Debating Hyper-Grace, More on the Year in Review, and Your Calls

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Dr. Brown debates the meaning of biblical grace with author Daniel King, looks back again at 2014 and shares testimonies of ministry impact, and then takes your calls and answers your questions. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: By the grace of God we are transformed, and now we are empowered to and called to live holy lives for the Lord.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Ministry succeeds when each part of the body does its part. When each one functions, then together we change the world with the grace and help of God.


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  1. (‘Hyper’) Grace comes mainly from relying upon only the KJV written verses mainly as to the English speaking. First one must make themselves familiar with other translations, i.e. as Tree of Life ‘Version’ (for just one example: I John 3:4 against the KJV translation substituting ‘law’ in place of the “lawless”, substituting ‘law’ in place of those who live in always ‘bending’ what they have heard and read as like a ‘king’s’ desire to ‘conquer over his own religious laity’ by ‘law’, ‘laws’, as if it’s actually becomes same as G-d’s actual Rhema Word unto both those who practice “iniquity” whether under the laws of ISRAEL while Israel was alive on this Planet with ‘root and branch’, or never under those laws given to ONE NATION which is ‘FOREVER’ (just not on any ‘footstool’ of G-d, or that of literal dirt or sky which was NEVER for to remain forever)

  2. G-d’s Righteousness At (whose) Expense ? We are not saved by GRACE, rather, we can only be NOW SAVED by ‘grace’, ONLY THRU ‘FAITH’ (faith of that which comes only by hearing, and hearing by the ‘utterance’ in ‘VOICE’, IN ‘speech’ directly to hearts, from heaven’s F-ther of the Son, even as the Son does NOTHING except what He has heard, NOW forevermore still ‘HEARS’, from HIS, even our F-therm OF only BAPTISM WHICH ‘NOW SAVES US’, not the washing away of the filth of the flesh, but of maintaining an excellent CONSCIENCE WITH our F-THER OF THE SON, coming from HEAVEN’s seating on SEAT OF ALL POWER OVER ENTIRE never ending, ever expanding entire UNIVERSE ‘VOICE’, the same which was heard, IS FOREVER STILL being HEARD, obeyed by THE SON, eternally NOW SEATED on the now ‘ETERNAL mercy seating’ at HIS, our F-ther’s OWN right hand, WHO STILL ‘SPEAKS FOR HIMSELF’t having sent His Son to us, yet unto HIS SON also, also having sent His RUACH ELOHIM, yet unto HIS PERSONALITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT also, WHO ALSO DOES ONLY WHAT HE HAD HEARD from HIS, our eternal SOURCE, our F-THER, HIS eternal ‘SOURCE’ ALSO) !
    ALL ‘Grace’ comes to us at the expense of the one who had the power over death (as according to Tree of Life Version, Heb. 2:14 that “HE might BREAK the power of the one who had the power of death [THAT IS THE DEVIL] AND FREE THOSE WHO BY FEAR OF DEATH were in bondage all their lives”)

  3. Dr. Brown, I hope the man who called to plug Robert Sungenis books keeps listening to your radio show! He needs Jesus. Sungenis is a Catholic Holocaust denier who claims Israel was behind the assassination of JFK, and a geocentrist that believes the sun, the planets and all the stars revolve around the Earth.

  4. Looking forward to your new format in the coming year. I was watching TV (youtube) last night and enjoyed the program with a dog on your arm, you just need to be on a skateboard now.

  5. Daniel said:
    “on the train track to heaven there is a train, and in the front is the locomotive of grace and it runs by faith”

    Exactly. This is why the definition of “obedience” in the New Covenant is “faith” [Jn 3:36 ESV; Ro 1:5], and “disobedience” is “unbelief” [Jn 3:36 ESV; Ga 5:7; 2 Th 1:8]: Ro 5:1 makes it clear that righteousness (“stand”ing) is contingent upon grace which is accessed by faith! If we waver in faith in the Good News (and start trying to earn our place with God instead of receiving it as a gift), we won’t have grace thus we won’t have the gift of righteousness. We actually see this happening with the Jewish believers in Romans 2, and we see it happening among the Galatians [Gal 1:6, 3:1-5, 5:2-8].

  6. Jesus is the Word made flesh; thus, when we receive the Word, we are unified with/receive another body whereby to live–a body which is dead to sin and alive to God (i.e., “righteous”).
    We have a new “husband” (the old husband was the body of sin and death).
    Jesus is God’s gift to us “so that we might live through Him”. “Put on Christ”.
    Since Jesus is the Word made flesh, when you depart from the Good News by unbelief (knowingly or unknowingly–directly or indirectly), you also depart from God [Gal 1:6; Hb 3:12,13] since GOD IS THE WORD.
    To bear fruit, we must abide in the Vine which is the Word, Jesus: apart from Him we can do nothing [Jn 15]; but, through Him Who strengthens us we can do all things [Pp 4:13].

  7. Any person who claims they do not sin outwardly but not inwardly (it is their body but not their spirit) does not understand the definition of sin. Romans 7 says that the definition of “sin” is when the spirit is enslaved to perform the Sin’s Law (what pleases the flesh) rather than being freed to perform the God’s Law (what pleases God).

  8. Doesn’t Joseph Prince often spend much of his time about the cross? I had thought that he did.
    Any comments or perspectives on that?

    Or does he not spend enough time talking about the cross, or the blood of Christ?

    It seems to me we can avoid a lot of misuse of the word grace, if we will spend our time at the cross of Christ.

  9. Obedience follows faith which comes by hearing, and that by grace.


    Sort of like a train, I guess.

