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Join Dr. Brown on this Christmas Eve broadcast as he replays a spirited debate about Mary in Catholic tradition and the Bible. (This is a pre-recorded broadcast and live calls will not be taken.) Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.



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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: God sent His son into the world, that through Him we might be saved. Jesus has been given the highest name in the universe because He humbled himself to come in form of servant, died a criminal’s death, and has been highly exalted. May all the honor and glory go to Him and praise be to the Father!


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: There is no question that there are many issues that divide Catholic and Protestant, and that we deeply differ on the position of Mary. Let us then exalt and preach Jesus: crucified, risen, exalted, and coming again!



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  1. The great Apostle Paul professed apostolic ‘Word of Faith’ as ‘confessing’ with mouth ‘speaking forth’ what is already ‘believed’ in the ‘heart’ by faith. Today’s ‘modern’ Word of Faith is taken mostly from ‘catholic’ Universal (Nicolaitan) organizational harlot church promised buildup in error AS TO HOW FAITH comes ! Mary is excellent example of true Apostolic understanding that true faith comes ONLY by hearing, and ‘hearing’ by a ‘rhema’ Word, from G-d (which may come by an angel from heaven, as was Gabriel sent, as in the case of Mary) but NOT by an ‘angel from heaven’ sent down here with ‘no ladder’ by which they can ascend back to heaven, also sent here by G-d, but in their ‘punishments’, as for having ‘left their first’ estate, in heaven, yet sent with ‘their annointing to heal temporal ‘tabernacles’, to gather mens hearts, souls unto increasingly great earthly ‘foostool’ gatherings, especially around great human desires for ‘physical’ healing of the temporal only ‘dust to dust’ outer ‘tent’, that which is keeping modern humans on earth’s dust of restriction, thus made as was both Adams, first AND LAST, even in resurrection, much ‘lower’ than the ‘angels’ from which all BEING made MODERN day in ‘their’ very own image as ‘gods’, not at all in the very image of ADONAI, as was first ‘sons of G-d’, as was eternal free-will created, and named once as ‘son’ of the ‘dawn’ or ‘morning’, of which original ‘man’ along with all ‘creation’ groans awaiting the manifestation of again creatures called ‘sons of G-d’ made in the image of G-d Himself as a singular Spirit aka: YHWH). MARY heard a RHEMA Word from G-d, believed it in her ‘heart’, and ‘spoke’ it out by ‘mouth’ to her Cousin Elizabeth, in which the RHEMA Word from ADONAI sent angel Gabriel, as recorded in Torah (teachings) suddenly spoken out by Mary, to Elizabeth, brought ‘THE WORD’ suddenly into her womb in a sudden ‘leaping’ within pregnancy, also causing Elizabeth’s normal pregnancy by her husband, 6 mo. growing fetus, to ‘leap’ (not a second time, but a first time only, within her own normal pregnancy carrying female ‘womb’ WITH JOY at the sudden appearance within Mary of THE WORD OF THE LIVING G-D, their expected Messiah of Israel, causing Elizabeth to confirm Mary’s faith unto giving birth TO ‘THEIR’ LORD by a miraculous pregnancy, SUDDENLY and thru ‘speaking out with the human mouth’ a RHEMA Word from G-d sent by an Angel, and BELIEVED by Mary ‘in her heart’ to ‘tell with the mouth’ someone of her true FAITH which comes ONLY by ‘hearing’, and ‘hearing a RHEMA of truth, & confirmed by Torah ‘a young woman’ shall conceive….

  2. Mary’s ‘Child’ and ‘Firstborn’ Male coming from her ‘healed’ womb (healed as the ‘one young woman’ ONLY, for to be healed from the ‘fall’ of first Adam, ‘Eve’, and ‘her now truly also fallen seed’, of which she was also the ‘mother’, of all natural living soul BODIES, yet all woman also fallen in giving ‘childbirth’ unlike before the ‘fall of mankind’ of BOTH man and ‘woman’ when first created together, AT SAME TIME, before the ‘resurrected’ first Adam upon this tiny ‘footstool’ of our initial only intro to eternal existence somewhere in this vast EVER expanding MATERIAL entire Universe, never ending) for HE came in our very same likeness, as partaker of our very same ‘sinful flesh’ from fallen ‘first’ Adam, ‘Eve’ (yet unlike His own mother Mary, was the ONLY One who ever lived beyond the age of accountability of the Source and F-ther of all spirits and lights above, WHO was declared righteous AS A TWICE BORN MAN from His very own birth from Mary, from her mother, from her mother’s own father’s mother and mother’s own mother’s father’s mother ALL both male AND female also in very same likeness of very same ‘sinful flesh’ and ‘partaker’ of fallen sinful flesh of first Adam (including ‘last Adam’, Who from age of accountability according to His F-ther in heaven, to the cross, as ‘twice born’ in His birth in this tiny footstool ‘of His’ by the Holy Spirit, UNTO HIS OWN cross, had not “COMMITTED” any sin (as according to Peter we who are ‘twice born’ should look to Him as our “EXAMPLE” to take up our OWN

