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Dr. Brown is back in the studio on the day after Christmas with “you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.” He’ll be responding to your email questions and phone calls and social media questions today. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: As we look at the suffering of the world and the pain of the human race, let’s remember that our God delights in bringing healing, salvation, freedom, and deliverance.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: When evaluating the work of the Spirit, let’s major on the majors. Is Jesus exalted? Are people drawn to the Word? Are lives changed for the glory of God? That is the work of the Spirit!


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  1. Have not met ‘anyone’ (including the real ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ by and thru Sola Scriptura) who became either at human ‘birth’ (as was the real ‘Jesus’) or after birth, from a woman not in her ‘virginity’ yet still as was Mary, who claimed to have become also a ‘200% human being’ having ‘two natures’, yet still needing a ‘perfection’ from their ‘twice born statis’ ?
    The ‘initiator of our salvation’ (Tree of Life Version’) WAS FOR A LITTLE WHILE (approx. 33 yrs. on ‘this Earth’, and we do not know how long before HIS birth from Mary’s womb down here, that in heaven, described as the ‘man FROM heaven’ Who came down here to this tiny ‘footstool’ of HIS to become our “initiator’ of salvation) NOT for angels, but as one has ‘written’ beforehand, what is man that G-d is mindful of him ? (so much so, that His only uniquely begotten Son from His very own bosom of ADONAI, WOULD EMPTY HIMSELF, no longer considering Himself for to be ‘co-equal’ with G-d, that which He once enjoyed while in the very eternal bosom of ADONAI, for to become the ETERNAL “INITATOR” of our salvation which only oomes from ADONAI, even as the Son was sent by ADONAI, even as the Holy Spirit was sent by ADONAI (for even during that ‘little while’, the completely emptied Son, and “initiator” of our salvation, did not baptize, to keep the promised buildup of the ‘catholic born again world’ from also falsely believing ADONAI was not only His uniquely begotten Son’s baptizing ONE, but is the only baptizing ONE, even as the PERSON of the Holy Spirit was sent BY THE F-THER to bring G-d’s PRESENCE upon Him during that ‘little while’ He became our ‘initiator’ of our salvation & which required even Him, for to be “perfected” from)

  2. The Church defines the meaning when she refers to the Blessed Virgin as “Theotokos.” The Church has never taught that the Virgin is the mother of God the Father and of God the Holy Spirit in the sense that she is their origin, or that she is the mother of Christ eternally (for instance, in the way that God the Father is the Father of Christ in an eternal spiration). Since the Trinity cannot be divided, the ‘ousia’ of all three persons of the Godhead inhabited her womb. This is significant. So, the Father’s essence did in fact reside in the womb of Mary.

    Interestingly, if we deny that Mary is the Mother of the Lord God, then we have to deny that the Word of God is a Jew. How can Christ be a Jew? He existed before there were Jews. And yet he is a Jew. This is the paradox of the incarnation.

  3. Regardless of the promised buildup of the ‘harlot church’ on this tiny footstool unto these heavens suddenly on ‘real fire’ ending all soul life for this planetary ‘copy’ unto devil tossing from heaven to earth, even unto Torah (‘teachings’) of carefully described future, literal, ‘lake of fire’, including ‘his’ angels, which must also proceed ‘him’ ( ‘him’ as, according to Isa. 14, a ‘man’ higher, than the angels, finally from a heaven to ‘earth’ tossing down, after a short time loosed from being bound by a ‘great angel’ during ‘first resurrection’, in which ‘angels’ say “is this the man…?..”) is all made possible by the ‘initiator’ of our salvation, who became a man, a ‘Israelite’, under ‘law’ given unto the Nation of Israel, from Mary, giving birth from her Israelite ‘womb’ UNTO HER (and Elizabeth stated OWN PERSONAL LORD) HOWEVER ‘fully emptied’ as the ‘Son of man’, Son of G-d, the Word made flesh, emptied from once enjoyed Divine Word while in the very eternal, and first bosom, that of THE F-THER in heaven AS HIS UNIQUELY BEGOTTEN only ETERNAL Son, NOW fully perfected from His days in likeness of ‘our same’ and Mary’s sinful FLESH from fallen first Adam, IS NOW ‘brand NEW’ AS FIRST BORN of many brethren yet to come also into heaven, He as the ‘first’ ONE NEW MAN, never before existed in His now eternal form, yesterday, today AND FOREVERMORE upon the NOW ETERNAL MERCY SEATING at His F-ther’s right hand (and not returned, will never return, to His once enjoyed CO-EQUAL statis from eternity past as the F-ther’s ONLY uniquely ‘begotten’ SINGULARLY ONE & ONLY SON, now ‘BRAND NEW’, first of ‘many FUTURE brethren’, WITH ETERNAL FLESH, ETERNAL BNES, ETERNAL BLOOD also to have followed Him unto complete PERFECTION also from those days of life ‘IN THE FLESH’ of ‘this initial life’ here AND the ‘next life’ still in very same likeness of very same ‘sinful flesh’ of BOTH the ‘first’ AND also the ‘LAST’ Adam, born from ‘seed’ of first Adam’s wife given him from his ‘side’, fallen ‘first’ Adam, as was Mary, from her mother and father, their lines from king David of the Tribe of Judah, all also living out their initial life ‘IN THE FLESH’ and fallen from first Adam and ‘Eve’, as was He as the ANOINTED One, ‘first born’ of Mary, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit’s ANNOINTING (Unnecessary, if He retained His once enjoyed Divinity, & not completely ’emptied’ as the man from heaven, into Mary’s virgin ‘womb’, nor needing ‘perfection’ from those days of His own very same likeness of our very same sinful flesh from fallen first Adam as ALSO ‘partaker’ of the ‘same’, made also lower than the angels)

