It’s New Year’s Eve Live with Dr. Brown

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Dr. Brown shares his year-end thoughts, looks ahead to 2015, and takes your comments, calls, and questions. He will also give his thoughts and insights on the latest news, including Newsweek’s major Bible-bashing article, as well as share some encouraging truths from the Word. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: 2015 in your life can be what you make it in God.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: I wish you a blessed, glorious new year in the Lord. Yield to God every area you want Him to bless.


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  1. Yes people commit self homicide leaving ‘notes’, but the ‘notes’ hardly ever share their ignorance given them by Christian parents or ‘leaders’ they have accepted into their brief ‘initial only’ life, to be lived out in very same likeness of very same fallen ‘sinful flesh’ of ‘first Adam’, a resurrected life in same ‘sinful flesh’ ORDER to surely follow. Mother ‘Eve’ (all natural living soul BODIES hidden within which house the further hidden within ‘spiritual body’) are what the Apostle and ‘Pharisee’ of ‘Pharisees’ who taught ‘resurrection’ OF THE FLESH from here (and when he said “..who shall deliver me from this ‘body’…”, also “…far rather be absent from this ‘body’…”, he was not speaking of the outer ‘tent’ which he calls not a ‘body’ but a temporal ‘outer tabernacle’ which holds a person to the ‘dust’ from which birth initially came, and will certainly ‘return’ to it’s dust IN BOTH LIVES TO BE LIVED OUT “in the FLESH” (of different ‘dust’). Self inflicted ‘homicides’ which during year end holidays leading up to another ‘year’ stats are most often listed as ‘unknown causes’ (rather than self only inflicted, especially when metro ‘tourism’ can be affected greatly by what is perceived by ‘stats’ given out publically) even when a ‘note’ written sometime beforehand shows the individual would prefer to see if life can be ‘greater’ beyond the ‘grave’ OR by ‘chance’ there would be an end to a greatly conflicted life regardless. Christian parents and ‘leaders’ need to come to a better understanding of Paul who even publically stated he himself was being persecuted for being a ‘Pharisee’ amongst ‘Sadducees’ (who like today believe neither ‘spirit’ nor ‘angel’ have now existing ‘soul BODIES’, as according to Paul, a ‘spiritual BODY’ hidden within the ‘natural living soul BODY’, BOTH are ‘taken’ from here to await their own order of resurrection IN THE FLESH from here and therefore all, including self inflicted homicide regardless of how listed in the public ‘stats’, ALL leave here in TWO HIDDEN BODIES leaving behind here their ‘outer tent’ temporal only ‘tabernacle’ unique to the ‘dust’ of this particular ‘copy’ of heavenly ‘dirt PATTERNS’ above (no exceptions).

  2. I Cor. 15:14 especially also what follows, and proceeds makes clear Paul did not believe any leaves from down here ‘bodiless’ (therefore ‘instant’ CHANGE from this ‘initial life to be lived out IN THE FLESH will not occur to the ‘anxious’ to find out, for Paul reserved that for the ‘change’ of the ‘natural living soul BODY’ into the ‘ETERNAL’ spiritual body which will have varying decrees of ‘brightness’, UNLIKE the resurrection ALL must attend AGAIN IN THE FLESH of ‘fallen first Adam). MacArthur’s ‘church’ leaderships (GTY) faced adversity to this false ‘Reformed doctrine’ in which a ‘note’ was left by a eager youthful, newly ‘faithful’, parishioner of ‘GTY’, in which his ‘parents’, not attenders, SUED based upon a ‘promise’ their son had accepted of GTY parishioners to receive INSTANTANIOUS change and sure ‘presence with their Lord’, EVEN offering the ‘parishioner’ INSTANTANIOUSLY for TO BE LIKE HIM, ‘IMMEDIATELY’ from here ! Paul was never speaking of the vacating of the outer ‘tent’ which all must ‘vacate’ from here (rather was making clear the ‘instantaneous rapture’ can only come AFTER one has taken rightful place in resurrection IN THE FLESH, have been overcomers thru ‘heavenly Paradise’, are finally considered practicing ‘virgins’, at the very ‘Portals of Heaven’, AND only then, there, the ‘kingdom of Heaven’ welcomes only those ALSO ‘MADE THEMESELVE READY’, for finally to meet their beloved chosen, both the Bride AS ONLY chosen and the Bridegroom AS ONLY chosen BY ‘their’ heavenly F-THER) only then ‘see Him as HE really is’, even unto the greatly desired HEAVENLY ‘marriage’ CONSUMATION, and HEAVENLY ONLY marriage ‘supper’ celebration BOTH ONLY IN HEAVEN (far beyond even third heaven and heavenly place called Paradise beyond third heaven, WHERE PAUL was taken by ‘vision’ TO BE ABLE TO INFORM US CORRECTLY against ALL promised false ‘catholic REFORMED’, ALL HARLOTRY he warned would come upon his own departure from here, EVER INCREASING UNTO Peter’s described ‘heavens’ SUDDENLY ‘on real fire’ ending ALL human natural living soul BODY life SUDDENLY ‘taken’ thru this earth’s final ‘baptism’ of which the first two were by water, that last preserves by water it’s nuclear ‘core’ unto a ‘lake of fire’ reserved, exampled for ‘dragons’ ancient and future who have exhausted the Grace of their own ‘creator’ in eternal free-will)

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