It’s Chanukah on Thoroughly Jewish Thursday

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Scott Volk guest hosts for Dr. Brown today, featuring several special Messianic Jewish guests and focusing on Chanukah, Israel, and the Church – and much more. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


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  1. The war is not between the enemies of the physical Israel and the Jewish people themselves. This is a Biblical ‘type’ which prefigured, in microcosm, the battle between Satan and the Church. In every episode of the Old Testament in which Israel as a nation is castigated by her enemies we see a picture of the spiritual reality: the Devil is at war with God’s chosen people. The “nations” represent the forces of the Devil and “Israel” represents the Church. This is the big picture. However, the Messianic Jewish theology detracts from this revelation by applying the ‘type’ to modern geopolitics. Christ did not come to be a carnal Messiah. He said, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” The Jews of his day were expecting a military leader who would liberate them from the Romans. Unfortunately, it would appear that this same misconception is that of the modern Messianic Jewish movement. When he returns, Christ is not going to destroy the Arabs and set up shop in the Knesset. He is going to destroy Satan and usher in his kingdom in the New Heaven and the New Earth. God’s plan is to save his chosen people from sin and death (i.e., the dominion of Satan), not from temporal powers.

  2. A ‘new heaven and new earth’ comes not from this tiny ‘copy’ and some strange (as still called by some ‘renovational’, or ‘restorative’, strangely from these entire heavens on ‘real’ mountain melting fire, as if Peter is speaking of the ‘end of all human soul life on this tiny footstool and promised buildup of the great Harlot Church, like as some local ‘forest fire’ ?). The ‘catholic’ Universal Church eschatology does not match II Peter 3 clear statements of this Earth’s sudden ENTIRE heavens on ‘real’ FIRE even unto a ‘lake of fire’ preparing for Devil and his angels, AND whose ‘battle’ had always been ‘with THEIR CREATOR’ and not with some Harlot Church buildup headed up by the ancient ‘King’ and ‘Prince’ of ancient Tyre, ALSO TO BE TOSSED DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS first, where they have been successful IN THE COSMOS, up until the Prince of this World’s time had come, ‘to be cast down’ from this tiny Planetary ‘copy’ of those heavenly Patterns above unto this ‘footstools’ Hades below, ‘deepest pit’

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