  4. Jesus said (John 3 to ‘Nik-Demas’, quite possible the companion of Paul’s missionary work, but who later returned back to his love of ‘this’ world having ‘left’ Paul who was not any longer a lover of ‘this’ tiny ‘footstool’ world and ‘copy’ only of those in existence dirt ‘patterns’ far away and above this tiny ‘Sphere’) referring also to Himself as the ‘Son’ of ‘man’ NOW, at same time as talking with ‘Nik’, also Son ‘of man’ now IN HEAVEN ! But where can we find in Scriptures that the ‘real Jesus’, remains still ‘kosher’, & NOW knows, now again IN HEAVEN, of those ‘times’ and even seasons, which only the F-ther has retained in His OWN power, as ETERNAL SOURCE of the Son, also of ALL ‘spirits’ and ‘lights’, of ALL both earthly AND HEAVENLY knowledge, ETERNALLY ?

  5. When I look up the word “church” in my dictionary, I find one definition as “all Christians considered as a single body”.

    I wonder if there is presently a better definition given in our modern dictionaries for the assembly of those called out of this world who are to be the heirs of eternal life in Christ.

    If I looked up the word assembly, what would I find? Would I find a better and clearer definition of the meaning of the word “Church” as used in the Bible?

    It seems to me that the best word we have for the “Church” in English, is presently what we have.

    And did you know that John the Baptist * really was John the Baptist, though in another language he may have been called something else?

    *Baptist here meaning one who baptizes.

  6. Quote from ‘John BAPTIST’: there is ONE coming AFTER me, whom the ONE who sent me to ‘baptize’ IN WATER only said to me “the ONE whom you see coming upon” (the ONE, whom you will be baptizing IN WATER at that time) is whose ‘shoes you are not worthy to unlatch’ FOR HE (the RUACH of HOLINESS sent by the F-ther) will baptize IN HOLY RUACH, also IN ‘REAL’ FIRE (even through these heavens suddenly on REAL fire ending all human soul life in this tiny ‘footstool’s final baptism’) of which previous two have been only ‘by WATER’, it’s Third, and final BAPTISM by REAL fire (destroying all but it’s nuclear core which remains being ‘cooled’ by again completely covered over in WATER, preserving it for a ‘lake of fire’ for ‘devil and his angels’ UNTIL as John saw it from heaven IN COMPLETE NEGLECT, out of it’s orbit around ‘this sun’, on it’s way to the ‘blackness of darkness’ density which will hold it forever IN IT’S ASSIGNED ‘BLACK HOLE’ in an ever expanding, never ending ENTIRELY MATERIAL made Universe ‘without end’ even as the ‘lake of fire’ BALL, also ‘without end’

  7. ‘Go ye into all the World’ and make disciples out of all Nations, immersing them “IN THIS AUTHORITY OF THE F-THER” (and the Son, and the Ruach ha-Kodesh obedience, also unto TO THIS VERY BAPTISM IN THE F-THER’S “AUTHORITY”, Who ONLY, ALSO has sent ‘THEM’, the Son being ‘baptised’ by the same SENT Ruach ha-Kodesh, sent ONLY by THE F-THER AND SOURCE, from which both SENT are come unto us, as according to Torah TEACHINGS within, including the Son, who does not baptize, the Holy Spirit WHO only works THE F-THER’S ‘now’ BAPTISM unto mere men, UNTO our ‘NOW’ New, Covenant unto our own SALVATION, in the “keeping ONLY, of now an excellent CONSCIENCE with HIM, and HIM alone, WHO sits ABOVE upon the ‘seat’ of ‘ALL POWER’ (above the eternal mercy seating now, that OF HIS SON at His right hand, JUST ‘below’, separate in those now HEAVENLY eternal ‘chambers’, BOTH far ABOVE)

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