when those who live by faith yield to the Spirit that true moral reformation is realized in the individual life. And it was God who authorized and instituted human governments.

  5. We can treat the world as if it were in total anarchy and affirm our vocation to preach the Gospel in a chaotic society, without the assistance of Christian leadership in the public square, or we can recognize the existence of governments, deciding if they are either Christian or anti-Christian, and choose which government best reflects and advances the Kingship of Christ, as opposed to humanistic rules of law.

    Once we have determined which model is compatible with Christianity, and which, on the other hand, denies the absolute truth of Christ and regards the Lord God as one among equal authorities, we have nothing short of an obligation to be on the side of the system which supports the truth of the Christian faith. Otherwise, we should not endorse any government at all.

  6. It’s not a matter of any particular system of government that will produce the best for it’s people that should then be chosen, for as far as kings go, there have been a few good ones and very many bad ones.

    Any system of government in this world can produce much good or evil. It depends on the character of those in power.

    It’s been said that the greatest theme for evil in the 20th century has been “a strong centralized government run by gangster statesmen.” (Hitler, Stalin, etc. are examples)

    I believe the founders of the United States knew about abuses of power, and used what wisdom they had in providing a system of government which would tend to provide checks and balances in order to prevent such abuses.

    It seems to me that they did pretty good, and it’s up to us to cherish, protect, and defend what God has given us, until the return of Christ.

    I believe today we can see what overstepping power had been producing in America. Some judges have overstepped their authority, some lawmakers have done the same, and presidents and congress also.

    When they do that, what good does it do? What good has it done when one part of government oversteps it’s authority, or over reaches? Has anything good come of it?

    Though there are spiritual walls that prevent much good from happening. I believe many of them can be taken down. There are spiritual strongholds that prevent a lot of good, and they should fall.

    It’s the matter of the character of the people involved that counts, as well as the grace of God,
    and his intervention and blessing.

  7. Right now in Washington state, a flower shop owner is being taken to court because she refused to do a flower arrangement after being told it was for a homosexual wedding, and instead of the hundred thousand or so dollars they were threatening her of loosing, which would be devastating to her small business, she was offered a deal to pay only two thousand dollars and to agree to stop “discriminating”. Her reply was “Marriage is between one man and one woman.”, apparently, no deal then.

    This should be decided this upcoming month of March, but here is an example of government (state attorney general) over stepping it’s power.

    It is an unconstitutional act, for we have freedom to practice our religion protected by our constitution. The state should not be trying to force people into becoming a partaker of another’s sins.

    When the state becomes so corrupt it will have pleasure in forcing everyone to celebrate homosexual “marriage”, it’s time for change.

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