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Dr. Brown answers your e-questions and Facebook questions, including: confusion over God’s triune nature; a seminary grad who is not in ministry and wants to know if he’s outside of God’s will; and what the Bible says about feeding the poor and healing the sick on the Sabbath. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: We serve an amazing, awesome God. We serve a God who brings light out of darkness, a God who brings life out of death. Whatever is going on in your life, look to Him and He will fill you with His eternal hope.


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  1. ‘confusion’ over G-d’s ETERNAL ‘triune nature’ is closely connected with ‘worldS without end’ (each world expendable even as ‘THIS world’ was seen by John ‘from heaven’ IN THINGS TO COME as in complete ‘neglect’ and with literally ‘no more sea’ needed to keep it’s nuclear core ‘cooled’ while it’s heavens AS ETERNAL ‘EXAMPLE’ of ‘lake’ of REAL fire prepared to isolate ‘devil and his angels’ FROM heaven’s literal eternal existence where the ‘kingdom of G-d’ never can tolerate any ‘rival’ by ANY ‘eternal free-will creatures’ of HIS ‘Triunity’ in love, ‘makings’ WITH A BEGINNING, but with ‘no ending’

  2. God’s Triune nature? I haven’t a clue. Are they talking about God being like Jesus, and like his Holy Spirit? I suppose that God is as he is, and that he is as Jesus us, and as the Holy Spirit is also. Is that what they mean? Some sort of great revelation I guess.

  3. Roger’s questions (about minute 43) are typical concerning some things people say. He’s not one among very few.

    When someone says that God is one but complex in his unity, the way I digest it is like this: I consider that God unifies with that which is holy. Therefore he is in agreement with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s rather simple in that basic idea, though spiritual matters can be complex to us many times. This is my perspective of this. In case anyone is wondering, I don’t consider myself as being much of a Trinitarian.

    Lots of times I wonder why do people make so much of being a Trinitarian. What’s the point of it?
    Some say we need some deep theology. Some seem to prefer some deep theology and others would prefer to keep things rather simple.

  4. I found myself wondering why it is that when some talk about the Trinity, people all around them stumble around, on the right hand and on the left, and then they seem to wonder why. It’s as if a man were to walk putting out a smoke or a fog and then be amazed at why people are tripping.

    Either something must be wrong with their theology, or they haven’t been able to walk circumspectly with it, it seems to me.

    I wonder what it seems like to other people. Is it just that some are very spiritual and naturally as a result, others around them will often be offended, and it’s not their fault at all. It’s just the carnality of those people who stumble, for they often stumble at such things. Is that what it is?

  5. Rom 12:17 (Tree of Life ‘Version’) gives proper context, context, context “repay no one evil for evil” . As to ‘minding’ high things, Jesus said to a ‘ruler’ of the ‘Jews’ just how can one, who desiring to being ‘teacher of Israel, even begin, for to understand heavenly things (of which lowly earthly things are ‘copy’ of heavenly ‘patterns above’ forever) IF ONE CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND the difference of being ‘twice born’, even if from a ‘earthly mother’s womb’ AND further ‘being BORN FROM ABOVE’ ? )

  6. Yes we must be able to understand being born of the Spirit, or at least be able to receive something of that idea, subject, or doctrine before we can receive other spiritual things.

    When I took a good look at the first few verses of Genesis, it seemed to me that God had something already in mind as to Jesus coming to this earth to be born of a woman, for it seemed to me to be spoken of a bit in a figure.

    For Jesus to be born of the Spirit, would he not first have to come out of the Spirit, or out from the Spirit? This it seemed to me that he did, for he came from heaven, the realm of the Spiritual.

    And so it seemed to me that Jesus was first born of the Spirit, and then 9 months later or so, born of the flesh, and in receiving this, it seemed to me that one may become born from above, receiving a new perspective on many things thereby. The beginning of the gospel is a wonderful part of the greatest story ever told.

  7. Yes Jesus being the first born from the dead, his coming out from the grave, (a lower part of the earth?) is similar to this first earthly birth when we perceive it in a sense of a figure. I believe the womb itself can be spoken of as “a lower part of the earth.” Even Mary his mother was born dead in trespasses and sins. She needed a savior as much as any of us. And in coming into this world, Jesus received the sentence of death, for it is determined for all men to die who are born in this world.

  8. Maybe Jesus could have called upon God to save him from the cross, and maybe he could have been received up into heaven where he was before, and this world and all of us in it would have been destroyed, and God could have started out with a new race or something, but I believe Jesus knew what coming into this world meant as far a living and dying, and yet he came.

    God honored his promise to Abraham and so did Jesus. He became the lamb.

  9. About all the things the law says not to do, Should a man refuse to drive an automobile because he knows he will kill some bugs as they hit the windshield?

  10. That’s interesting about the name of Moses. Yes, it is most probably an Egyptian name. Amos is also Egyptian. Ahmose, like Tutmose, etc.

  11. Is there a single verse of scripture that commands Christians everywhere to celebrate a Triune nature of God? Is there one anywhere in the Bible?