  10. Ray,
    God’s love is God’s mercy.
    Our righteousness is not based on works.
    Works includes loving God.
    Our righteousness is based on God loving us.
    He is our righteousness.
    We have no righteousness except His we reflect.
    “Glorifying God” is “righteousness” [Ro 1:16-18].
    God glorifies Himself with His Truth.
    When we say God is true we reveal His glory.
    “If we say we have not sinned we make God a liar and His Word is not in us.”
    But if His Word is in us, we will be righteous.

  11. As I was listening around minute 36 about I John 3:9, and asking a brother if he ever sins, I couldn’t help but think,… I wonder what King David would have said if someone would have read Psalm 119:1-3 to him and asked him if he ever sins.

  12. There is no ‘Greek’ word in New Covenant which should be translated ‘propitiation’ (which contains primary meaning of an ‘appeasement’ of something) NOR ‘atonement’ (which is from Hebrew as ‘temporary covering over’ of something). The feasts led up to an ‘expiator’ to eventually be revealed as a fully PERFECTED ‘one NEW MAN’ seating on the NOW ETERNAL MERCY SEATING at F-ther’s lower right hand chambers separate from the F-ther’s also eternal seating OF ALL POWER in heaven also over ALL the entire never ending, ever expanding material Universe and all creatures (both spirits and lights, both material and spiritual OF ALL CREATION), THE SON AS ‘LORD’ CHOSEN BY THE ‘EMPEROR’ OVER ENTIRE CREATION, who stands in his ‘chambers’ voicing the ‘degrees eternal’ coming forth from His F-ther on the ‘seating of ALL POWER ALSO ETERNALLY, never ending). GRACE continues available eternally from the now eternal ‘mercy seating’ WHICH IS TAUGHT IN TORAH to be the removal of GUILT as far as the East is from the West AND continuation of a free-will creature of HIS to remain ‘guiltless’, not ‘sinless’ as “whatsoever is not of FAITH, is sin” ETERNALLY ! FAITH COMING ONLY BY ‘HEARING’ AND ‘HEARING’ ONLY BY A RHEMA WORD FROM F-THER G-D, EVEN ETERNALLY ALSO TO HIS SON, EVEN ETERNALLY ALSO TO HIS SENT FORTH RUACH ELOHIM FROM HIS ‘SOURCE’ (OUR F-THER)

  13. ‘Expiation’ extinguishes all ‘guilt’ of having done ALL wrong, of ALL previous wrongdoing, ALL PRSENT WRONGDOING, ALL future ‘wrongdoing’, and is not an ‘extinguisher’ of ANY, all wrongdoing (the word ‘hilasmos’) AN ‘EXPIATOR’ WHO BRINGS ONE TO THEIR FINAL JUDGE, ‘advocate’ chosen by the JUDGE, advocates FIRST FOR THE JUDGE, and foremost chosen ‘to expiate’ between the one brought to the JUDGE, UNTO being judged, THEIR JUDGE being the FINAL ‘expiator of Mercy’, with the ‘advocacy’ that of the ‘expiator’ of ‘GUILT’ thru a ‘MERCY’ seating, WHO SITS ONLY AS CHOSEN BY ‘THE JUDGE’ WHO DECIDES THE ‘FATE’ OF THE ACCUSED of any wrongdoing past, present, AND FUTURE by one under their SOURCE of existence, even when eternal, even when eternal in ‘eternal’ FREE-WILL of Creation of the CREATOR, AND/OR HIS ETERNAL INHERITER OF HIS CHOSEN LORDSHIP OF AN ‘EMPEROR’ OVER ALL (of only the TRUELY repentant who desire HIM to be their only ‘King’ as ‘chosen’ by their only TRUE SOURCE of life, in ‘eternal’, never ENDING, given ‘free-will’)

  14. Hello Dr. Brown,
    Thank you for the program. Here is another scripture that the brother of Jesus spoke about hyper-grace.

    Jude 1:3-4 Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints. For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Stay strong in the Lord & the power of His might!
    BJ & Alisa

  15. “Radical Grace Preacher”, who helped spread the message in Manila, calls the God of the Old Testament a “sexist” Who “commanded evil things”; and denies that Jesus ever had to die for people, because “all ‘the Gospel’ really does is help people realize what they already always were” and says that it is damaging to tell people they are sinners before they are born of God.

  16. Yes, Daniel, If this guy is doing what you say, he’s a false prophet for sure, opening up people’s minds for the habitation of Antichrist.
    May God save his own from both that and the likes of this man, through Jesus Christ.

  17. Daniel,
    I started listening to the preacher from Manila you mentioned. I got about 10 minutes into it and while he was talking about perspectives and perceptions people have about God, he talked about how the view goes around that the God of the old testament was sexist, and some other things, so I tried to look up the word sexist in my dictionary, and the closest I could find was “sexism”, which was about “social domination of one sex by the other.”

    I don’t believe it’s good to refer to God as a sexist, or say that God was very much about sexism. I believe there are places in the old testament where we can see some differences between how women were esteemed or treated that are so different than in the modern culture where we may live today.

    So after listening for 10 minutes to this man, I don’t see him as nearly as bad as what I had first heard about him, though some of what he says seems a bit off color to me.

    He’s not a false prophet in my opinion anymore, not from as much as I’ve heard of him.

    It’s best that we get information from where it came, in the context of where it was said, and look at it for ourselves.

    I usually find that the things people say about others, is as bad, if not worse than what the person actually said.

    I didn’t get to the part about what you later said he said, but if anyone is really teaching that Jesus did not have to die for people, then he is opening up their minds to be occupied with any kind of evil that comes out of hell, and I believe he then would qualify as a false prophet.

    I believe this preacher certainly believes that the gospel is a lot more than just instructing people on what they were. He does believe in salvation and the grace of God by Jesus Christ.

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