On with the Revolution! (Live from Malaysia)

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Dr. Brown comes your way live from Malaysia again with reflections on the state of the nation and the state of the Jesus-centered, counter-culture, moral and spiritual revolution. Dr. Brown will also open the phone lines for your calls on a wide variety of subjects. Listen live here 2-4 pm EST, and call into the show at (866) 348 7884 with your questions and comments.


Hour 1:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: You have been put in this world. We have only one shot at it; live your life in the light of eternity.

Hour 2:

Dr. Brown’s Bottom Line: Forty-three years ago Jesus changed my life, and I’m looking forward, not backward.



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  1. ‘Jesus centered’ cultural ‘revolution’ according to Paul addresses ‘Word of Faith’ of his day, and part of the never ending Word of G-d TEACHINGS (Torah, though this and other earths will come to an end for ANY human soul life FUTURE as in ‘things to come’ in ‘Revelation’ of ‘Jesus Christ’ of Nazareth) “say NOT who (of any persuasion and ‘world view’ of catholic, nor reformed, or also of those who have ‘come out’ from amongst them all, become SEPARATE from any ‘earthiness’ similitude of ‘sin’ of first Adam even as the real Jesus went to His own cross and drank of that same ‘cup’ of entire sanctification from first Adam’s fall due to ‘earthiness’ as stated in Paul’s letter to Corinth believers, Ch.15 gospel according to the great Apostle) shall ascend to heaven where the Real Jesus is under His F-ther’s orders to sit until ALL enemies are made into Your ‘footstool’, that being (ascending from here as claimed to be of His ‘bride’) for to ‘bring Christ’ back down here again from above ? (Paul also adds, if even successful, who then shall descend, that is for to bring Him back up AGAIN from the sure death He would again needs suffer on this tiny ‘foostool’ of His ? BUT THE WORD OF FAITH which we preach, is to say from within the heart (of a true Bride and not of a ‘harlot world wide buildup’ false church who falsely believe He would chose their desires over His own F-ther’s WILL at His right hand) the true belief unto HIS and His true Bride’s righteousness before their F-ther in Heaven that G-d HAS raised Him from this tiny ‘footstool’ all the way from the dead ONCE, and for all time, UNTO His now ‘eternal’ mercy ‘seating at F-ther’s right hand’ NOT for any reason that it should be temporary only until His return to from where He HAD publically died ONCE already? (confessing instead with the mouth down here that as His ‘Bride’ chosen for Him by His F-ther in HEAVEN and not by a EARTHY ‘church organizational’ promised great harlotry buildup, but THAT HE IS THEIR LORD ‘as only according to His F-ther IN HEAVEN’ and not according to some EARTHY first Adam fallen posterity who ‘claim’ to be His ‘bride’, but have never ‘taken up THEIR OWN CROSS’ as last Adam TOOK UP HIS OWN CROSS unto drinking of that same ‘cup’ of ENTIRE sanctification FROM first Adam’s EARTHINESS fall)

  2. ***Exodus Movie Red Sea Scene Description Below***

    Regarding the Exodus film and the parting of the Red Sea, Ridley Scott decided it seems to not part the Red Sea, though the scene was “super natural” in depiction. I saw the film and when Moses came to the sea and saw that he was not in the location he thought he was leading the people to, apparently a location where he said they could cross at low tide, he gave up and laid down on the beach to rest until the Egyptians arrived when he saw that where they were the sea was too deep. While he was resting, the waters in the sea began to flow to the right. Moses awoke from resting and noticed that the water was flowing to the right and the water was getting shallower and shallower. He told the people to start crossing (so much for passing on dry land) and they began to wade out into the sea. The water eventually completely drained out of sight with only small puddles here and there and mud all over. They crossed most of the way, the Egyptians chariots followed, then a major tidal wave of sea water began to come from the one direction where it had flowed earlier. It came in a huge wave. Most of the chariots fled back. So the water did not part, it rather gathered out of sight in one direction and then came crashing back as a huge wave. The scene did not portray anything that could occur naturally, but it wasnt what the Bible depicts either.

    I liked what the gentleman said yesterday about this movie “portraying a Moses we have never known.” That would be accurate.

  3. ‘Revolution’ def. as to claimants unto following Jesus “almost irreversible change, especially as toward previous established followings of HIM, as to mainly public, but also in private, worship of Him”. New Testament Torah begins ‘let ALL the “ANGELS of G-d” worship Him’ (therefore it’s not surprising the ‘hippy movement’ became comfortable under ‘angelic led’ worship, but not necessarily under genuine Holy Spirit ‘of both Conviction in TRUTH, and HIM ‘of promise’ IN TRUTH sent by the F-ther FROM HEAVEN to this tiny earth & footstool ‘of HIS’). Man, according to the Torah Booklet written to ‘Hebrews’ speaking of that day, AND TO US today, being ‘made in the very likeness of these ‘worshippers’ (but having left their ‘first’ estate IN HEAVEN before being sent by G-d, sent to man to be unto man a ‘strong delusionary’ FORCE in ‘this’ world of both Adams, first and LAST) according therefore to Torah TEACHINGS being: that the ‘last days’ for human soul life survival ability on this ‘dust to dust’ planet ‘of HIS’ would include ever ‘increasingly’ delusional followers who as ‘born again’ do NOT seek TRUTH with ‘ALL their heart’ within OF BOTH OLD AND NEW COVENANT complete Torah TEACHINGS (of which ANGELS long to look into, yet HAVING left their ‘first estate’, yet desiring for to be seen by their Creator as TRUE ‘worshippers’ of His OWN uniquely ‘begotten’ Son, however as sent ‘by G-d’ to be also ‘STRONG’ delusionary ‘FORCE’ at same time unto ‘this earth’ (of ‘initial only’ for lessor than angels creation of ‘mankind’ as was BOTH Adams also, the “last” Adam while here very briefly ‘IN THE FLESH’, in temporal only ‘dust to dust’ outer suit, also FROM it’s own created dust by Him). An “order” of resurrection IN THE FLESH certain to follow this ‘initial’ only ‘trial’ !

  4. ‘Jesus revolutionaries’, looked up to especially coming out of California, Oregon ‘hippy movement’, West Coast PAST (including Calvary Chapel’s) seemed to follow leadership back then which made ‘apologetics’ as if one of the ‘gifts of the Spirit’, if not the ‘highest’ ?

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