  12. Tree of Life ‘version’ Psalms 110 a ‘Psalm of David’ as to “ADONAI” says to my Lord: Sit at My right hand (as to the totally emptied G-d, even as further emptied for a little while as even made also to be ‘lower than the angels’ who have been your ‘companions’, now sent as a made mere ‘man’, all of which ‘lower than the angels’, from heaven to earth) ADONAI will extend your mighty rod from Zion: Rule in the midst over all your enemies (who are also MY enemies, but rule only from My right hand, sitting upon the now eternal mercy seat, ready at all times to ‘stand’ from where eternally seated to pronounce loudly MY eternal judgments FROM heaven and NO OTHER places in ‘our’ ever expanding, never ending, MATERIAL entire Universe housing of eternal ‘free-will’ creatures of ‘our’ creation, never ending)

  13. There seems to often be a tendency for religious people in particular, to want to narrow down definitions of things, not just words and their meanings, but other things as well. One example of this may very well be how men want to define God in their terms, as if their perspective is the only correct one, when in fact, rather than seeking a constricting narrow sense of things, they would do much better to open their eyes, broaden their perspective, and enjoy the liberty that is given them by God through Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    Yes we have the liberty to view God as being Triune, for he is all about his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit too, and they all are one in God, and with God, but there is so much more with God.

    Too often it seems to me, men want to make narrow definitions of great things, in hopes that all men everywhere will conform to their definitions as well as their ways, and they do it to their own hurt as well as to the harm of others.

  14. When I look at Hebrews 2:11, I wonder how this works with some people’s trinity doctrine. Maybe I should ask.

    What does this verse look like through the lens of some people’s trinity doctrine?

  15. There are so many other verses that seem to work so much good, so simply, when I have no interest at all to even consider them in any light of a trinity doctrine, and I by far am not the only one who will testify to that. I’m only one of so very many.

  16. Evangelist ‘Templeton’ and Evangelist Graham (‘Billy’) who served at one time as least likely of the two, to draw great crowds unto salvation of human souls, stumbled over verses which seemed to place the worship of Jesus of Nazareth OVER even that of HIS F-ther, the worship also of the Holy Spirit over that of His Source and F-ther of Jesus WHO sent Him (because of angel led worship beginning with the focus upon the Christ ‘Child’, also famous evangelist’s then use of John 3:16 emphasis upon the One sent & not on the One Who sent Him, not on the One Who also sent, Him first that of ‘Conviction’, later sent the Holy Spirit of Promise, Who came down here after Jesus Christ was ascended from here). Tree of Life ‘Version’ has it right as to Hebrews 2 (verse 10 makes plain Jesus Christ IS the very ‘initiator’ of our ‘Salvation’, I Peter makes plain ‘we are now BEING saved ONLY thru maintaining excellent, good conscience with our, Hisl Son’s F-THER, in heaven, “3:22 …is at the right hand of G-d, with angels and authorities and powers subjected to Him”) while evangelist ‘Templeton’ continued on in evangelism stressing the worshipping Jesus along with ‘angels’, ‘authorities’, ‘powers’ also (while at same time, these who had been allowed to come into the right side of his lessor than the angelics outer ‘brain’ of intelligence unto strong emotions) continued considering F-THER G-D to be less worthy of any worship (even as reported to his initial only ‘second death’ as once, having been ‘twice born’ on this earth and tiny footstool of Messiah’s planned for death, in which Messiah of Israel is NOW ‘ONE NEW MAN’, now seated as ONE LORD, under the ONE, next to HIS right hand and UPPER Heavenly Chamber of Rule, Who is actually deserved the unadulterated, & designated, complete ‘worship’ of the evangelist, over his emotional love for ‘the Son’ of the F-ther Who sent Him). A modern story of how an ‘angel from heaven’ brings ‘harlotry’ into a misdirected worship, even that of a ‘twice born’ man, in this initial only intro to eternal existence IN THE FLESH, while another ‘twice born’ man (‘Billy’) now still alive, had rejected the same ‘angel of light’, dealing then with both of them, when in their youth, ALREADY then known evangelists, at ‘Forest Home’, Christian camp grounds, Ca. at same time, ‘Billy’ being not as certain as was ‘Templeton’, he had right emphasis on worshipping of ‘Jesus of Nazareth’, even OVER the F-ther, Who sent Him, even also over Person of Holy Spirit, Whom the F-ther also, has sent AS SATISFACTORY for maintaining their salvation and message of salvation to the masses they already were reaching (Templeton dropped out of same kind of evangelism, his ‘harlotry’ increasingly from this ‘angel of light’, to where he came to his death down here actually believing ‘his Jesus’ of his own choice, was also the ‘victim’, that of a cruel ‘Dad’ above, Who sent the Holy Spirit from above to ‘mislead’, even the masses, that He was not a cruel taskmaster, but needing appeasement from his ‘anger’, at the ‘sin’ of mankind ?)

  17. Hi Dr Brown,

    I did ask this question via email but am not sure if any of your shows have dealt with it yet. I have been really blessed by your ministry! Please keep up the excellent work. In many Word of Faith circles, it is taught that we have the ability to speak our desires into existence supernaturally (a practice known as “decreeing and declaring” based on scriptures such as Mark 11:23-24, Job 22:28, Proverbs 18:21, Matthew 21:18-22 and the example of the Apostles commanding healing. Can you please tell me whether the context of these scriptures is being rightly interpreted by Word of Faith ministers? Is it your view that our words (NOT our prayers) have the ability to supernaturally affect reality? I’d love to hear your views on this!



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