  3. So I was driving home Christmas Eve after working my shift as a Caregiver. I was in a good mood and was searching the stations for some uplifting words. I came upon your station and instead all I heard was Catholic bashing. I got a real big kick out of the lady who called in saying she was Catholic for 40 years but she quit. She said she was tired of dividing her love between Jesus and Mary. She even said that Catholic’s do not even read the bible. That is crazy since there are at least 2 bible readings said at every single mass every single day all over the world. Within 3 years the Catholics will have read the whole entire bible and start over again. There are a lot of other things that were falsely said against the Catholic church, but since the debate was about Mary I will just leave you with some bible versus (from King James Bible too) for you to ponder over…
    KJV Luke1:28 – 30
    28 And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.
    29 And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be.
    30 And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. (So far I read how she was favoured with God not once but twice. Also the verse blessed art though among women makes me think there is something extra special about her.)
    John 2-7 (If you read these versus you will see Mary was already interceding with the disciples and Jesus. Jesus honored and obeyed his mother with her request).
    There are many other scriptures mentioning the importance of Mary. I think if God found favour with her maybe we should to. Again we do not worship her but we do honor her as our mother. We even hang beautiful art with flowers in the church of her and other people that were special to God. I seriously doubt God is going to cast us into hell for that.
    Do some homework on your own and try not to be one-sided Dr. Brown but be careful. I know a guy by the name of Scott Hahn who was a lot like you and now he is devout Catholic. It is too bad your radio show isn’t more about uplifting all Christians from all faiths rather than trying to prove each other wrong all the time. You have to understand bibles are written in many different languages so the wording may very well be different but the meanings should be the same.

  4. Kim Campbell. You are exactly right. Be careful looking into Catholicism because as a former Protestant (who use to listen to this show often) and now a Catholic convert, I can say that I became Catholic after attempting to refute it. Once you dig deep in history and Scripture, you will cease to be Protestant (to loosely paraphrase Cardinal Newman).

    Here is an article that provides a Biblical case for the Marian doctrines:

  5. Sola Scriptura ITSELF (ENTIRE TEACHINGS aka: entire TORAH, Old and New Covenants totaling all 66 Booklets) is the greatest exposition of all of the promised world wide buildup of the HARLOT CHURCH in this ‘initial only’ life IN THE FLESH OF FALLEN FIRST ADAM, even exposing ‘angels from heaven’ sent here by G-d to expose those willing to remain in ‘deception’ and having chosen an ‘angel from heaven’s voice’ OVER THAT OF THE TRUE RUACH ELOHIM’S VOICE sent here by the SOURCE and F-ther of the Son. NARROW is the road down here, and ‘few there be that find it’ (applies both to this initial life AND THE ‘NEXT’ in which the Harlot Church buildup by sent ‘angels of light’ MUST BE OVERCOME and only those ‘coming OUT of her’ ARE as stated ‘MY PEOPLE’ with their names not erased from the eternal BOOK of life ETERNAL with the REAL Jesus Christ (and not some ‘jesus’ to be offered of ‘choice’ by the Universal Church, as promised great last of last days buildup ‘leading up to these entire heavens’ ON REAL all human soul life ending REAL fire as to this tiny ‘footstool’ and ‘copy’ only, of those great ‘dirt’ earth PATTERNS above, all of which are only HIS ‘footstools’ ! COME OUT OF HER, “my people” is the greatest ‘bashing’ and is found in Sola Scriptura, which the HARLOT over many years buildup desired keeping from the laity thru it’s ‘conquering over’ them as continuations of Israel’s HARLOTRY of proven ‘tares’ INELIGIBLE for what Paul strove unto the far ‘better’ as to resurrection IN THE FLESH aka: the ‘first’ before the ‘general’ resurrection of ALL ‘in the fallen flesh of first Adam’ AND who by Mary came unto us also as our SAVIOR as partaker also of the same !

  6. A ‘Protestant’ historically has been the majority of ‘protestors’ FROM WITHIN, without coming out, of the great harlot Church promised BUILDUP, unto these last of last days, suddenly ending in these heavens on REAL fire ! Therefore we may continue seriously in doubt that one ‘BECOMES’ a Catholic, INSTEAD have simply given up former ‘protesting’ against it’s Biblically described promised last days world wide BUILDUP, and fully joined IT as no longer a ‘protestor’, from always WITHIN it !

  7. Great Apostle Paul is quoted: “say not in your heart, who shall ascend, that is for to bring Christ back down here again from above” ! (adding should he be ever coaxed back here again, who then ‘shall descend’, that is, to bring Him back up again from THE SURE death He would needs then suffer once again, AT THE HANDS of wicked men ?). Born again ‘catholic’ minded have never thought these quotes, from Paul, thru, in any true meditation of whom Paul described as “ONE NEW MAN”, now seated at F-ther’s right hand in NEW eternal flesh, blood, bones AT THE NOW ETERNAL mercy seating IN HEAVEN (HAVING BEEN TOLD BY HIS F-THER TO SIT THOU UP HERE, until ALL enemies are made unto your ‘foostool’ ALSO in this very ever expanding, never ending experiment in creation of eternal ‘free-will’ creatures to live IN AN EVER EXPANDING MATERIAL ENTIRE, never ending Universe EITHER with G-d, or eternally separated from Him

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