An Interview with Philip Yancey on “Vanishing Grace”; and Dr. Brown Weighs in on the Murdering of Policemen

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Dr. Brown speaks with bestselling author Philip Yancey on why the church has come into so much disfavor with American society, pointing to positive examples to follow, then shares his thoughts about the demonizing of police in the eyes of the public and the tragic events that unfolded over the weekend. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Jesus came full of grace and truth. That is the example we must follow, holding high the standard of God while laying down our lives for a dying world.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Yes, we have burdens and concerns. Yes, there’s much we have to say, but please stop and listen as well.

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  1. Tree of Life ‘Version’ (Phil. 2:6) “Who though existing in the form of G-d, did not consider being equal with G-d a thing to be grasped. But He emptied Himself….humbled Himself…..obedient to the point of death…”. This is Torah (teachings) of TRUE grace (nothing in this teachings of our own Savior’s love, of EVER living any kind of life- post that of His own ‘leaving’ eternally of His own F-ther’s then ETERNAL ‘bosom’, once enjoyed, with no beginning, in an ETERNAL heaven, with Him) in any form of any kind of ‘false’ humility. An ‘ending’ came to this ‘being in the form of G-d’ voluntarily making clear GRACE is only found in TRUE humility (and not in any form of not “considering others as MORE important than yourselves”) in TRUTHFUL actuality, nothing ‘feigned’ ! Today we should not emphasis love (such as displayed by MLK and others past in ‘phileo’, and ‘eros’) as any substitute for TRUE ‘grace’, even that of our Lord Jesus Christ. As to ‘cops’ ? still of today

  2. Maybe the question should be asked of people, not What is it about church that you don’t like? but rather, What would you like church to be like?

  3. I read about how one of the policeman who was shot had just completed chaplain training and was to be commissioned as a lay chaplain that very day.

  4. Since fulfillment of prophesy for ‘this’ earth (and ‘footstool’ of our Lord Jesus Christ) re: the ‘divorced’ Nation of Israel being ‘down here’ (but not ‘up there’, on existing ‘dirt patterns’ above, of which this tiny sphere was a ‘copy’, not a ‘pattern’, except for it’s own ‘local’ heavens, carefully designed, for suddenly to be completely on real fire, even unto a future ‘lake of fire’) left down here with neither ‘root’ nor ‘branch’ (before these heavens turn this entire ‘foostool’ of HIS unto a place for most ancient of dragons to be tossed down from heaven initially BEFORE this tiny ‘footstool’ is seen FUTURE beyond it’s lake of fire existence, with ‘no more sea’ necessary for preserving it’s nuclear core cooling system) SINCE THAT TIME, there has been NO ‘police force’ whatsoever, on this ‘footstool’ (excluding what exists NOW and in FUTURE upon those heavenly ‘dirt patterns’ of an ISRAEL “ABOVE”, AS A “NEW”, yet ‘another’ Nation of ISRAEL ‘ABOVE’) which can claim anywhere on this ‘footstool’ of HIS here ‘below’, what was recorded to those once, while still down here ‘below’, under laws given to the Nation (of Israel) as Paul wrote to ‘them’ only, and not to any other ‘police force’, anywhere, here ‘below’, either before, or after, upon this ‘footstool’ AS being ‘G-s’ servants’ when addressed down here by the ‘great Apostle’, especially Ch.13, to them AT ROME under LAWS separate from the otherwise total general population of Rome, ALL of whom being citizens under ‘secular’ laws of a ‘polytheistic’ Rome, completely UNRELATED to the once NATION of ISRAEL, when here with both ‘root’ and ‘branch’, and after Israel’s ‘first Church of Ephesus’ also had lost their ‘first AGAPE’ down here, on this tiny ‘foostool’, promised also a ‘revived’ Roman Empire before it’s heavens ‘suddenly’ ON ‘REAL’ FIRE ending ALL human soul life (none of which ever operated again in AGAPE love, nither as politicians, nor police, none, once ‘Nation of Israel’ prophesy was ‘fulfilled’ down here ONLY)

  5. I have not read Yancey’s book, so I can’t comment on that. However, I am not altogether happy with the analysis I heard. Naturally I am all for grace. Every believer knows they are saved by grace. We should grow in grace. What I wonder about is why the responsibility for the huge change from a major positive view of the church to a major negative one over the last twenty or so years should be laid at the feet of the church so readily.
    The last few decades probably have seen an unprecedented rise in secularism in our society. With that is a change in communication, media, internet, and social media especially.
    I think people will get their ideas about Christianity from basically two sources these days: from the media/internet/social media, or from the church.
    I believe that those unbelievers who would go to churches, will in the vast majority of cases experience love and acceptance. If you want to meet beautiful people full of love and grace go to a church. But there are fewer of those who are going, especially those who see it as anti-intellectual or anti- scientific or anti-gay, or too right wing.
    The alternative, the general media, gives a very biased and negative view. That is where people get their views on most things, so why not the church as well.
    I think that the church is the most self-critical and heart-searching institution alive. There is grace and love there.
    Our problem is that we are not communicating the love and grace of God on a personal level to enough people. The media and social media is not the appropriate means for communicating the love and grace of God.They must see the church in us, but not from our tweets and blogs, but from our friendships and hospitality and accepting relationships etc.
    Yancey gave examples of Peter and Paul as horrible sinners transformed by grace. That occurred as a result of a personal encounter… and challenge.

  6. It’s by ‘grace’ THRU ‘FAITH’ ! (FAITH WHICH ONLY COMES BY HEARING, and hearing ONLY, by a ‘Rhema Word’ from G-d to an individual, NOT any group or Nation as ‘called out ones’ aka: the now otherwise ‘visible’ church, it’s otherwise ‘visible’ organizational ‘members’, or ‘followers’, visible ONLY as the promised buildup of the ‘great harlotry’, ORANIZED on this tiny ‘footstool’ from fallen mankind, & ‘initial only’ life, yet to be fully lived out ‘in the FLESH’ of fallen Adam, THE ‘NEXT’ life also to be lived out in very same fallen ‘sinful flesh’, same ‘dna’, of BOTH first, & Last Adam also when here visible, literal, while they remained on this tiny ‘copy’ only, that of those in existence heavenly ‘dirt patterns’, existing long BEFORE it’s foundations, & to be ‘rolled up’ like a ‘blanket’ afterwards it’s very heavens on ‘real fire’, making it NOT what is promised as a future NEW heavens & NEW earth ABOVE)

  7. Titus 2:11 For the grace of God, that brings salvation, has appeared to all men. Teaching that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously and Godly in this present world…is this the message the world wants to hear? Should we change the message to satisfy the world? Does not the Word say that first of all that grace is a teacher? A teacher of difficult and impossible things to be accomplished without the communion of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit our Teacher sent from the Father? Are there many in the world that want this kind of constraint put on their lives? If grace is vanishing, is it because the message of Titus 2:11 isn’t being preached from the pulpit? Would churches actually diminish in size if this message [and this kind of grace that brings salvation] was regularly preached? Does not Paul say to Titus that this
    grace has appeared to all men? If this is the kind of grace that brings salvation is there something else that is called grace that doesn’t bring salvation?

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